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Stucco Sunscreens Gallery

Stucco or Desert Sand colored solar screens got their name because the two-toned beige and off-white pattern replicates what stucco looks like when the sun casts its rays across it. The resemblance between the fabric color and the stucco on the house is sometimes so close that it looks like the windows have had stucco applied right over them!

Stucco Sun Screen Swatch
Stucco Sun Screens on windows of two story teal colored home

Many folks love this look, but some do not. Just remember that when you choose a sunscreen color that closely matches your home’s wood or stucco siding, your windows will blend in and almost disappear, so be sure this is the look you are trying to achieve before choosing stucco! As far as AtoZ is concerned, we feel that beauty is always in the eye of the checkbook holder, so we’re glad to make any screens YOU think look good!

Stucco Solar Screens on windows of two storu southweatern style home

One of the things you’ll absolutely love about the Stucco or Desert Sand Fabric is the PRIVACY!! Many homes have windows facing the street and some are concerned about strangers peering inside. Once these screens were installed, the homeowners were able to look out and see who was approaching their front door without the stranger being able to see in. If daytime privacy is important to you, Stucco or Desert Sand Fabric is the color best suited for that purpose.

Stucco Privacy Screens on windows of home

Another advantage with the Stucco or Desert Sand fabric is the fact that it hides dust and dirt amazingly well! Because of the two-toned colored pattern, this lighter color has a way of making dust a little less obvious…which means less frequent cleanings for some of us!

Stucco Privacy Sun Screens installed on windows of home

“I had no idea how effective sunscreens were at keeping the heat out of the house!! It’s at least 12 degrees cooler! Had I only known sooner, I would have purchased them long ago. After having them installed on the back of my house, I was so pleased with the product that I ordered additional sunscreens for both sides of my house. Great product, great company. Keep up the good work, AtoZ.”

James Beaman, Antelope CA

Review of AtoZ Window Screens

Stucco or Desert Sand Fabric is one of our most popular colors, and for good reason;: it looks great! If your home craves that distinct look, dress it up with solar screens in Stucco or Desert Sand Fabric…you’ll be glad you did!

Stucco Sliding Glass Door Solar Screen on window

Sliding glass doors can have sunscreens installed too!

Many customers are surprised to discover that AtoZ can install sun screens on your sliding glass door, too! Because of their large size, Sliding Glass Doors allow a lot of heat into your home! By protecting the entire sliding glass door (both the active and stationary glass panels), your house will be much cooler, glare will be diminished, and fading on the furnishings will be drastically reduced. The operable half of your sliding glass door is protected by installing a high-quality sliding screen door with sunscreen. Your new sliding screen door will slide in the same tracks as the old screen door. Then, the non-moving half of the glass is protected with a separate screen called a “Fixed Panel” which is installed in such a way as to allow you to open and close the screen door like always, but have both sides of the glass covered with a protective sunscreen shield blocking heat and glare!

Stucco Window Solar Screen installed in two windows of home

Did you know that indirect sunlight reflected off nearby objects can contribute significantly to the heat blasted into your windows? Your pool, cement patio or driveway, or even a next-door neighbor’s house can reflect sunlight into your windows and make things hot in a hurry! In this instance, the sun’s intense rays were bouncing off the house next door back into this home.   The resulting heat and glare was miserable until these customers had sunscreens installed! Can you say “reflection rejection?” Needless to say, these customers were very pleased with the results!

These customers had a real problem with their back lawn… one particular spot on the grass was always yellow and dead, despite the homeowners best efforts re-seeding, fertilizing and watering. Finally they discovered that their Low E windows were acting as a magnifying glass and reflecting a super hot beam of light onto the same spot of lawn day after day. Their lawn wasn’t dying… it was BURNING!

Stucco Window Privacy Screens in windows of a home with potted plants in front of them

In addition to killing lawns, we’ve had instances where patio furniture and dead weeds have caught fire from this reflected window magnifying glass death ray! We even had one of our customers purchase a sunscreen FOR ONE OF HIS NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR’S WINDOWS TO KEEP HIS OUTDOOR PLASTIC STORAGE CABINETS FROM MELTING! If you have problems with the sunlight bouncing off your windows and burning items, solar screens are the fastest, least expensive guaranteed solution to this problem!

Stucco Grid Door Sun Screen installed on front door of home plant in pot to the left and mat in front

Did you know that we can install stucco sunscreen fabric into your swinging screen door? In addition to keeping the heat out, a swinging screen door with stucco solar screen fabric also gives you excellent daytime privacy! Imagine how nice it would be to see strangers or solicitors approaching your front door not being able to see you standing there behind the screen door!  The view looking outward is quite clear, but it’s nearly impossible for strangers or passersby to be able to see into your home!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Stucco Window Privacy Screen

These customers really had their priorities straight! They had just gotten the keys to their brand new house a few days before placing their sunscreen order with AtoZ! Even though they had many needs and wants, they knew sunscreens were one of the few things on the list that would pay for themselves in 2-4 years or less! In addition to saving you a significant amount of money on air conditioning costs, solar screens will keep your flooring, furniture and drapes from being destroyed by the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Believe it or not, black sunscreens look fantastic with many exterior colors and provide great protection from outside heat while giving you great visibility from inside your home. See all the available colors in our sunscreen gallery.