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Titan Security Doors & Installation Testimonials

Green Merrigold Screen door pattern

Detail Oriented & Prompt

Perfect fit, installed on time as promised, and it looks stunning! Thanks for the detail oriented workmanship and prompt service… It’s clear your guys really know what they’re doing. WE LOVE OUR NEW TITAN SECURITY SCREEN DOOR!!! Keep up the great work!

~ Phillip Merrigold, Sacramento, CA

Titan Green Security Door

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with my entire purchasing experience! Very knowledgeable sales staff, good prices, and expert installation! 5 stars!

~ Cynthia Wren, Elk Grove, CA

Highly Recommended

I love my new RED Titan Security Screen Door! Since I have an oriental theme in my decorations, I chose a red door with a Chinese Good Luck symbol with a Black security mesh grille and needless to say, I get a LOT of compliments! When my Titan was unpackaged, it’s beauty took my breath away as I laid eyes on for the first time, and it still takes my breath away every time I look at it!

The guys at AtoZ even came back to double-check their work when I thought perhaps it needed some adjustments… I didn’t realize that it was supposed to fit that tight so as to keep out any bugs or critters! But they were very good about it and didn’t charge me anything to come back out and they did it with a smile. AtoZ gives Great service! I highly recommend them!

~ Patricia Williams, Rocklin, CA

woman standing in front of red screen door

No Pressure

Excellent service, no-pressure salesman, on time and punctual! You guys run a tight ship and do great work! We love our new Titan Security door!

It is unusual and different…just our style!

~ Jack and Wendy Smith, Orangevale, CA

brown wooden security door

Stellar Work

Thanks for the stellar work installing our new Titan Security Screen Door! The salesman obviously knew what he was doing as he answered our many questions… and we were surprised when it was the same guy who returned to install the door!

Due to the fact that our doorjamb was quite challenging, he had to custom cut various pieces of wood to finish nail in place so our new Titan could be installed on a level and even surface (ensuring a bug-tight and secure fit)….and the results are spectacular! This was not a simple job, and yet, it turned out beautiful in the end thanks to your expertise! We’ll be calling you when it’s time for our next Titan!

~ John and Gina Marks, Granite Bay, CA

older couple standing in front of white security door
woman standing in front of white security screen door

Very Happy

When my old screen door was ready to be replaced, I called AtoZ because I had past dealings with them and was very happy with everything they did. This time around was no different!

They even installed my new Titan earlier than expected, and I love it! It’s nice not worrying about getting fresh air while taking a nap or working in the back yard…. My Titan is stronger than my home’s front door ever was!

~ Jane Fredrickson, Roseville, CA

Best Quality

At first I purchased solar screens for my home from AtoZ which made a significant difference in cooling my home! I am not sorry! Next, I chose to purchase a Titan Security door for my tall front door, and once again, I am glad we selected a Titan rather than any of the other security doors on the market.

I looked at a lot of different security doors out there, and take it from me, Titan’s are the nicest looking and the best quality security doors around, bar-none! AtoZ was also the only company who was willing to hunt down a matching Chrome Schlage door lever and deadbolt and re-key it for me so I didn’t have to have an extra key on my key ring!

They really went out of their way and were so patient with me as I shopped around to make sure I was getting the best deal at the best price…. And AtoZ delivered! They were over $100 less expensive than anyone else selling Titan Security Screen Doors!

~ Marjorie Pett, Roseville, CA

woman in pink shirt  and black pants standing in front of brown screen door
woman in white shirt standing in front of two white designer double doors

Quality Through & Through

I LOVE my new Titan Security Screen Doors! I live in a pretty good neighborhood, but you never know….. and as I get older and wiser, I thought it might be a good idea to have something a little more significant between me and a stranger whenever I answer my door. My double French doors weren’t cheap, but the panoramic scene I selected is beautiful! The quality is evident through and through, from the fit to the finish… I am very pleased with your work, AtoZ!

~ Margie Donaldson, Roseville, CA

Peace of Mind

The last thing I wanted to do was put a tacky security door on the front, but we were dying to get a little air into our home…the Titan Security Screen Door was the answer! The biggest challenge was deciding which one! I couldn’t believe how many colors and styles were available!

Now we can answer our door with an attractive, albeit secure safety barrier between us and a stranger, and we can see out, but they can’t see in! Plus, since it is custom fit to our home’s door, there are no gaps or cracks that would allow the bugs or snakes to come in! Thanks for helping us get our fresh air in style and with peace of mind!
~ Marilyn and Jake Fennigan, Lincoln, CA

woman in multi colored sweater standing in front of brown security door


Thanks for the beautiful Titan Security Screen Door! It is beautiful and we get an abundance of enquiries and compliments! Last Halloween, we had many parents take your name and phone number from the little sticker on the side! We love getting the breeze without worrying about someone breaking in and our kitty loves sitting and looking out!
~ Jan and Bob Randolph, Natomas, CA

man and woman standing in front of two brown double doors

Attention to Detail


We just wanted to thank you once again for your great work and attention to detail! We were looking for something rich and classic that would go well with our décor and the    black-on-black Spaniard Titan Security Screen Door really fits the bill! It fits perfectly and compliments our home nicely, and we are proud to have our friends step over the Titan Threshold as they visit us in our home.

We also wanted to thank you for your EXCELLENT service AFTER the sale! A few months after our Titan was installed, our security door’s lock was sticky and wouldn’t open easily with some of our keys, and your guy came right back out and fixed the problem with a smile and a handshake…. NO HASSLES and NO CHARGE!

We’ll never hesitate to endorse AtoZ every chance we get! Thanks again!

~ John and Maggie Ristole, Lincoln, CA

man and woman standing in front of brown security screen door


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