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About AtoZ Window Screens

AtoZ Window Screens was founded in 1998 by a young Sacramento State college student named Aaron Zambrana. In an attempt to pay for his business degree and provide for his family without taking out student loans, Aaron began a small window cleaning business.
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As time went on, he began to realize that many folks had broken or missing window screens on their home, so like any smart starving college student, he started fixing broken bug screens for a little extra cash (a natural evolution which turned out to be a twist of good fate).

During his last year of college, Aaron decided to give up window cleaning in favor of focusing completely on window screens and screen doors…. But there was only one small problem that this not-very-business-savvy business major had overlooked…. The window screen business was highly seasonal and although it kept Aaron busy throughout the warm spring and summer months, he didn’t stop to consider the fact that very few folks open their doors and windows in the winter! As a result, Aaron began to look for an alternative home services niche that would keep him busy in the off season.

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As a result, he began sweeping chimneys and inspecting them for safety. For over 20 years, Aaron and his team did screens in the summer and chimneys in the winter until finally in 2020, it became apparent that there was enough window screen and security door work to keep him and his crew busy all year round, and they made the strategic decision to give up chimneys altogether in favor of focusing completely on the security door and window screen side of the business. This decision to really focus on one trade has allowed his team to become the highest-quality provider in this space in the Sacramento area.

Unicorns are Real!

Many of our customers are shocked by the sheer volume of 5-star reviews AtoZ has been honored to receive from some of our amazing customers over the years. A quick check with Google, Facebook, Yelp, Neighbors Indeed, Good Neighbors, and several other online apps will all tell you one thing… we know what it takes to give you a hassle-free, enjoyable purchasing experience, and we’ll always do our best to ensure you’re happy you hired our company!

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We’ve been around for a long time and AtoZ understands your pain when it comes to a less-than-pleasant experience dealing with a sub-par home improvement contractor. Common problems often arise around contractors not showing up on time, leaving a mess for the homeowner to clean up, not communicating clearly and not setting realistic expectations with the homeowner. Other common sins include doing shoddy work and then not standing behind it when the customer needs warranty service.

After graduating with his business degree from Sacramento State and purposely choosing to go into the blue collar trades, Aaron was determined to help change this unfavorable image of home improvement contractors forever by showing the world that unicorns, while rare, do actually exist in the home improvement trades!

For over 20 years, AtoZ has been listening to our customers, and improving our products and systems accordingly in order to eliminate the frustrations common to many homeowners when working with a home improvement contractor.

AtoZ Window Screens believes in ensuring the best in customer care, by requiring all of our employees to undergo extensive training on a daily basis. From the folks in our office answering the phones, to our amazing field technicians working directly with the homeowners, to the artists who hand-craft all of our screens in our shop, we strive to ensure they understand what our customers have come to expect when they hire AtoZ: Great Service, Top Quality, and Ironclad Guarantee.

Here are just some of the things that set us apart from the competition which help ensure you have a great customer experience every time:

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We answer our phones live with knowledgeable staff. We also return your phone calls promptly: When you call during business hours, you’ll be helped by a friendly, knowledgeable, real live person! What a concept! Our old fashioned philosophy of providing excellent customer service won’t allow us to use frustrating time-consuming and confusing phone trees, outsourced answering services or fake internet chat bots. If you call after hours, or when we are on the other line, and you leave a message, you’ll get a return call as promptly as possible.
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Expert, No-Pressure In-Home Sales Consultations with Clear, Detailed Estimates:     AtoZ’s in-home sales consultants are easygoing, knowledgeable, and highly proficient experts who have your best interests in mind. We are honest about what our products will and won’t do, and we’re masters at setting clear and realistic expectations before you make a purchase… We just want you to be happy when everything is said and done so you come back and buy more or refer us to your friends (straightforward business 101)! In addition, our sales technicians will never try to pressure you into purchasing something that you don’t want to buy or that you don’t understand. Our proprietary digital estimates break each individual screen or screen door down separately with separate pricing so you can be completely clear and comfortable about what you are purchasing and the associated costs for each item. Our estimates are completed right there while at your home so you aren’t waiting days or weeks for an accurate estimate. In addition, you get a digital copy of the estimate and contract emailed to you right away before we leave your home. Being on the same page and setting realistic expectations is one of the hallmarks that has allowed us to have over 20,000 highly satisfied customers since our founding in 1998. Hundreds of online reviews testify to the fact that our five-star service is second to none when it comes to giving you a hassle-free, easy and enjoyable experience.
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Highly Trained and Friendly Installers; We don’t Subcontract: When you hire AtoZ, you get AtoZ! Many contractors subcontract out the work once it has been sold to the customer. We don’t. When our installers show up to install the work, they are our employees driving our marked vehicles and wearing our uniforms. They are covered by our workers compensation and liability insurance, thus protecting you and ensuring you are getting the highest quality from a trained AtoZ technician. The last thing you want is some random uninsured, unlicensed, and unidentified person working at your home.

We only sell the finest quality at fair, competitive prices: It’s true, we love seeing our customers…. but that being said, the honest truth is that we only want to see you again when we are coming back to sell you more screens! AtoZ does the research to find the best quality, most durable, and least problematic products in the screen industry so we can avoid making wasteful warranty return trips to take care of poor-quality products. Return trips are a major hassle for the homeowner and expensive for the contractor. For this reason, we only sell the highest-quality products for a fair price that you can depend on for years of trouble-free service. Admittedly, sometimes we are not the low-cost leader, but there is no doubt that we are the best choice for wise and discerning customers who know that the bitter aftertaste of poor quality lingers longer than the temporary sweetness of a cheap price. While our prices are always competitive with similar quality products, our level of service and workmanship can’t be matched by any other company in the Sacramento area. We pay our employees a good wage, and expect them to take great pride and effort in giving you a job well done. Good work isn’t cheap, and cheap work isn’t good.

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Fully Developed Website: Our award-winning website is massive… jam packed with hundreds of pages of helpful information about our products and services, warranties, and care and maintenance instructions. It has been a time-consuming and expensive journey developing a website this wide and deep, but this labor of love is symbolic of our commitment and dedication to serving you with over-the-top excellence in the best way possible.

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Excellent Communication and follow-up: In addition to answering our phones live with no annoying phone trees, we have an amazing and efficient computer system to help keep track of your job. It sends out automated appointment confirmations, reminder emails and text messages. In addition, on the day of your appointment, you’ll receive a text message with a brief bio and picture of your field technician when they dispatch and are on the way to your home. You can track their progress as they drive to your home similar to an Uber driver so you know exactly when they are arriving.

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We Build Our Own Window Screens and Sliding Screen Doors In-House: A little known secret of the window screen industry is that most companies don’t even make their own screens! Once you sign a contract with most companies, they’ll subcontract the building of your window screens to a screen wholesaler whose sole focus is as cheap and fast as possible. The wholesaler often cuts corners by hiring low-wage, inexperienced seasonal workers, using very thin-walled flimsy screen frame, using plastic screen corners, and not jigging their screens when they install the fabric.

The wholesaler’s screens may look fine for a year or two, but soon the framing begins to bow and the screen fabric develops sags and ripples. AtoZ, on the other hand, builds all of our window screens and sliding screen doors in our shop in Lincoln CA using the highest quality materials with no plastic parts. In addition, we use the old-school method of building screens by locking the screen frame into position using several jigs around the perimeter of the frame while the fabric is installed so your screen fits your window perfectly when it’s done. This method definitely takes a little more time, but it ensures our screens last much longer.

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We Value Your Time & Investment!

We believe in providing our clients with the best product options and the best installation services. Why? We know that every service you pay for is an investment, and we strive to provide the type of service that makes you feel confident about your decision.

Unlike many other service businesses, AtoZ Window Screens believes in ensuring the best in customer care, by requiring all of our employees to undergo extensive training and certification before assisting clients. From our service technicians to our office staff, you can expect knowledgeable, friendly and professional service. We’re dedicated to providing our neighbors in the greater Sacramento area with the best possible experience, every time. We know your time is valuable, which is why we strive to answer every phone call. If, however, we are assisting other clients and are unable to answer, you can expect a call back ASAP. From the time you call to schedule an appointment to the time we leave your home, you can expect to be treated with respect and honesty.

Let Us Serve You!

Great quality, excellent service, and an ironclad guarantee. You’ll get all three with AtoZ! We look forward to giving you an easy, hassle-free experience on your next security door or window screen project. Give us a call today at 916-250-0121 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment, today!


We invite you to contact us for complete and competent help with any screen project you have. AtoZ Window Screens is ready to help.