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What are retractable screens?

Screen doors can pose a dilemma: They’re fantastic when you want to use them, but they can be obtrusive and inconvenient. On one hand, it can be nice to have a screen door, allowing you to your home to let in a breeze. On the other hand, screen doors can block traffic into and out of your home. Also, they can hurt your curb appeal, and they can snap closed, endangering your family’s heels and hands, and your pets’ paws and tails. A to Z Window Screens has a solution: ClearView Retractable Screens.

About ClearView Retractable Screens

What are retractable screens img - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensClearView Retractable Screens solve the screen-door dilemma: The screens pull across your doorframe when you want to open up your home to let the air in, and they roll away into a discreet housing when you want your screen door out of the way. ClearView Retractable Screens can be fitted on to virtually any doorway, from single doorways to sliding doors to double doorways. And ClearView Retractable Screens go above and beyond similar products on the market with special features including:

  • Flexible mounting. ClearView Retractable Screens are meant to be mounted to your door frame just how you want them. They can be mounted directly to the door frame or in any recesses in the doorway. They can be mounted to the right of the doorway or the left.
  • Slow-Close speed reducer. ClearView Retractable Screens are designed to retract safely, without endangering fingers, paws or tails, or causing damage to the screen. ClearView Screens achieve a smooth close with the use of their patented hydraulic Slow-Close Speed Reducer.
  • Enclosed housing. The screen housings on ClearView Retractable Screens are fully enclosed, which keeps the screen clean when it’s not in use.
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Summer is Right Around the Corner; Install Solar Screens!

Temperatures are starting to heat up here in Sacramento, and it’s only going to get hotter. After all, summer is just around the corner! You can beat the heat in your home this summer and lower your energy bills installing solar screens now.

How do solar screens work? Install Solar Screens Image - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window Screens

Regular window screens allow the sunshine — and UV rays — to pour freely into your home. Solar screens use dark colors to reflect the sunlight and thicker mesh to create shade within your home. The bolder vinyl-coated polyester fibers of a solar shade absorb a good portion of the sun’s heat and disperse that heat through its large grid. A traditional window screen allows approximately 80 percent of the sun’s heat and rays to enter your home, but solar shades block about 80 percent of the sun’s heat. With a solar shade, your window screen bears the brunt of the sun’s rays and heat, rather than your windows!

What are the benefits of installing solar screens?

If your home becomes uncomfortably hot under the sun’s glare, solar screens can make your home considerably more comfortable. In fact, solar screens can lower the temperature of a home by up to 15 degrees! That also means that your air conditioner won’t have to work overtime to cool your home, which can lower your electric bill. Solar screens can make your home more livable. They offer shade to bright rooms and reduce the glare on your television, computer and other electronic devices. With less UV light coming in through your windows, you will see less fading and wear on your furniture, flooring and home décor. On top of that, solar screens can increase the privacy within your home. The screens restrict the view in through your windows, while still maintaining your view to the outside. Additionally, solar screen are stronger and more durable than traditional window screens. There will be no problems standing up to pets, children and other stressors.

How can I have solar screens installed on my windows?

If you are ready to enjoy more comfortable temperatures in your home this summer, lower your electric bills and enhance your home’s privacy, call A to Z Window Screens to set up a solar screen consultation today! When it comes to your new solar screens, you can choose from custom colors, decorative grid patterns, and screen thickness. Our solar screen experts will walk you through all of your solar screen options to help you choose the solar screens that will provide you with the greatest benefit while enhancing the exterior look of your home.

Don’t wait to discover how solar screens can benefit your home! With summer just around the corner, have your solar screens installed now so you can reap the benefits in Sacramento’s blistering summer heat. Call A to Z Window Screens today!

Discover Trademark Security Doors

If you want to increase your home’s security — but don’t want to detract from your home’s beauty — it’s time for you to discover Trademark Security Doors.

Increased Security

Trademark Security Doors feature a one-piece steel doorframe that’s fitted snuggly to your door frame. The doors are installed with recessed bolts, covered with metal caps. The bolts are difficult for intruders to access, but the metal caps give the door a clean look. Trademark doors’ heavy-duty, tamper-proof hinges mean the door has virtually no gaps, and it can be removed only when the door is fully opened. The door frame is fitted with a riveted stainless steel mesh screen keeps out intruders and bugs. The security screening allows you to see out of Trademark Security Door, but neighbors, strangers, and passersby can’t see into your home. Discover Trademark Security Doors Image - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window Screens

Enhanced Style

With Trademark Security Doors, you don’t have to compromise the look of your home to increase your home’s security. Trademark Security Doors come in 16 different styles so you can choose the best fit. Or, you can have a door specially designed to fit your specifications. The doors also can be painted one of 21 colors in a durable Cardinal power coat. For additional customization, you can have the steel frame of your door painted one color, and the screening painted in a complementary color.

Improved Insect Protection

Trademark Security Doors don’t just keep intruders out of your home, they also keep bugs out better than the average door. When A to Z installs a Trademark Security Door, we install weather stripping across the top and sides, and a tight rubber sweep along the bottom. That ensures that bugs can’t get to the top, bottom or edges of your door.

Options for Every Budget

Another benefit of Trademark Security Doors: Trademark offers three lines of doors in different budget levels. That means that you can choose a strong, beautiful security door that fits your budget as well as your style. All three lines of Trademark Security Doors offer the luxurious look of a custom door, along with the strength and security to keep your home safe from intruders.

Pet Doors

Trademark Security Doors doesn’t only offer main doors; they offer pet doors, too! The pet doors come in four sizes, and they can be installed directly into you security door.

If you are ready to increase your home’s security and style with a Trademark Security Door, call A to Z Window Screens today! We can show you all of your Trademark Security Door options and provide you with pricing information. We want to help you select the right Trademark Security Door for your home.

Stop mosquito madness!

We had a wet winter. While no one can argue that we badly needed the rain, all of that wet weather has one downside: mosquitoes. As we open up our doors and windows to let in the spring’s sunshine and warm breezes, it can be a challenge to keep those mosquitoes at bay.

Stop mosquito madness Image - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensKeep mosquitoes out with new screens.

Of course, the best way to keep mosquitoes out of your house is with sturdy window screens. If your window screens are in disrepair, you can feel trapped in your house. The best way to get your screens repaired is through a professional screen-replacement company. Screen repair kits from the home-improvement store can leave your screens looking piecemeal and unattractive. Fitting new screens to existing screen frames cause the frames to warp and bow. This means they won’t properly fit into windows and will leave gaps that can allow mosquitoes to find their way into your home.

You also can enjoy more of spring’s pleasant temperatures by opening up your doors! If your doors are without screens, or have screens that are in disrepair, you have a host of screen door options. You always can go with a traditional screen door. However,  there are also retractable screen doors that slide open when you want to have a screen in place. Afterwards, they roll into a discreet frame when you don’t need the screen. Retractable screen doors come with the added advantage of a gentle closure; they don’t snap closed, posing a hazard to children’s fingers and heels or pet’s tails, like traditional screen doors.

Keep mosquitoes out of your backyard.

It’s virtually impossible to keep all mosquitoes away from your house and out of your backyard. Having said that, there are some steps you can take to keep mosquitoes from pestering you outside and finding their way inside. First and foremost, eliminate any standing water in your yard. Make sure that water isn’t pooling in gutters, on children’s toys or in any containers that you might have sitting around the yard. Stagnant water provides mosquitoes with breeding grounds and can dramatically up the mosquito population in your yard.

Taking care of vegetation in your yard also can help. Clean up any yard waste, such as grass clippings, leaf piles or stacks of twigs or vegetation. These can provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Trim back any overgrown vegetation, and try to keep shade-producing vegetation away from you house. They also provide mosquitoes with shelter during the heat of the day. In addition, you also can plant herbs and flowers that mosquitoes find repellent. You can plant the citronella that’s a common ingredient in mosquito-repellent candles. Mosquitoes also stay away from lavender, mint, basil, catnip and marigolds.

Call A to Z to help protect your home from mosquitoes!

If you’re ready to keep mosquitoes out of your home this spring, and you know your screens aren’t up to the challenge, call A to Z Window Screens! We can replace your damaged window screens and outfit your doors with sliding, retractable or security screens.

Celebrating 500 reviews!

At A to Z, we are proud of what we do, whether it is caring for or customers’ chimneys or updating homes and making them more functional with new window screens, doors, fireplaces or heating stoves. Our pride is amplified by our customers’ positive reviews; we’re celebrating the fact that we have just surpassed our 500th online review!

Celebrating 500 reviews! image - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensOur customers have taken to Google, Yelp, Facebook and Yahoo! to let us know we’re doing things right. That doesn’t even include the hundreds of reviews on home improvement sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor. That makes A to Z one of the most highly rated chimney and screen companies in Sacramento.

Here are some of the wonderful things our customers are saying about us:

“Awesome service, I recently purchased a home that has a chimney, I wanted it inspected before I started using it and the service was great. I was told that my chimney was never used (35 year old house) and they took that cleaning off the price. During his inspection, I was informed that my dryer vent was really clogged and was a fire hazard. The tech provided photos of the clog and I was able to have that vent cleaned. I would recommend A to Z to everyone.” — Richard Q. (Yelp)

“We’ve used A to Z twice now, they are the best! 3 years ago they installed new screens for every window (house looks so much nicer now!), and cleaned our chimney and dryer/vent. We hired them again to clean our dryer vent and again did not disappoint. On time service, friendly people (David was awesome!), informative, excellent customer service. Highly recommend A to Z! And they are local!” — P T (Yelp)

“Josh from A to Z installed my solar shade screens this afternoon. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and installation as well as Josh’s professional, friendly service and great communication. I utilized A to Z’s services in my previous home for chimney sweeping as well as manufacturing and installing solar shade screens throughout. I was extremely pleased so they were my go-to company to call for my new home.” — Kat Hopson (Facebook)

“I just had my electric fireplace and dryer vent serviced by Josh at A to Z. EXCELLENT customer service and he even got my fireplace back up and running while making it look brand new. My dryer is also drying clothes faster it seems!! I highly recommend this company for anyone in the area!!!” — Rachael Bowman (Facebook)

“We absolutely love our new solar screens installed by A to Z window screens! After contacting 3 different companies and getting estimates on our home we made the choice to go with A to Z and couldn’t be happier!” — Amy Burvant (Google)


These reviews let us know that our customer-centered hard work is appreciated, and it helps our local business to thrive. We’re grateful to our customers for coming back to us time and time again. Also, we are thankful for letting their friends, family, neighbors and even total strangers know why A to Z is the best company for window screen and chimney services in the greater Sacramento area!

5 signs you should invest in a security door

Have you been contemplating the addition of a security screen door on your home? If you’re trying to decide, here are five signs you need a security door.

Security Door Image - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensSign 1: Your house feels stuffy

On warm spring days, does your home tend to feel stuffy? Do you wish you could let some more air in to cool your rooms and make your home more comfortable? A security door allows you to do just that. When you have a security screen door on your home, you can open your front door to let in pleasant breezes and air out your home. Your security screen door also can help to create cross ventilation: If your front door is open, air will flow better through other open windows and doors in your home, creating a comfortable airflow pattern through your home.

Sign 2: You worry about the security of your home

Do you find yourself leaving your door closed because you worry that your screen door poses a security threat? Most screen doors are flimsy and easy for intruders to make their way through. That’s not the case with security screen doors. Security screen doors feature tough alloy frames, reinforced hinges and screens that can’t be cut through. You can even outfit your door with a deadbolt lock. Security screen doors are so hard for criminals to penetrate that most security screen doors even come with a guarantee against intruders.

Sign 3: You would like to increase your home’s energy efficiency

Security screen doors can help to lower your home’s heating and cooling bills. On hot summer days, your security screen door will help to deflect sunlight and provide shade to your front door, decreasing the temperature within your home. On cold winter days, your security screen door provides and additional layer of insulation. When the weather is pleasantly warm, you will be able to throw open your front door and let the breeze cool your home, rather than relying on air conditioning.

Sign 4: You want to add style to your home

Gone are the days when security doors meant ugly, prison-like bars across the front door. Today’s security doors bring a sense of style to your home. From contemporary to traditional, security doors come in a variety of styles. You can choose a color for your security door to complement your home. You can even opt for a hand-crafted custom security screen door! If you want the security of a screen door but prefer the look of a traditional screen door, you can install a security screen door that’s made to look like a regular screen door, without any metal overlay.

Sign 5: Your current screen door has seen better days

If your existing screen door is in disrepair, a security door can offer the perfect replacement. Replacing your outdated screen door with a security screen door can allow you to enjoy the breeze without the bugs while securing your home, decreasing your energy bills and upgrading the look of your home.

If you would like to see which security screen door options would suit your home, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule an appointment today.

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Prep Your Window Screens For Spring

Spring has nearly arrived, and with it comes warmer temperatures and pleasant breezes. Before you know it, you will be opening your windows to air out your home and enjoy the weather. But before you do, you will need to make sure your window screens are ready for spring. Spring screen prep is easy, and can be done in three simple steps.

Clean your screens

Prep your window screens for spring - Sacramento CA - At o Z Window ScreensWinter rains and heavy winds can fill your window screens with gunk and grime. You will want to make sure your screens are free and clear to let in spring breezes and sunshine. Cleaning your window screens is a straightforward task. First, remove the screens from your windows. If they are only moderately dirty, you can simply spray your screens down with a hose. If the grime is a little more stubborn, gently wash the screens with soapy water and rinse with the hose. Just make sure you don’t push too hard; you could risk warping or stretching the screen. Let the screens dry in the sun; while they dry, you might want to wipe down your window frames and wash your windows. Finally, replace your screens!

Repair any damage

Cleaning your screens will allow you to perform an inventory of your screens. While cleaning, be on the lookout for any damage that might have occurred. Should you find any rips or holes, you will want to have your screens replaced before you’re ready to throw open your windows — You don’t want to give bugs a chance to enter your home or be forced to leave windows closed on spring’s first fine day! You might be tempted to go for DIY screen repair, but screen patches can be unsightly and replacing the screen within a frame can warp the frame. Consider professional screen replacement, which will fit a screen perfectly to your window and match any new screens to your existing window screens.

Consider upgrades

If you would like to get more from your window screens, spring is the best time for a spring upgrade! If you have pets or small children who put undue pressure on your screens, consider installing sturdier pet screens, which resist tears and stretching due to excess pressure. Meanwhile solar screens or privacy screens can lower your summertime home cooling costs and prevent nosy neighbors or passersby from looking in your windows. Retractable screens are perfect for doors that you would love to keep open to let in the breeze but that you wouldn’t want to obstruct with a full-time screen door. When you upgrade your screens in the spring, you can enjoy the benefits of your upgrade all summer long!

Call A to Z Window Screens!

Whether you need to have damaged screens replaced or you would like to upgrade your window screens to keep them safe from pet damage, lower your home cooling and heating costs, or let the breeze in through a retractable screen door, call 916-408-2496 to schedule a consultation! We can replace your damaged screens and upgrade your existing screens to help you prepare your home for spring!

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Why Window Screens Should Be Professionally Installed

Many homeowners are tempted to take on a DIY-project wherever they can. After all, DIY projects can be a great way to save some money. Plus, you can take pride in having improved your home. However, not all projects should be attempted yourself. Among home-improvement projects that should be passed on to professionals? Screen installation.

Why Window Screens Should Be Professionally Installed Image - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensSo, why should window and door screens be professionally installed?

To get the right fit.

Many people are shocked when they head to the home improvement store to discover they can’t find screens to fit their windows and doors. Believe it or not, window screens are not a one-size-fits-all product. Window screens come in countless dimensions. Consequently, unless you turn to the professionals, it can be impossible to find one that fits your window frame. At least snugly to keep out bugs and the elements! With professional window installation, you can have window screens custom made to fit your home’s window frames. This way you know you’re getting quality screens that fit your home perfectly.

To maintain frame integrity.

Some people will try to get around not being able to find the right screen size by replacing the mesh on their existing window screens. That’s a great way to do it yourself and save money, in theory. However, when window screens are built, the tension on the screen is just so for the frame. Putting on new mesh can bend and distort the frame of the window screen so that it no longer sits flat and won’t fit back into the window frame. A good window screen company, by the way, will never reuse your old frames for this reason; quality new window screens begin with sturdy new frames.

To get the right look.

As we’ve mentioned, it can be difficult to find the right screens to fit your windows. It’s even more difficult to find screens that fit the frames of your windows and the look of your home. Unsightly window screens can destroy your home’s curb appeal. By having custom window screens professionally installed, your new screens can actually upgrade the look of your home.

To get better features.

If you do try for a DIY window-screen installation, you also will miss out on the many benefits window screens have to offer your home. A professional window screen company like A to Z Window Screens can offer you solar screens to increase your home’s efficiency and lower your home energy costs; pet screens to repel damage from animals; and retractable screens that can be rolled out of the way when you don’t want windows to obstruct your view. When you talk to a professional screen company, you will find that there are many options available for upgrading the look and function of your window screens.

If you need new window screens, don’t do it yourself! Call the window screen professionals at A to Z Window Screens! We will show you all of our custom screen options and install attractive window screens that add quality and value to your home.

The Clearview Retractable Screen Difference

Screen doors present homeowners with a dilemma. Screens can increase home efficiency. In addition, allow you to open up your doors to enjoy the breeze while keeping out bugs and other pests. However, they come with some disadvantages. Blocking your view, snapping closed dangerously hard, and getting in the way when you are carrying food outside are just a few.

The Clearview Retractable Screen Difference Image - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensAt A to Z Window Screens, we can help you solve this dilemma with Clearview Retractable Screens! With Clearview Retractable screen doors, you can enjoy all of the benefits of screen doors without the drawbacks.

About Clearview Retractable Screens

Clearview Retractable Screens are unlike any other screen doors on the market. These screens roll up into a small hose on one side of your door frame. When you want to have a screen door in place, they roll smoothly across their track and over your doorway. That means with Clearview Retractable Screens, you have a screen door when you want to open up your home and enjoy the breeze. Plus, you can store away the door when you want an unobstructed opening. Whether it’s allowing you to carry things in and out of the house without a barrier or to allow you to have an unobstructed view through your door.

Another major difference with Clearview Retractable Screens: The doors are guaranteed not to snap into place. Clearview’s patented Safe Glide speed reducer means your screen slides safely and slowly. Now you don’t have to worry about having your heels caught by an opening or closing door. Also, you don’t have to worry about children pinching their fingers or about pets pinching paws or tails. Clearview Retractable Screens provide you with a safe alternative to traditional screen doors that can pose a hazard to you, your children, or your pets.

Customize Your Screen Door

Clearview Retractable Screens also differ from other screen doors and other retractable screens. How? You can customize them to your home! Clearview Retractable Screens come in a variety of colors, so you can be sure that your screen door fits with your home’s style. They can be outfitted to single door frames, French doors, or sliding doors. Clearview Retractable screen doors can also be made of traditional screen mesh. That’s not all. Other choices like solar mesh screening, that blocks up to 60 percent of the sun’s heat to make your home more efficient; or security screening, which is five times stronger than traditional fiberglass screening.

Call A to Z Window Screens to hear more about Clearview Retractable Screens!

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a screen door, without the pitfalls of traditional screen doors? Then throw away the hassle of always dealing with two doors, the dangerous snap of a traditional screen door, and the obstructed view! Call A to Z Window Screens to hear more about Clearview Retractable Screens, and how you can customize your Clearview Retractable screen door to fit your home and your needs.

Give the gift of pet screens this holiday season

Holiday Pet Screens Image - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensMany pet owners find themselves resigned to ripped, stretched or broken screens, thanks to dogs, cats and other pets that climb, claw, lean against and rush through window and door screens. While they might be considered a fact of life for pet owners, pet-damaged screens are unsightly, often can’t be used and can detract from the overall look of a home. What would make a better gift for a pet owner than replacing ugly, damaged screens with hard-to-damage pet-resistant screens?

With A to Z Window Screens, you can give the gift of pet screens this holiday season!

How do pet screens work?

Most window screens are made of either aluminum or fiberglass. When faced with the force of pet’s climbing or scratching claws or body weight, these screens tear, bend or break free of the screen framing. Pet screens, on the other hand, are made of PVC-coated vinyl that can hold up to all of the abuse your pets have to dish out. In fact, pet screens are seven times stronger than traditional window or door screens! In addition to standing up better to wear from pets, the PVC coating also helps the screens to withstand other elements, like sun and wind, better than traditional screens.

While the fibers on pet screens are thicker than traditional window and door screens, most people don’t notice a significant difference in air flow or visibility when they replace their aluminum or fiberglass screens with pet screens. The screens come in black or gray, and they very closely mimic the look of traditional window screens.

Where can pet screens be installed?

Pet screens can be installed on nearly any window or door. In most cases A to Z Window Screens can replace any damaged or worn screen with sturdier, longer-lasting pet screens. And because pet screens so clearly mimic the look of traditional window screens, you can choose to replace only the windows or doors whose screens face abuse from pets, and they will blend nearly seamlessly with the home’s existing traditional screens.

How can I give the gift of new pet screens?

If you want to relieve your favorite pet owner of unsightly pet-damaged doors, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! We can talk to you about replacing pet-abused door and window screens with PVC-coated vinyl pet screens that will withstand the abuse and last for years. We can view the scope of the project, help you determine which screens are best served by pet screens and give you a quote for the cost of gifting pet screens.

When you give the gift of pet screens, you are giving a gift that will last for years. It will increase the functionality of the home’s windows and doors and upgrade the look of your favorite pet owner’s home. It’s a gift any pet owner will damaged window and door screens will truly love! Contact us today!

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