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Sun Screen Testimonials

Quality is Top Notch

When shopping around for sunscreens, I got several estimates and chose who I felt would do the best job with the best QUALITY! Of course, I chose AtoZ! The main reason is because I have a HUGE arched window in front of my house that is SOOOO HOT in the late afternoons. I wanted grids, but no other companies would notch and rivet the grids to make sure they stayed in place! Everyone else just wanted to overlap the grids… a very flimsy proposition!

Needless to Say, I am so glad we chose AtoZ! Not only were they really friendly and professional, but their QUALITY IS TOP-NOTCH! My neighbor up the street chose to use another company because they were cheaper…. And I must say, the difference in quality is obvious!

Spending just a little more for a better quality screen and a great purchasing experience was well worth it!

If you are shopping around, take it from me, you get what you pay for, and while not always the least expensive, AtoZ definitely gave me the best value for my dollar.

~ Karen Cooper, Roseville, CA

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Dear AtoZ,

We received your very nice Thank You follow-up and appreciated it very much.

We would not hesitate for one moment in recommending your company for product and service. In fact, we have already told several neighbors where we got our unique security door and grid sun screens, plus I have a photo hanging on my bulletin board at work. Needless to say, we have had several inquiries and lots of compliments on our security door. It’s magnificent and we love it!

We just want to say Thank You for being so helpful in assisting us with a matching design for our courtyard gate! Having a gate that matches our new security door is a real plus!

In addition, the Sunscreens you installed on our windows have helped cut the heat SIGNIGICANTLY on these very HOT summer days. They have made a tremendous difference in comfort and energy savings…especially since our home is new and does not have any trees to give us shade.

Thanks again for being so pleasant to work with and going the extra mile for us. We rate you and your company an A+.

~ Dave & Mary Konigsmark, Lincoln, CA

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Happy With Our Purchase

Dear AtoZ,

I wanted to tell you how happy we are with our purchase of the suntex fabric sunscreens and our new retractable disappearing screen door!

The retractable screen door is the greatest invention! We get such a nice breeze through the house and the cats just love to sit in front of it and look out. I love the open feeling and the fact that I can see if someone is coming to the front door. I know the cats are safe in the house and they can watch people walking their dogs and can make faces at them without the dogs even knowing!

And with my new sunscreens, I can’t wait till we have 113 degree temperatures again because now I am ready! I love the Desert Sand color that you helped me select… it looks so nice because the color matches my house really well.

Your installers were courteous and a joy to watch work. Your office manager is a kick to talk to and as for your salesperson (you know who I mean), he was also so helpful and a joy to meet.

Thank you for coming into our lives!

Very Truly Yours,
~ Jim and Vivian Skophammer, Lincoln, CA

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Attention to Detail

WE LOVE our new sunscreens! The Grid Sunscreens not only look so much better than normal sunscreens, but the upstairs bedrooms are WAY cooler now! And, they match our new security door perfectly, too!!!

Thanks for your attention to detail and great service! We are very happy with our new Screens, and love the fact that we can now open our front door to get a breeze worry free!

~ Tammy Goetsch, Roseville, CA

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woman standing in front of security door

Exceptional Customer Service

When we purchased our Sunscreens several years ago from AtoZ, we were surprised by how effective they were at keeping our home comfortably cool. 3 ½ years later, they still look and work great!

AtoZ’s Customer Service is also noteworthy. Whenever we have had a need or question, AtoZ’s friendly staff has jumped to be of assistance. Recently, I called asking how I could remove our Disappearing Screen Door so we could move some large furniture through the doorway, and Aaron was able to come and do it that same day WITHIN AN HOUR OF MY CALL…and at NO CHARGE! That’s customer service, and that’s why we recommend AtoZ!

~ Erwin Wolf, Lincoln, CA

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Thank You For Your Honesty

Dear AtoZ,

We just wanted to thank you once again for the beautiful Sunscreens and Security Door. Not only to they look fantastic, but our home is much cooler and more comfortable. We were especially pleased with your excellent service and follow through. It is rare to find a company who does what they say they’ll do when they say they’ll do it.

Also, I wanted to thank you for your honesty. Your installer had a little extra time so he offered to clean our dryer vent, and we agreed. But when he discovered that it was a very simple and short vent, he showed us how we could easily do it ourselves. He could have easily charged us, but he chose to be honest and look out for our best interests instead.

We’ll definitely use your services again.
~ Julie Seamster, Antelope, CA

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Experience was Great

Last year we purchased solar screens from AtoZ, but because we didn’t buy all the screens we really needed, we called AtoZ again to come back and finish our last few screens. When asked why we came back to AtoZ, our answer was simple… last year’s purchasing experience was GREAT.

You drew a picture of our house and priced each screen individually, and the guy who gave us the estimate was so nice! No pressure, no hassles, great service, and great prices. Why bother going elsewhere?

Thanks AtoZ!
~ Eva and David Garley, Lincoln, CA

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Good Service and Great Product

I love my new Sunscreens! The color you helped me select looks great, and the grids really make them look sharp. Now I can see who’s coming up to my front door, but they can’t see me! My goal was originally to keep my front rooms cooler, but now I’m realizing the privacy is an unexpected added bonus! You did several of my neighbors, and I’m glad I chose you! Good service and great product! Keep up the great work!

~ Shelia Borgeson, Lincoln, CA

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Job Well Done

Dear AtoZ Window Screens,

Thank you for the good service and job well done! The Sunscreens on our home look awesome!! They do a nice job of hiding our old windows and really add a crisp looking newness to our home.

We also really appreciate the efficient job and the excellent service. Everyone from your company that we’ve dealt with has been helpful and friendly.

We would be happy to be a reference and quickly recommend your services to anyone who asks.

Thanks again!
~ Miriam and Chester Moak, Lincoln, CA

Did Exactly What They Said They Would Do

We have now used A to Z on two separate occasions, and are very pleased with their work. First to install a retractable screen door (which still looks and works fantastic), and two years later, to install sunscreens on the west side of our house (what a cooling difference!!).

A to Z does exactly what they say they are going to do, when they say they’re going to do it, and their products are excellent. We recommend A to Z to anyone thinking about purchasing Sunscreens or Screen Doors.

~ Ron and Caroline Poulton, Lincoln, CA

Professional and Knowledgeable

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the wonderful job you did on the solar shade screens for our windows. It was a pleasure to work with your installer and office manager who were both very professional and knowledgeable.

The screens look wonderful, and we will gladly recommend your company to anyone looking for a great product and service.

~ Dawn Larkins, Loomis, CA

Made Good on Their Promises

We called another screen company and left several messages asking for an estimate with no response! NONE! When we called A to Z, we got a real live person, which was really nice. They were prompt and on time with their estimate, and the screens were delivered on time, as promised…and they look beautiful. It’s so hard to find a service business that does what they say they’ll do, when they say they’ll do it, for the price they promised. Thanks for making good on your promises, A to Z. We’ll recommend you.

~ Julie and Lance Matheson, Granite Bay, CA

Wise Choice

While trying to decide who we were going to purchase our sunscreens from, we had several estimates to make sure we felt comfortable. After Aaron from A to Z came out, our decision was obvious, and we gave A to Z the Order.

When we were asked why we chose A to Z, we told them it was because we felt they would do the best job due to the detailed estimate, the honest and thorough education, and Aaron’s attention to detail. In addition, they were the only company who offered to make our screens with grids for the front of the house.

And choosing A to Z has proven to be a wise choice! Not only were the screens installed earlier than promised, but they also look beautiful!! In addition, we couldn’t be happier with how much cooler our home is now. Our Air conditioner hasn’t run once since having them installed! If you’re thinking about sunscreens, the people at A to Z are great, and we recommend them.

~ Ryan and Wendy Foote, Rocklin, CA

Very Pleased

We are very pleased with A to Z’s overall service. The salesman was very professional, punctual, and polite. When the Sunscreens were installed, a few of them were not up to the installer’s satisfaction, and he had them re-made without our even asking! Great company, great service, great quality! Our screens look GREAT and they really cool the house down. Thanks A to Z!

~ Ernie and Sheri Ambris, Roseville, CA

Nothing Short of Exceptional

We have purchased Several Sunscreens and two retractable screen doors from A to Z over the course of five years, and in all three transactions, have found them to be nothing short of exceptional! They are organized, on time, clean cut, and do excellent work. We are confident you’ll receive the same great service if you give them a chance.

In addition my daughter, who lives in Scotts Valley, CA, had a retractable screen installed by another company. Since it was improperly installed I asked Aaron to review some pictures of the installation and make some suggestions. Not only did he make suggestions, he got the parts and told me how to install them! My daughter thinks A to Z walks on water. It is for these reasons that we continue to use their services, and heartily refer them to our friends without a second thought.

~ Bob and Bruna Kibby, Rocklin, CA

Quality Service & Product

Dear A to Z Window Screens,

I am writing to thank you for your quality service and product! When my husband and I first saw your sun screens at the Cal Expo Home & Garden Show back in 2003, we were so impressed that we called you to come out for an estimate right away. We were pleased to meet Aaron. He was professional, and very helpful in choosing the right sun screening material and frames to be used.

He also helped me decide which windows needed to be covered. We live in a large two-story home, and at the time, were in the process of putting in a pool and eventually a large patio cover. We chose to cover the upstairs windows only, believing the patio cover would protect the downstairs from the hot summer sun. Aaron went ahead and took measurements of every single window on the house anyway, so as to make it easy for me to add more screens, if later I found the need.

The screens he installed turned out to be exactly what we needed, and cooled off our house tremendously! After a couple very hot summers, we found that our downstairs was significantly warmer than our upstairs. Not only was our air conditioning running too much, but I knew that the heat was going to ruin my new curtains eventually, as well. Now 2 1/2 years later, I was so happy to have saved A to Z’s information, and they actually still had all the original measurements of my windows!

One simple phone call and I was able to order all the downstairs window screens over the phone! The sliding door screens are the best. They will allow us to keep the screen door open when we are having a pool party and still give us the protection we want. Still the same quality product and installation, and they perfectly match the exterior of my home and all the other screens from 2 1/2 years ago.

And, once again, Aaron was here to do the work. It was a pleasure to know we would be getting the same great service we did before. I know this summer will be so much more enjoyable. Thank you Aaron! Thank you A to Z!

~ Kathryn Wheeler, Rancho Cordova, CA

Great Product

Your Sunscreens are a GREAT PRODUCT! They really reduce that extra summer heat!

~ Anonymous

Prompt and Courteous

Thank you for your prompt response and courteous handling of my phone calls and installation of our Sun screens!

~ Emily Williams, Lincoln, CA

Great Product, Great Company

I had no idea how effective sun screens were at keeping the heat out of the house!! It’s at least 12 degrees cooler! Had I only know sooner, I would have purchased them long ago. After having them installed on the back of my house, I was so pleased with the product that I ordered sun screens for all the windows on both sides of my house. Great product, great company. Keep up the good work, A to Z!

~ James Beaman, Antelope, CA

Really Big A to Z Fans

Dear A to Z Window Screen,

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your courtesy and efficiency in the ordering and installation of our sunscreens and new security door!

The sunscreens have worked WONDERS in our master suite. All windows in this room face southwest and get direct sun from noon ‘til dark. This has been the hottest room in the house, and hasn’t been habitable in the afternoons. The sunscreens have effectively lowered the temperature in this room at least 10 degrees, if not more! We couldn’t be happier. We’ll be ordering additional sunscreens for the other “hot sides” of the house in the near future.

Our new security door now makes it possible for us to enjoy cross ventilation through our great room and maintain our privacy. The added security for our home afforded us by the installation of the security door can only be measured by our increased peace of mind. We especially appreciate the feature of being able to see out without those on the outside being able to see in. Our new security door is pleasing to the eye and most certainly has increased the “curb appeal” of our home.

All in all, on a scale of 1-to-10, we’d rate your service and products somewhere in the range of 16!! We are REALLY big A to Z fans!

~ Milan and Sharon Richardson, Lincoln, CA


Hello A to Z,

Just a note to let you know how satisfied we are with the sun screens you installed on our windows.
Having had our own business for the past 20+ years, we were impressed with your sales presentation and your follow up after the sale. Thanks for a great experience from start to finish.

~ Craig & Sandy Harington, Lincoln, CA

A to Z Does Great Work

We would definitely recommend your chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning, sunscreens, patio sliding screen doors, and retractable screen door services to everyone! You’ve always done a great job for us through all these years…and at FOUR DIFFERENT HOUSES! We keep coming back for a reason… …A to Z does great work!!

~ Jim and Kathy Thomsen, Roseville, CA


Service, price, and follow up were all EXCELLENT! Thanks A to Z!

~ John & Elizabeth Farley, Lincoln, CA

Great Customer Service

All of you are wonderful!! Keep up the good work and great customer service! Now we’d like a quote on having our chimney cleaned!

~ Jennifer and Craig Bell, Antelope, CA

Professional and On Time

My sun screens are WONDERFUL!! They look good, I can see out and they cut the sun’s heat considerably!

A to Z was professional & Cheerful to work with and delivered my screens on time! Thanks A to Z!

~ Linda Pruitt, Fair Oaks, CA

Job Well Done

Dear Aaron,

Thanks for a job well done! My wife and I are very pleased with the results of our new sunscreens that your company just installed. They are perfect at stopping much of the summer’s heat that we have been getting into our home. The house is definitely cooler, and there is far less glare coming in through the windows.

I commend you for running your own business and for taking on the challenges that goes with it. Your efforts to help your friends and your church ministry in the process will surely give you rewards you can always be proud of.

I wish you the best in your plans and in all your business ventures. God Bless you.

~ Tim Rodgriguera, Roseville, CA

Very Good Service

I received very good service from A to Z and I like my new sunscreens very much! I can certainly tell the difference!

~ Christine Schaefer, Rocklin, CA

Great Company to Work With

At first we were a little skeptical about the claims of Sun Screens keeping the house so much cooler during the summer, but A to Z made believers out of us! Initially we didn’t do all the screens, but after a few weeks of seeing how much cooler and comfortable our house is, we just went ahead and ordered some more for the rest of our upstairs. Great company to work with, and great product! We recommend A to Z.

~ Nichole and Robert Mazzone, Rocklin, CA

Very Fast and Well Done

Service was very fast and well done. Your people were very friendly and pleasant and quick and on time. Would tell all our friends.

~ Dave and Carolyn Mckenzie, Lincoln, CA

Best Investment We’ve Made

Dear A to Z,

As new owners of a Sun City Lincoln Hills Meadowgate home, our first investment was to cover our windows with sun screens…and it was the BEST investment we made so far!

Working with A to Z Window Screening was a great experience and our energy costs following the installation were LOWER than we expected!

We would recommend A to Z Window Screening to anyone interested in Sun Screens!

~ Two Delighted Sun City Lincoln Hills New Homeowners, Lincoln, CA


Our customers rave about our roll-down sunscreens and they may be just the thing for you, too. Talk to the pros at A to Z to get all the important facts.