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Beige Sunscreen Gallery

Beige Sunscreens are a beautiful Tan-colored Fabric that has a message all its own. A solid contender for making your home LOOK cool from the outside, and actually BE cool on the inside! Beige is a perfect choice for customers with an upscale décor sporting earth tones. Able to blend nicely with tile roofs, rockwork, and lush garden surroundings, Beige Sunscreens can make a good-looking home really stand out and be noticed.

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Beige Sun Screen Swatch
AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Beige Sun Screens

With the ability to give you excellent daytime privacy and a very distinct look, beige colored sunscreens are an attractive way to keep your home up to fifteen degrees cooler! So if you have a side of your home that always cooks in the sweltering summer heat, beige sunscreens are an effective tool to keep you cool!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Custom Beige Sun Screens
AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Custom Beige Solar Screens

With so much glass in one concentrated area, these customers were having a tough time finding a product that would be effective enough to keep the heat out, but still look good doing it. Once their beige solar screens were installed, they couldn’t believe the difference! A much cooler bathroom with far less glare and a very happy lady were the final results.

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Beige Solar Screens

Whether the entire back side of your home is pounded with summer heat or you have just a few small accent windows on the side that you want to protect from the summer glare, Sunscreens are a good alternative to the traditional tin foil and cardboard hung in so many windows! Not only are Sunscreens more effective, but they look much better, too!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Custom Round Solar Screen
AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Custom Beige Privacy Screens

If you have half round arched or other odd shaped windows, don’t worry! AtoZ has been “around” the block longer than most and making custom screens to fit your windows perfectly is just the “angle” we’re going for!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Beige Window Solar Screen

Always a hit for the front of your home! In addition to keeping your home much cooler, installing beige colored sunscreens will give you excellent daytime privacy, too! Sometimes it’s nice to be able to see who is coming up your driveway without being seen yourself!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Beige Window Sun Screen

This picture illustrates nicely how the sunscreens are most commonly held in position on your windows. Anywhere from 4 to 12 little metal clips are screwed into position securing your solar screen firmly in place. When you want to take your solar screen down for cleaning or storage, simply turn the clips to the side and remove the screen! Solar Screens are usually easier to install and remove than your regular bug screens!

Stucco or Desert Sand is a popular sunscreen color choice for many home owners. Do you think this fabulous sunscreen color could be right for you?