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Whether your home is old or new, you likely have window screens that you enjoy during many parts of the year. Screens keep bugs out while allowing air to flow through the window and throughout the home. They block out solar heat, keeping your A/C from working too hard and allow for natural light without raising the temperature. The screens offer so many benefits, do you really need to remove them for winter?

Remove Screens to Clean and Winterizeyoung girl sitting by window in winter

Like many other parts of our home, we fail to clean and maintain things that are “out of sight, out of mind”. When you’re forced to check your smoke alarm every month, you might also remember to dust the cobwebs from the corners of your ceilings. In the same way, if you are forced to remove your window screens every fall in preparation for winter, you might also remember to clean your glass or remove debris. Maybe you’ll finally get around to cleaning the screens themselves!

Other reasons to remove your window screens include the following:

  • It creates space for storm window installation. You can store storm windows while your screens are in, and then store your screens and install your storm windows. Storm windows protect single-pane windows from damage and keep cold weather from raising your utility bill unnecessarily.
  • Prevent damage from freezing water. Snow and ice can become trapped between the screen and the glass during freezing temperatures, damaging the window sill and frame. This is especially true of wooden window frames.
  • Removing the screens from sun-facing windows can raise the temperature by nearly ten degrees, helping you heat your home without so much energy. Find out more about how window screens affect winter fuel use.
  • A better, cleaner-looking view means the house is more attractive from the inside and from the outside.

Preparing Your Screens for Winter

At A to Z Windows, we want your window screens to benefit you, so we don’t want them to be damaged by winter, hinder your view, or cost you money. When it’s time to remove your window screens, make sure you do so with care, cleaning them carefully, and storing them properly. If you need help with your window screen removal and maintenance for winter, we can help. Call us at A to Z Windows and ask a professional about our services today.

Preparing Your Retractable Screens

All of the retractable screens that we sell at A to Z Windows are safe and contained inside the housing. If you care for and maintain your retractable windows as instructed , your screens should be safe from winter damage. However, if you use your screen constantly as a barrier for porches or patios, you should put them away in the housing for winter to prevent damage to the screen itself. Additionally, make sure the screen is clear of ice and debris before it’s retracted and put up.

There are definitely benefits to having screens over windows and utilizing them in patio doorways. In order to get the most out of your WINDOWS, it may be a good idea to remove them for winter. In order for your retractable screens to last longer, you should put them away as well.

If you have more questions about winter care for your window screens, call us at 916-259-9832.