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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

We’re only partway through winter and most homeowners are already feeling a little overspent—in the wallet, that is. Almost immediately, when our thermostat is switched from “cool” to “heat” we can feel it in our bank accounts.

Whether your aim is to spend less money on utilities or simply to lessen your “carbon footprint”, there are a few things you can do around the house to save energy—and yes, save big bucks.

Weatherize Doors, Windows, and Even Atticsenergy saving home with roll down window shade


Perhaps you’ve had a seal test done through an HVAC or chimney sweep company and you know exactly which doors are a problem. Maybe the only way you’ve found your leaky door is by trial and error and searching tirelessly for the draft. You can fix your leaky doorway by installing weather strips along the edges of the doors, replacing existing molding around the door frame, and even checking for loose hinges. A crack will occur anytime the door is off-kilter, allowing cold air in. You can also find and purchase a door “snake” or draft stopper to prevent drafts from sneaking under your doors.


No doubt you’ve seen the plastic window-insulating kits. However, plastic insulation kits can be ugly and can prevent the necessary light from entering the home. Natural UV light not only warms the surfaces and air in your home but also improves emotional health. Not many homeowners realize there are other ways to weatherize your windows, such as solar screens. Solar Screens keep your home up to 15 degrees cooler in the summer months and buffer the outside cold in the winter months. Instead of unsightly plastic that distorts the view outside, choose a screen that will provide privacy while allowing a clear view out, lower utility costs year-round, and prevent TV and computer screen glare.

Another way many homeowners don’t realize they can prepare their windows for winter is by removing the standard “bug” screen and replacing it with a storm windows, turning the weak single pane window into an insulated double-pane window. Removing and storing the bug screen will also prevent moisture and ice buildup between the screen and window, which causes cold temperature transfer and water damage to the sill.


Believe it or not, your home may be losing a lot of energy through the roof. How? When your home was built, the attic floor should have been insulated, meaning the space just above your ceiling should have an insulated barrier of 18 inches to keep your heat from entering the large unused space in the attic. In many cases, this insulating settles and becomes less effective over the years, but is never replaced. According to House Logic, a household can see savings of up to $600 per year by boosting the attic insulation. Though it comes with some upfront costs, the insulation will pay for itself in three short years, and continue helping you save far past then.


Energy Wasting

Many of the things around the house that we take for granted are actually costing us money.

Light Bulbs

The standard light bulbs that we’ve used in residential homes for years are now bested by LEDs that cost more upfront but save us in the long-run.

Hot Water

Hot water, often taken for granted, costs us dearly when you consider how often you use it. How often do you run your dishwasher, or clothes washer? How many baths and showers occur daily in your home? If turning the hot water heater down is not an option, consider using it Less. You can do this by washing clothes in cold water when possible, consolidating dishes into a couple of loads, and use different settings to conserve hot water. Limit family to one shower per day and only two baths per week.


The filters in your home appliances are there to make them work more efficiently. When they aren’t maintained and used properly, they will not work efficiently and will use more energy. A perfect example of this is the clothes dryer. If the lint trap and dryer vent aren’t cleaned regularly, there will be buildup in the unit and the vent that will require more energy to fully dry your clothes. Eventually, it will lead to a fire hazard. HVAC systems, vacuum cleaners, dryer vents, and more require filters, so keep them clean.

Electronics and Appliances

Your cell phone charger does not need to be plugged in all day. It uses your electricity whether or not it is plugged into a phone. Unplug or shut off laptops, computers, gaming systems, and televisions as well as toasters, and crockpots. Even in “rest” mode, these appliances electronics use energy.

Lights and Fans

Shut off exhaust fans and lights when you leave the room. An exhaust fan should be used when showering or cooking, but after the initial ventilation is over, these fans only pull your heated air out of your house! Then your heater has to work to heat more air.


You may not even realize how much your appliances in the home are costing you. Do you have a deep freeze in your basement that hasn’t had any food in it since last hunting season? Unplug it! If you haven’t used it in six months, you probably won’t for another six. Do you have power tools and extension cords plugged in in your garage that aren’t being used? Unplug them. Start saving money today.

Call A to Z Window Screens at 916-259-9832 today and find out how much we can help you.

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Tech Upgrades for Your Home in the New Year

Maybe you live in an older home, even a historic one, and want to upgrade and update while undergoing a remodel. If you’re looking to sell, refinance, or just want to upgrade your day-to-day, there are some great tech options to consider this year. Bring your home into the new decade with these tech upgrades from our experts:

1. Home Automationdiagram of smart home features

There are more and more brands jumping on the home automation wagon, and some are very affordable. A home automation system will become a hub for all the other tech upgrades you plan during your remodel. While you’re shopping for products, make sure you choose a brand that is compatible with the individual devices your family uses and loves. Some great home automation systems include the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink Hub 2, and Samsung SmartThings Hub. There are also home automation software programs for Apple products (Apple HomeKit) and more that you might not have even heard of here.

2. Security System

To go along with your home automation hub you can stay plugged into everything about your home. Install a smart security system yourself or sign on with a security company that will install and monitor your system as per contractual agreement. Some of the best home security companies for 2020 include Frontpoint, Vivent, SimpliSafe, ADT, and ProtectAmerica.

3. USB Outlets

When tearing out ANY outlets in the home, consider installing USB outlets to improve your experience with device charging. These outlets include a USB port, as well as a regular outlet and, are ideal for kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and bedsides.

4. Sound Systems

Your home entertainment system doesn’t have to be the unsightly speaker systems of yesterday. Moving into the new year, bring your sound system into the new era as well! Built-in speakers don’t detract from the aesthetics of your home. These speakers integrate into your home’s construction and can connect with your home automation hub. Your speaker system can connect with your smart TV, intercom, security, radio, and more.

5. Smart Thermostats

An upgrade for your heating and cooling system, the smart thermostat can connect with your home automation system allowing for easy control from your smartphone or other devices. Change and control your home temperature while you’re out of the house, manage the temperatures in different areas of the house, and even connect with some models of gas fireplaces.

6. Remote Control Window Screens

Whether your window screens are for security, sunlight, or bugs, you can upgrade them with remote control function. Open and close your screens from the bed! Open the patio screen from inside to let guests in or close them from the car when you forget. Ask a professional at A to Z Window Screens about our remote control screens today.

7. Smart Detectors for Fire Safety

Instead of changing your batteries this year, upgrade to a new smart detector that notifies you by phone when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in your home and alert you when the battery is low. Many home security companies offer these as part of a security package, but you can also find a brand you like online and install them yourself. Unlike past models, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are combined in these new smart models.

8. Lighting Upgrades

With new smart bulbs, you don’t have to invest in a new chandelier. You can simply purchase smart bulbs that work with your smart hub and can be changed according to mood and function. LIFX and Phillips both offer great options for smart lighting for your new home.

9. Sprinkler System

If you regularly sprinkle a yard or garden, you can do so from your smartphone or smart hub when you choose smart sprinklers. These sprinklers can be changed automatically for change in season and weather and are purported to use up to 30 percent less water usage than regular sprinklers.

10. Garage Door Opener

If replacing your garage door is out of the budget, you can make it more desirable by installing a smart garage door opener. These devices work by wi-fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to open and close your garage door from your smartphone, get alerts when the door is left open, set limits on automatic opening, and even monitor the garage by video surveillance.

Installing tech upgrades for 2020 means your home can be smarter, safer, and more efficient. Your lights, doors, detectors, sprinklers, sound, and even your window screens can be automated and easy to use with the touch of a button. At A to Z Window Screens our remote control window screens will make your life easier and bring beauty to your home for the new year. If you’re upgrading your home this year, make sure you consult an A to Z expert about your windows, patios, porches, and more.

Call 916-435-6239 or make an appointment online today.

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Tips for Storing Window Screens

While you’re in the midst of winterizing your home, it’s important to remember the outside of your windows—not just the inside. So many homeowners focus on caulking the cracks, adding tape and plastic, and even hanging blankets over windows in their homes, but few consider the difference a storm window can make. If you remove your window screens and replace them with storm window panes for winter you might experience savings at or over 10 percent of your usual heating costs! In addition to all the savings, you’ll notice, your window will have added protection from debris and water damage that occurs every single winter no matter where you live.

Why Remove Window Screenswindow screen in window

The key to maintaining the life of your window screens is the safe removal and storage of them. If you have invested in window screens, whether for privacy. bugs, or for sunlight, you want your investment to pay off and to last. Part of buying into your home investment is finding a quality product, and the other part of that is using and maintaining the product properly. When you start your fall off by removing your window screens, you’re protecting them from holding water that will likely freeze when temperatures drop. This cycle of freezing and thawing repeats all winter long, damaging the screen as well as the window frame.

Proper Removal and Storage

When it comes to proper removal of your custom window screens, you shouldn’t have to manhandle them. If installed properly, they should also be easily removed. Removing the screens will help you save money on heating costs throughout winter and help to prevent winter damage, but storing them incorrectly can lead to problems you don’t want to deal with. Follow the following steps to ensure that you’re storing your window screens in the best way and best location possible.

1. Clean screens before storing them.

Before tucking them away in the attic or garage for winter, make sure your window screens are cleaned. Storing them dirty may lead to corrosion, staining, and other deterioration that shortens the life of the screen. Screens are best cleaned by laying them flat in the driveway or on a porch (not in the grass) and brushing the screens gently with a soft brush and soapy water. Do not use a pressure washer or hose for window screen cleaning. Allow the screens to dry completely before storing them.

2. Store in a clean, dry area.

Storing your screens in a messy space may lead to damage to the screens. Do not store the screens in a space where tools are discarded and shuffled around, where traffic is high, or where clutter will fall on or otherwise damage them. This may mean that you need a space other than the garage. Common storage areas include attics, basements, attics, and even storage sheds. Keep the screens clear of areas where moisture and water may damage them.

3. Lay screens upright or flat.

When you find a place for your window screens, make sure there is enough room to stand them up or lay them down properly. If you have adequate shelf space, rafters, or floor space in the attic, basement, or garage, you can lay the screens down flat. It is okay to stack them and you can even place a sheet of newspaper between each screen to cut down on moisture buildup. If you don’t have the space to lay them down flat, you can stand them on their end (not their sides) and store them upright as if they’re in a window. Once the screens are in the space they’ll stay all winter, you may choose to cover them over with plastic to protect them from dust or rodents.

4. Repair broken screens before storage.

Make sure that you repair broken screens before storing for winter so that the screens will be ready to go back into the windows when the temperature rises again in the spring. Your storm windows can then be removed and screens replaced so that you can open windows and circulate fresh air throughout your home.

If you reside in the Sacramento area and would like some help winterizing your windows or preparing your home before temperatures fall, give A to Z Window Screens a call. We not only help our customers and neighbors by providing these services, but we also help you prep for winter by servicing your chimneys and fireplaces. For information about our chimney and venting services, check out our chimney sweep page. Remember that at A to Z, our customers are the priority from start to finish. We look to save you money, keep you safe, and prolong the life of your home, your windows, and your chimney. This has been our privilege for over 20 years!

Prevent winter damage to your home by caring for your windows and prevent fires this winter by taking care of your chimney and dryer vent systems. Ask an A to Z expert about all of our home maintenance services today.

Call 916-250-0224 today or make an appointment online.

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Security Window Screens

Whether you live in a nice suburb or in the metro area, with today’s social and political climate, the thought might have crossed your mind to add security to your home. You might have noticed in your area some gas stations and homes with bars on the windows and doors. If you’re new to the area, you might notice these homes and businesses with alarm, but don’t worry! These are often just an extra precaution to protect properties from intruders, yes, but also pests and even unwanted visitors. Secure windows and doors can protect your property value and your family for years to come, but you don’t have to compromise beauty for peace of mind. At A to Z Window Screens, we want our customers in and around Sacramento to enjoy the security of their homes and businesses, while the curb-appeal is unchanged and the windows and doors continue to function properly. Yes, with security screens you CAN have it all!

Why Not Bars?Sunrise Trademark security door model

When you install bars to your home, they must be fastened to the frame. This installation can damage the existing frames and create more work for you someday when you wish them to be removed. Additionally, bars prohibit windows from opening properly, meaning you cannot open the windows unless they open inwardly or raise up. Bars on the windows and doors can also create a serious safety hazard in the event of a fire. According to fire safety standards in your area, you probably have to leave the bars off one or more windows to allow a fire escape. This is a neon sign to any possible intruder that the window without the bars is the one that is easiest to access! Outsmart the thieves and choose security screens for your windows and doors.

Unobstructed Views and Other Benefits

Bars are unsightly to look at, but they’re also a pain to look through! Our security screens allow a clear, unobstructed view of the outside world while preventing the claustrophobic feeling that bars can create. Our screens come in a variety of colors to best match your home’s aesthetic. You can enjoy all the benefits of a security screen on windows and doors as well as custom fittings for fencing, patios, skylights, and more. While you’re enjoying your home, you can experience mosquito-free evenings with windows open and optimum airflow, protection from harmful UV rays and bugs. The screens are designed to withstand time and tough environments. They are corrosion-resistant and even last in salty coastal climates. Your pets won’t damage them and intruders can’t penetrate them.

Superior Protection that Lasts

If it sounds too good to be true, it sometimes is, but not with A to Z Window Screens! Here are all the reasons our screens work and continue working for years:

  • High-tensile stainless steel
  • Black powder-coated security mesh
  • Tensioning system

The high-tensile stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant is combined with a tensioning system that accounts for strength and effectiveness that lasts from installation onward. Our security screens can withstand everything from cat claws, dog teeth, knife stabs, and more. Nothing will get in or out. We’re so sure that we recommend Quick Escape Window Screens for your fire escape windows. Your local fire safety codes may require it, but we insist. You should have a fire escape plan in place for your home or business that includes two ways out. If one of the emergency escapes from your home is through a window, make sure you tell us when planning and purchasing your security screens.

A to Z Security ScreensArtisan Garden Trademark Security door model

At A to Z Window Screens we only carry and install the best products for our customers. For cover all our bases and yours, we carry a variety of security screens, including:

  • Double and single sliding doors
  • French security doors
  • Hinged security doors
  • Fixed window security screens
  • Keyed locking window screens
  • Quick escape window screens

The double, single, French, and hinged door security screens have a 3-point lock system available. The fixed window security screens are best for windows that are non-functioning. For windows that may need frequent cleaning like those next to a gravel road or on a windward side of the house, keyed locking screens are best. For the windows that are part of your fire escape plan, it’s necessary to install quick escape window screens and to practice opening them with family members of all ages.

Security Screen in Sacramento

If you reside in the Sacramento region and own a home or business, you can benefit from security screens for windows and doors. Other options such as bars and shutters may detract from the beauty of your property, but our security screens add to the value of your home and maintain or improve the curb appeal!
Ask a window screening expert about your options today. Call or stop by to consult a professional today.

Call 916-259-9832 or request an appointment online.

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Removing Window Screens for Winter: Why and Why Not?

Whether your home is old or new, you likely have window screens that you enjoy during many parts of the year. Screens keep bugs out while allowing air to flow through the window and throughout the home. They block out solar heat, keeping your A/C from working too hard and allow for natural light without raising the temperature. The screens offer so many benefits, do you really need to remove them for winter?

Remove Screens to Clean and Winterizeyoung girl sitting by window in winter

Like many other parts of our home, we fail to clean and maintain things that are “out of sight, out of mind”. When you’re forced to check your smoke alarm every month, you might also remember to dust the cobwebs from the corners of your ceilings. In the same way, if you are forced to remove your window screens every fall in preparation for winter, you might also remember to clean your glass or remove debris. Maybe you’ll finally get around to cleaning the screens themselves!

Other reasons to remove your window screens include the following:

  • It creates space for storm window installation. You can store storm windows while your screens are in, and then store your screens and install your storm windows. Storm windows protect single-pane windows from damage and keep cold weather from raising your utility bill unnecessarily.
  • Prevent damage from freezing water. Snow and ice can become trapped between the screen and the glass during freezing temperatures, damaging the window sill and frame. This is especially true of wooden window frames.
  • Removing the screens from sun-facing windows can raise the temperature by nearly ten degrees, helping you heat your home without so much energy. Find out more about how window screens affect winter fuel use.
  • A better, cleaner-looking view means the house is more attractive from the inside and from the outside.

Preparing Your Screens for Winter

At A to Z Windows, we want your window screens to benefit you, so we don’t want them to be damaged by winter, hinder your view, or cost you money. When it’s time to remove your window screens, make sure you do so with care, cleaning them carefully, and storing them properly. If you need help with your window screen removal and maintenance for winter, we can help. Call us at A to Z Windows and ask a professional about our services today.

Preparing Your Retractable Screens

All of the retractable screens that we sell at A to Z Windows are safe and contained inside the housing. If you care for and maintain your retractable windows as instructed , your screens should be safe from winter damage. However, if you use your screen constantly as a barrier for porches or patios, you should put them away in the housing for winter to prevent damage to the screen itself. Additionally, make sure the screen is clear of ice and debris before it’s retracted and put up.

There are definitely benefits to having screens over windows and utilizing them in patio doorways. In order to get the most out of your WINDOWS, it may be a good idea to remove them for winter. In order for your retractable screens to last longer, you should put them away as well.

If you have more questions about winter care for your window screens, call us at 916-259-9832.

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Fall Window Decor

It is the season for fall wardrobes, pumpkin spice, Halloween costumes, and decorations! Fall is the kick-off for the best time of year for decking the halls (and windows) in festive décor. While store-bought inflatables are great, many homeowners want to decorate in a low-key way that complements what they already have—a beautiful home. You can bring real life to your house, add to your curb appeal, and create a welcoming entrance by decorating your windows for fall.

Outside Window Decorationsfall doorstep

Outside decorations don’t have to be just lights and pumpkins on the front steps or a wreath on the door. Your windows are a great way to add to the fall decorations and bring beauty and style to your home.

1. Window Boxes Planters

This first idea is not outside the box, but instead placing a box outside the house! If your home has window boxes, you can create a festive pairing of nature and holiday by using plants and other natural items. Pine cones, pumpkins, gourds, and dry grasses or pine make a stylish and beautiful window box display. If you have plants growing in your boxes already, adorn them with some extras. Add some fake plants to add depth and fall colors, or even add decorations like wooden pumpkins. For more window box ideas, click here.

2. Seasonal Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for Christmas! You can hang autumn wreaths on the outside of your windows and change them out when you’re ready to move through the seasons! Make your own wreaths as a DIY project, or purchase them. However, if you’re going to use more than one on multiple windows, we recommend they stay uniform on the same side of the house. For instance, if your front windows each have a harvest-style wreath, but you also have one witchy wreath you’d like to use closer to Halloween, consider placing this one on the door of the house instead of the window or use a yard hanger to put it next to the walkway for trick-or-treaters.

Indoor Window Decorations

When you think of window decorations, many just think about window-clings from the dollar bin at the local retailer or cotton batting cob-webbed across the glass. While these are definitely options, consider a few that we’ve stumbled on over the years.

1. Curtain Rod Waterfalls

Take the curtain off of your rod (this is a great time to wash them) and hang strands of autumn garland. You can purchase fall garland at a local craft store or make your own with fishing wire and fall leaves of various colors.

2. Whole Window Silhouettes and Posters

You can use window clings that are classy and themed against white curtain backgrounds to create a silhouette effect. You can also use posters like these to give all your windows a spooky effect.

3. Twinkle Lights

Simple white lights are not just for Christmas and wedding! White light strands that plug and tiny, battery-operated LED lights are great ideas for indoor decorations. They’re visible from the outside and complement any other decorations you use on your windows or your home interior or exterior.

Not sure if your windows can withstand some decorating? Ask a professional on our staff by calling 916-259-9832 or make an appointment online.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Whether you’ve owned your home for generations or you just purchased it within the last year, when your windows show signs of needing to be replaced, it’s best to get it done. Worn out window systems can cost you money in heating and cooling costs year-round can be a pain to open and close and can be unsightly in general. It can be difficult to know when to replace your windows. Do you wait until half of them need to be replaced? All of them? Do you replace them one at a time? Who knows the best course of action?

If you reside in the Greater Sacramento area and have concerns about your windows, it may be easier than you think to make the decision to replace them.

Common Signs of Window Wear-Out

1. Windows no longer open and close easily. This can happen when the runner becomes gummed up with dust, dirt, and debris. If cleaning the frame doesn’t fix the problem, your frame may be swelling due to moisture and damage. This problem is especially common in wood windows.

2. Double pane windows aren’t working like they used to. If your double-pane windows are cold to the touch in winter or hot to the touch in summer, they aren’t working properly. The seal of one or both windows has been compromised and isn’t insulating the window any longer. Another sign that it’s time to replace your double pane windows is if there is fog between the double pane windows.

3. You feel drafts on windy days. If you window lets in a breeze, this may be costing you money month after month and year after year. You can feel drafts the most on days of high wind and storm systems. You can attempt to cover the window in plastic to stop the drafts during winter, but this is a temporary fix and the window needs to be replaced.

4. A steady rise in utility costs. Single pane windows and older wooden frames often leak your heated and conditioned air and allow heat and cold inside the house. Air leaks and heat transfer can cost you as much during one summer as replacing the window! Replace your leaky windows and save money year after year.

5. You are bothered by outside noise. If your windows offer little protection from noises outside, the seal is likely worn. If noise is getting in, so is heat and air.

Replace or Repair?

When it comes to worn out windows, does it save to repair or replace them? The Urban Housewife makes a good point when answering this question. If you simply want to change the look of your windows, it doesn’t make sense financially to replace them. However, if the windows are COSTING you, it’s time to replace them.

If you’re not sure whether or not your home needs new windows, we can help you decide! Call A to Z Window Screens at 916-472-0578 and an expert can talk to you about your windows. You can also make an appointment online for your convenience.

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Sliding Screen Doors

Your home is likely equipped with window screens that allow you to open your windows, without inviting neighborhood mosquitos in. While many newer homes feature a glass “storm door” or decorative door on the outside of the front door, there are also older homes that still have a screen door. Today you can have a screen door and it isn’t the loud-clanging, metal-framed door that you imagine. Now you can equip your home with ClearView Retractable Screen Doors. They are affordable, invisible, practical, and right there in your area.

Retractable Screen Doors in Sacramentodog next to broken screen door

If you reside in the Greater Sacramento area and own or rent a home with an outer door (they all have them) you can benefit from a retractable screen door. While other screen doors are bulky, they also open outward, taking up space and not working well with the existing doors. Clearview Retractable Screen Doors do not swing out or in, but slide open and closed, disappearing completely from view! This is the only retractable screen door that does not snap back but slides safely into a housing compartment attached to the frame.

Patented Technology, Quality Design

The Clearview Retractable Screen Door does not snap back because of a patented speed reducer called “Safe-Glide”. Our products do not snap back, causing possible damage to the screen door or other property or injury to the user. In fact, our products last longer than the average screen doors that use cheap parts. Our doors use a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame—a thick-walled, one-piece welded screen frame with higher tensile strength and stiffness. All of our sliding screen doors are custom-made using this process for durability and stiffness. Additionally, we do not use plastic because plastic parts break. Our rollers are smooth-rolling metal wheels that will work years after plastic handles and rollers on other products break. The four corners of the frame are heavy-duty cast metal and even the handles are made of metal. Our customers know better than anyone else that doors are abused by time and sunlight year after year, but our sliding screen doors will stand the test of time.

Start with A to Z for Custom-Screened Doors

If you’re looking to upgrade for a sale, longing to cut down on heating and cooling and enjoy fresh air through your patio doorway, or needing to replace that ugly screen that your dog stuck his head through, we can help. In fact, you can ask an A to Z Window Screens professional about pet-resistant bug screens today. Fall is coming, and with it, fresh cool air. You don’t have to trap yourself and your pets in a house with stale air any longer. We can keep the bugs out, and all you have to do is call.

Don’t know what you want yet? Check out all the color options today.

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All About French Doors

One of the best parts about owning your home, is making it feel like yours. Maybe your dream home involves a big backyard, beautiful lighting or lots of windows. Either way it’s specially chosen, decorated, and curated just for you. One favorite among many of our customers are French doors. Unlike your typical door, French doors are two identical doors that open outward to create a large opening to a patio or garden. French doors are not only beautiful but also create space.

Types of French Doorsblue french doors

No matter what type of French doors you choose for your home, they will add more value to your home than your average sliding patio door. What type you choose to purchase and install may depend on your home, your outdoor space, and your needs.

Sliding French Doors – Unlike other sliding doors which only allow a door-sized opening, sliding French doors slide outward. They are beautiful when closed and out of sight out of mind when open.
Interior French Doors – Many homeowners utilize double French doors inside the home to connect two rooms. These doors swing outward to open up space inside the home.
Exterior French Doors – French patio doors allow for natural light when closed, and create a large, inviting doorway when open.

Choosing Your French Doors

When choosing your French Doors, it’s important to choose the best option for your home. Whatever works best for you, adds value to your home, and will stand against your region’s weather will determine what material you choose for your French doors. Most French doors are available in uPVC, composite, aluminum, and wood. In our service area of Northern California, French doors made of timber are popular. Wood is readily available in the region and is unaffected by the dry climate. Other regions with more humidity may get better results with aluminum, uPVC, or composite materials. Even with the perfect weather and low humidity, we still have bugs in and around Sacramento. That means that no matter what type of French doors you have, we can screen them for you.

ClearView Retractable Screen Doors

One of our favorite products is the ClearView Retractable screen door. They do the best job keeping bugs out while being discrete and providing natural light and a view. Fortunately for our customers, these screen doors can be installed on a set of double French doors just like any other door! When you depend on A to Z Window Screens, your French doors can be screened with ClearView screens that are secure and completely invisible.

Whether you have French doors, are thinking of getting some, or have other doors and windows to screen, we can help.

If you reside in or around Sacramento, California, you can schedule an appointment with A to Z Window Screens now. Call 916-250-0224 today.

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Benefits of Clear View Doors

When it comes to your home, every dollar you spend should be an investment. Any major purchase is something that can easily lose value if the wrong products are installed, or if it isn’t properly maintained. Every purchase you make and installation you plan for your home should be considered carefully. During your upgrade, remodel, or new construction, consider the doors you choose for your front, back, or patio. ClearView screen doors offer many benefits that will bring value to your home and continue to work for you for years to come.

ClearView Doors are Retractable

house with a nice yardThe ClearView brand is the only one that offers proven “slow” close with patented speed reducer technology. This means that the mechanisms last longer and children and tiny fingers stay safe from pinches and injury. Homeowners do not need to worry about hinges and swinging doors with a ClearView retractable door. These doors will not detract from the look of your home’s interior or exterior because they’re invisible! When closed, the ClearView is completely clear, and when open, the screen is housed in a compact unit attached to the doorjamb. With ClearView, you can pull it out when you want to use it, but it disappears when you want to lose it! Bug-free never looked so good.

ClearView Doors are Strong

When comparing ClearView with the competition, you can count on a stronger product. On average there is 33 percent more aluminum in the ClearView Retractable Screen Door than competitor products. ClearView doors are made with thick gauge aluminum that glides across the doorway, unlike other products that flex and bind as they’re used and retracted.

ClearView Color and Size Options

Since the ClearView brand is the best retractable door on the market, it doesn’t matter how big the door is. This screen will not buckle on tall or wide doors. The ClearView door is available in all types of sizes and colors to best fit your home and aesthetic. Instead of the standard six colors available in other brands, ClearView offers 11 standard colors at no additional cost! If these don’t satisfy you, they are also available in 300 custom colors and powder-coated wood-grained colors as well. So, whether you have a modern property or a historic one, we can help you find the ClearView door to best suit your home.

ClearView is American-Made

At A to Z Window Screens, we are proud to offer American-made products like ClearView retractable screens. Manufactured in San Jose, California, these products are manufactured and assembled right here in California and will be installed by a local technician who knows the product inside and out.

If you live in the Greater Sacramento area and are looking to purchase a new screen for your single doors, French doors, or sliding doors, look no further than us. We only sell the best products and offers the best service. We install and maintain ClearView retractable doors throughout the area, and we will make it our business to help you year after year. Call 916-250-0224 or request an appointment online today!

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