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Some questions you might have about sun screens

If you’re looking to lower your home’s energy costs and cut the glare and heat of the sun, you should consider adding sun screens or solar screens, to your home. To help you learn more about our sun screens and solar screens, here are some answers to the most popular questions we get asked often.

How do sun screens work?

all kinds of screensSun screens are made from a thicker, denser mesh coated in PVC. The denser mesh works in three ways. First, they provide additional shade for your windows. They reflect sunlight away, which reduce the amount of heat and rays that transfer through your windows. Solar screens also capture the heat of the sun on its way to your windows and dissipate that heat away. This prevents the glass in your windows from heating up while also radiating heat into your home.

How big of an impact do solar screens have on your home’s energy bills?

People always want to know how well solar screens work. The answer is they have a significant difference on the heat gain in your home. Solar screens can lower the temperature in your home by 8 to 15 degrees, which means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to cool your home on those hot summer days. Because your home doesn’t heat up to extreme temperatures, solar screens can also help you save money on your home’s energy bills.

Do solar screens darken your home?

Some people worry that solar screens will make their home too dark. In reality, solar screens cut the sunlight coming into your home by 15 to 25 percent. For many homeowners, this low level of light is often a benefit. Without solar screens, windows that receive direct afternoon light are sometimes too warm to sit near during the summer. They also provide uncomfortable glares within your home.

Do sun screens block your view?

Sun screens have a thicker mesh than traditional window screens. Solar screens come in different thicknesses, so you will have some say in the intensity of your screen’s look. Because the mesh is thicker, sun screens are more noticeable within a window or door. However, as with traditional window screens, you won’t notice the screens in your window as you get used to it.

Do all windows need solar screens?

You can get all the benefits of sun screens without have them installed on every window in your home. Sun screens should be installed on the sides of your home that are hit with the heat of the day, generally the west and south sides of your home. However, some homeowners opt to install sun screens on more windows for privacy or uniformity.

How do I get sun screens installed on my home?

Most homeowners don’t realize until they look at screen options that window screens don’t come in standard sizes. This means installing new screens including sun screens, usually requires custom installation. Installing sun screens need to begin with a consultation with our professionals, then we will proceed to measurement and installation. If you’re interested in saving money with solar screens, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule your consultation now!

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Benefits of pet screens

The weather has broken for the fall; in Sacramento, we can finally open our windows and enjoy cool, pleasant breezes after the scorch of the summer sun. If you have pets in your homes, however, opening up the windows can pose a problem. For pets, windows screens can cause several issues. Cats and dogs can scratch at the screens, especially when our easily distracted furry friends see something of interest outside. Overtime, this can cause irreparable wear and tear. Dog looking out the window- protect your windows with pet screens!

So what can you do if you want to enjoy the fall breeze but have screens that are already or vulnerable to be destroyed by your pets? Call A to Z Window Screens! We can outfit your windows and doors with pet screens that will stand up to the abuse of your furry family members.

The pet screen difference

Pet screens serve the same function as a traditional bug screen: They will let the breeze in while keeping bugs out and have a similar look and effect on the look of your home and on your view from your home’s windows and doors. The difference with a pet screen is its strength: pet screens are designed from heavy-duty materials that are made to stand up to the sharpness of a pet’s claw and the weight of a pet’s body. The mesh used in pet screens is made from polyester fibers, coated in PVC. The fibers are thicker than traditional screening, too, to help increase its strength. Thanks to its specialized construction, pet screens are seven times as strong as traditional window screens!

Pet screen installation

Pet screens are similar to bug screens in many ways. They let air flow into your home while keeping the bugs out. Pet screens also can be installed on nearly any door or window in your home that faces abuse from your dogs, cats or other pets. When you choose to have your pet screens installed by A to Z Window Screens, your pet screens will be custom fit to your doors and windows so your look will have a professional finish, with a strength and fit that you know will hold up to your pets. At A to Z Window Screens, you can choose pet screens in either gray or black.

If your pets are prohibiting you from opening your windows to the fall breeze — either because your screens are torn from your pets and will let bugs in or because you’re worried about the damage your pets will do to your screens — call A to Z Window Screens to schedule your consultation today! We can outfit your home in pet screens so you can enjoy the pleasant fall weather while knowing that your screens and pets are safe.

Benefits of investing in a custom screen door and having it properly installed

A failing screen door is frustrating. Whether it’s rips and tears in the screen material, a handle that is broken, or a sliding door that no longer glides on track, it’s time to invest in a new screen door. The best way to deal with a damaged screen door is to invest in a custom screen door. You should also get it professionals to installed too! At A to Z Window Screens, we are your professional screen door experts, and we here to help build you the best screen door ever!

A custom-fitted screen door

screen doors of all sizes for windows, doors, and balcony One of the best reasons to invest in a custom screen door is because you get a properly fitting screen door. You might think that all doors and screen doors are a standard size. Unfortunately, screen doors come in a range of sizes and finding a replacement door for your door frame can be a challenge. A custom screen door ensures that your screen door fits your door frame exactly.

Customizing your screen door

When you invest in a custom screen door, you can choose from a range of options to fit your lifestyle or home’s style. You can choose from specialized meshes that deflect sunlight to lower your home’s energy bills. You can also choose a security screen door that allows you to open your home while still maintaining security. You can also choose from a retractable screen door that fits any door frame to enjoy the benefits of a screen door whenever. Purchasing a custom screen door means you can choose the finishing touches to suit your home. This include customized colors, handles, locks and other features.

Proper installation

Installing a door is a notoriously finicky task. You should definitely leave this job to the professionals. When you install new screen door, it will benefit you to have an expert properly fit the door into the frame.

If your failing screen door needs to be replaced, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation! We can customize a replacement screen door to fit your existing door space right now!

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Benefits of a Clearview Retractable Screen Door

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your screen door? Do you love that it allows you to open up your home to fresh breezes but hate that it’s constantly in the way? A to Z Window Screens can resolve your relationship with your screen door with a Clearview Retractable Screen Door! Clearview Retractable Screen Doors offer a variety of benefits, without the drawbacks of a traditional screen door.Clearview Retractable Screen Door - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window

Cool breezes

The No. 1 reason people want screen doors on their homes is because they want to be able to open up their doors on beautiful days to enjoy pleasant breezes. Just like a traditional screen door, a Clearview Retractable Screen Door does just that! When you want to open up your home to the outdoors, you simply roll open the screen door over your doorway opening, and you will be able to enjoy the outside air without worrying about bugs.

Roll-away convenience

The No. 1 reason people hate their screen doors is that screen doors get in the way. Screen doors add an additional barrier to entering and exiting your home. Simply put, they are an inconvenience. With a retractable screen door, the screen rolls away when it isn’t in use. That means your screen door isn’t in the way when you are entering and exiting your home.

Clearer views

Do you enjoy the views from your home and don’t want a screen that gets in the way when it isn’t in use? Because a Clearview Retractable Screen door is only in place when you want it to be, you can keep the screen door rolled away into its housing so that you don’t have to look out of your door through a screen that isn’t being used.

Ease of operation

Screen doors can stick. They can snap back into place. At best, they’re a pain. At worst, they can pose a hazard. Clearview Retractable Screens are easy to use. They won’t become stuck or hard to open and close like a sliding screen door. They don’t snap back into place like a swinging screen door. In fact, Clearview Retractable Screen Doors come with patented technology that ensures they close slowly and won’t snap back.


Clearview Retractable Screen Doors are highly versatile. They can be fitted to nearly any door. Clearview Retractable Screen Doors are custom fit to your specific doorway. Single entry doors, French doors, double doors and sliding doors all can be outfitted with Clearview Retractable Screen Doors.

Let A to Z Window Screens solve your love/hate relationship with your screen door with a Clearview Retractable Screen Door. A Clearview Retractable Screen Door can deliver all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of traditional screen doors. Call to schedule a consultation today!

Keep Your Home Secure With Security Screen Doors and Window Screens

Security Screen Doors & Window ScreensAugust has summer’s heat at a peak, which in turn has Sacramento homeowners closing their windows and doors to hot summer days. Fall will soon be upon us, and with it, cooler temperatures. When the August heat breaks to comfortable September days, you want to be able to open up your home to enjoy the pleasant breezes. Don’t let your home’s security stand in the way! With security screen doors and security window screens from A to Z Window Screens, you can open your home to the crisp fall air without jeopardizing your home’s security.

Security screen doors

Security screen doors from A to Z Window Screens bring a host of benefits to your home. First and foremost, our security screen doors help keep your home safe. Regardless of the type of security screen door you choose, our security screen doors are built from architectural-grade metal frames that can’t be pried or bent away. Some of our doors have additional metal elements to increase the screen’s strength even further. The screens themselves are made from or coated in materials that can’t be pushed in or sliced with a knife or razor. They also can be purchased with high-strength locks that keep your home safe.

Secondly, security screen doors from A to Z Window Screens can enhance the beauty of your home! We carry security screen doors from industry leaders in function and beauty. Whether you’re looking for traditional architectural elements, unique artistic designs or open screens that don’t interfere with the look of your doors, A to Z Window Screens can match you with a screen door that fits! Our security screen doors also are versatile: They can be fitted to nearly any kind of doors, including French doors, sliding patio doors, and swinging entry doors.

Security window screens

With security screens from A to Z Window Screens for your windows, you can open up your windows to enjoy the breeze without worrying about criminals gaining access to your home. Just like security screen doors, security window screens are made from strong metal components that prevent the screens from being pried out of place or sliced through to enter your home. And, security window screens won’t block your visibility! They may darken your windows slightly, but with the window screens in place, you will still be able to let light, as well as fresh air, into your home. A to Z Window Screens will custom fit security screens to your windows!

You might still be barricading your home against the intensity of summer’s heat, but cooler fall temperatures are just around the corner! If you want to enjoy pleasant breezes and fresh air but don’t want to open your home to a criminal, call A to Z Window Screens to have your home fitted with security screen doors and window screens.

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Back to School… And Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit You On the Way Out!

Advantages of Screen DoorsIt’s that time of year again: The kids are ready to head back to school! As you prepare your kids for their first day, don’t forget to prepare your home. Your kids will need a functional screen door to help them exit and enter your home as they travel to and from school each day. A to Z Window Screens can help make sure your home is ready to accommodate your school-bound kids this fall. Here are your screen door options for preparing your home for the back-to-school season.

Made-to-order screen doors

If your traditional screen door is in need of repair, A to Z Window Screens can custom fit your door with a replacement screen door. Whether it’s a sliding or swinging screen door you need to have replaced, A to Z will manufacture a screen to your specifications. Our screen doors are made from sturdy metal that won’t bend, warp or weaken over time. And, we offer a host of screen door options so you can design the custom screen door to fit your needs and your tastes.

Pet screen doors

Whether you have a pet who is eager to greet your kids as they return home or kids who are overexcited to rush out the door to school, pet screen doors add a level of durability so they stand up to your pets or your kids. Pet screens are made from a tough fiber coated in PVC to make the screens seven times stronger than traditional bug screens. A to Z Window Screens can outfit your custom-made screen door with durable pet screens to ensure that your screen doors will weather the abuse from your school-bound children.

Retractable screen doors

Clearview retractable screen doors might be the perfect screen product for those with kids. Clearview retractable screen doors roll securely over your doorway when you want a screen in place and roll safely out of the way when you don’t want a screen door in your way. Clearview retractable screen doors are known for their patented speed reducer technology, which slows the trajectory of the screen doors as they open so they won’t trap kids’ fingers or toes.

Security screen doors

Do you love to open the doors to enjoy the breeze while the kids are at school? Do you want your kids to be able to come home to an open, airy house? Security screen doors allow you to open your home to fresh air without opening your home to criminals. Security screen doors are made from heavy-duty metal frames that can’t be pulled away or bent when locked into place. The mesh is made from metal that can’t be cut open or pushed in to gain access to the home. And, all of A to Z Window Screens’ security screen doors are made without metal bars so they accent the look of your home and ensure that your kids are being welcomed home from school and not feeling like they’re entering a prison.

Don’t let the screen door hit your kid on their way back to school! Outfit your home this fall with a new screen door from A to Z Window Screens! Call to schedule your consultation today.

Benefits of Sun Screens On Your Patio

Patios have become an integral part of summer living. They provide additional square footage where you can entertain, dine and relax, all while enjoying the open air, pleasant breezes and sunshine. But during the warmest summer months, your outdoor living space can become unusable due to the scorching sun. You can reclaim your patio and get more use out of your outdoor oasis by outfitting your patio with roll-down sun screens from A to Z Window Screens.

Benefits of Roll-Down Screens

Benefits of Sun Screens On Your Patio - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensRoll-down screens can be installed over pergolas, from the edges of patio overhangs, or between patio doorways or arches. Rollaway screens are made from specialty solar meshes that come in 80 to 90 percent density. They can be rolled up and down using metal chains, as needed. In addition to convenience, patio sun screens come with a host of benefits, including:

• Blocking the sun while maintaining the view. A major advantage of patio sun screens is that they protect your patio and its inhabitants from the heat of the sun without blocking the breeze or your view.

• Widespread sun protection. Roll-down screens cover more area than other options. Umbrellas only cover a small area, and pergolas can fail to block the sun, depending on its angle. Umbrellas, and even larger temporary pergola structures, can blow over in wind. Patio sun screens can block the entire patio from the sun, regardless of the sun’s angle.

• Privacy. Roll-down patio screens can provide you with high levels of privacy. Sun screens can block your neighbors’ view of your patio without disrupting your view of your yard or the surrounding scenery.

• Keeping bugs at bay. In addition to the sun, bugs are an outdoor nuisance that can deplete your enjoyment of your backyard. Just like your window screens keep bugs from entering your home while letting you enjoy the breeze, roll-down patio screens can help reduce the amount of bugs that have access to your patio.

• Providing a wind barrier. Excessively windy days can drive you and your guests indoors. You can get some relief from windy days on your patio with an added layer of protection from roll-down patio screens.

• Protecting your patio furniture. Excessive sun quickly breaks down your patio furniture, and sun screens block UV rays. By rolling down your sunscreens when your patio isn’t in use, you can block harmful UV rays to slow the fading and aging of your patio furniture and décor.

Give Us a Call Today!

Get more use out of your patio this summer with roll-down sunscreens from A to Z Window Screens! Call today to schedule a consultation and learn how roll-down sunscreens can benefit your patio.

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Benefits of Investing in Our Sliding Security Screen Doors this Summer

A to Z window screens - sliding door -w800-h800How secure are your doors? According to one report, a full 70 percent of home invaders enter through doors. That makes all of your home’s entryways a risk to your security. Many homeowners see the risk in sliding screen doors. With flimsy frames, mesh that can be easily broken through and no locking options, sliding screen doors often go unused because they provide too easy an entry point for criminals. You can enjoy the convenience of a sliding screen door, as well as the summer breeze when you invest in a Tru Frame sliding security screen door from A to Z Window Screens.

When you invest in a sliding security screen door, you’ll realize the many benefits of added security. Those benefits include:

Heavy-duty aluminum frame

Tru Frame security sliding screen doors are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum frames. The architectural grade aluminum makes the frames lightweight, but sturdy and strong, meaning your sliding security screen door can’t easily be forced off the track or forced in. The doors also feature stainless steel wheels. Unlike the plastic wheels used in conventional screen doors, the stainless steel wheels add to the strength of the door and keep it sliding smoothly year after year.

Stainless steel mesh

Most security doors require jail-like metal bars. That’s not the case with Tru Frame security screen doors, thanks to the use of stainless steel mesh. Tru Frame security screen doors feature MeshTEC 316 Marine-grade stainless steel mesh. This strong mesh can’t easily be pushed in. MeshTEC mesh also can’t be cut with a knife, and it is puncture and tear resistant. Despite its strength and durability, MeshTEC mesh looks like any other bug screen. It won’t block visibility and pleasant breezes. It’s coated to resist rust and corrosion, and it blocks 60 percent of UV rays to help protect your home from the harmful sun.

Standard locking system

The security offered by A to Z Window Screens sliding security screen doors goes beyond industrial-strength frames and cut-proof stainless steel mesh. All of our sliding security screen doors come standard with a five-point locking system. Activated with a turn of a knob on the inside and a key on the outside, this professional-grade locking system makes it impossible to pry the security screen door open.

When you install a sliding security screen door from A to Z Window Screens, you will enjoy the benefits of a fully secured doorway in addition to the benefits of a sliding screen door. You also can choose to have the frame of your sliding security screen door powder coated in virtually any custom color to complement your home, and you can choose to have your sliding security screen door installed as a single panel, or as a double-panel door for added security. If you’re ready to realize the benefits of a secured screen door on your home, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule your consultation today!

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Sliding Patio Screen Doors

Nothing is more relaxing than a temperate summer night. The gentle breeze, pleasant temperature, and the nighttime sounds of crickets chirping are all summer staples. Summer nights can come with some pests though, namely mosquitoes, moths, and other flying insects. Those pests can quickly negate any of the relaxing benefits of a summer night and drive you indoors. There is one perfect way you can enjoy pleasant summer nights, however — with a sliding patio screen door.

With a new sliding patio screen door, you can open up your home to the pleasant temperatures, sounds, and smells of perfect summer nights while keeping pesky mosquitoes and animals out of your home. At A to Z Window Screens, we can outfit your patio door with the perfect sliding patio door.

Traditional Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding Patio Screen Doors - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window ScreensHomeowners know that traditional sliding patio doors often do more to frustrate homeowners rather than increase their enjoyment of their homes. You can save yourself the frustration of dealing with a jammed, stuck, or difficult patio door with a new sliding patio door from A to Z Window Screens! Our sliding patio doors consist of quality and durable materials. For example, our tracks are made from a heavy-duty aluminum rather than a thin rolled metal like other sliding patio doors. We also replace traditionally plastic parts — like wheels and corners — with more durable metal materials. They enhance the strength and durability of our sliding patio screen doors. On top of that, all of our sliding patio screen doors are custom fit to your patio door space. Therefore, you won’t have to struggle to find the right fit from limited factory options.

Sliding Patio Pet Screen Doors

With A to Z Window Screens, you have options for your sliding patio screen doors. They increase the durability and functionality of your sliding patio screen door. Do you have pets or small children that create excessive wear and tear on your screen doors? A to Z Window Screens can help! We can build your sliding patio screen door with our durable pet screen mesh. Our pet mesh is made from PVC-coated polyester rather than traditional fiberglass. They stand up to scratching paws, climbing claws, and pets or children pushing or leaning on your doors.

Security Sliding Patio Doors

Does your sense of security keep you from opening your sliding patio door to enjoy the breeze? You can keep your home safe and open to enjoy pleasant summer nights with a sliding patio security screen door from A to Z Window Screens. Sliding security screen doors are constructed with architectural-grade aluminum frames and stainless-steel screen mesh that can’t be slashed or pushed through. When closed, security sliding patio doors lock into place with a five-point locking system so they can’t be pried open by potential intruders. With a sliding security screen door, you can enjoy summer nights without worrying about your home’s safety!

If you’re ready to enjoy the atmosphere of fine summer nights, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule your consultation and learn more about sliding patio screen doors!

Why sun screens are the perfect summer addition

When it comes to home improvements, homeowner wants to know it’s worth all the work and also has a return on investment. If you’re looking to invest in and improve your home this summer, sun screens are the perfect summer addition.

How do Solar Screens Work?

are made from thicker and darker mesh than traditional window screens. Because they shade windows and help to block harmful UV rays from entering your home. The sun’s heat is then absorbed by the screen’s mesh, and the grid of the screen helps the heat to dissipate rather than entering your home.

Why Are Sun Screens the Perfect Summer Addition?

Solar screens offer a return on your investment. They not only prevent UV rays from entering your home to damage flooring and furnishings, but they also block 80 to 90 percent of UV rays from entering your home. They lower your home’s cooling bills by as much as 33 percent.

In fact, solar screens can keep your home up to 15 degrees cooler in the summer compared to traditional window screens. They also offer a degree of privacy, as they are more opaque from the exterior than traditional window screens. In addition, they upgrade the curb appeal by enhancing your home’s aesthetic.

How Can I Invest in Sun Screens this Summer?

If you are ready to make the perfect home investment this summer, call us right now to get started! We can schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits and the logistics of installing solar screens. With A to Z Window Screens, you will be able to customize your solar screens to suit your home’s style and personal taste. Some of the solar screen options include:

  1. Color – You can choose from 5 different solar screen colors. Some mesh colors block more heat and light from entering your home, while others do a better at preserving your view. Some provide you more privacy. With the different color options, you will be able to choose the screen color that meets your priority and fits your home’s looks.
  2. Shading coefficient – You’ll be able to choose from screen meshes that provide different levels of shading for your home. Traditional bug screens have a 65 percent shading coefficient. The heaviest solar screens has a heating coefficient of 90 percent.
  3. Decorative grids. You can choose to add a decorative grid to the exterior of your solar screen for a charming touch.

This summer, make your home a investment that provide you with savings on cost and added value. Call A to Z Window Screens to schedule your solar screen consultation today at 916-408-2496!

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