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Summer is Right Around the Corner; Install Solar Screens!

Temperatures are starting to heat up here in Sacramento, and it’s only going to get hotter. After all, summer is just around the corner! You can beat the heat in your home this summer and lower your energy bills installing solar screens now.

How do solar screens work?

Regular window screens allow the sunshine — and UV rays — to pour freely into your home. Solar screens use dark colors to reflect the sunlight and thicker mesh to create shade within your home. The bolder vinyl-coated polyester fibers of a solar shade absorb a good portion of the sun’s heat and disperse that heat through its large grid. A traditional window screen allows approximately 80 percent of the sun’s heat and rays to enter your home, but solar shades block about 80 percent of the sun’s heat. With a solar shade, your window screen bears the brunt of the sun’s rays and heat, rather than your windows!

What are the benefits of installing solar screens?

If your home becomes uncomfortably hot under the sun’s glare, solar screens can make your home considerably more comfortable. In fact, solar screens can lower the temperature of a home by up to 15 degrees! That also means that your air conditioner won’t have to work overtime to cool your home, which can lower your electric bill. Solar screens can make your home more livable. They offer shade to bright rooms and reduce the glare on your television, computer and other electronic devices. With less UV light coming in through your windows, you will see less fading and wear on your furniture, flooring and home décor. On top of that, solar screens can increase the privacy within your home. The screens restrict the view in through your windows, while still maintaining your view to the outside. Additionally, solar screen are stronger and more durable than traditional window screens. There will be no problems standing up to pets, children and other stressors.

How can I have solar screens installed on my windows?

If you are ready to enjoy more comfortable temperatures in your home this summer, lower your electric bills and enhance your home’s privacy, call A to Z Window Screens to set up a solar screen consultation today! When it comes to your new solar screens, you can choose from custom colors, decorative grid patterns, and screen thickness. Our solar screen experts will walk you through all of your solar screen options to help you choose the solar screens that will provide you with the greatest benefit while enhancing the exterior look of your home.

Don’t wait to discover how solar screens can benefit your home! With summer just around the corner, have your solar screens installed now so you can reap the benefits in Sacramento’s blistering summer heat. Call A to Z Window Screens today!

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Start your spring with a new retractable screen

When the pleasant spring breezes start to blow, open your doors and let them in with a new retractable screen door! Retractable screens can be fit to almost any door. They can increase your enjoyment of your home and help lower your energy bills for an affordable price.

How retractable screen doors work

At A to Z, we install ClearView Retractable Screen doors. With ClearView Retractable Screen doors, a vertical housing for the screen is attached to one side of your door jamb. To close the doors, the screen is pulled across the door opening on its track, and it affixes to the opposite side of the door. The action is smooth and graceful.

Benefits of retractable screen doors

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of retractable screen doors is that they allow you to open your doors to let in a cool breeze, while keeping out other bugs or pests and keeping pets in, just like a traditional screen door. However, retractable screen doors offer many benefits over traditional screen doors.

  • Retractable screen doors don’t detract from the look of your home. Retractable screen doors are virtually invisible when they’re opened. That means they’ll fit with the look and style of your home, no matter what.
  • Retractable doors fit any door style. Some doors, like French doors, are impossible to equip with traditional screen doors, while it may be hard to retrofit a screen door to an entry door or sliding doors. Retractable screen doors can be made for any style of door.
  • Retractable screen doors are safe. Traditional screen doors can have a quick, snap into place action that can be dangerous for little fingers or feet, or wagging tails. Retractable screen doors operate smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about children or pets being injured when the door closes.
  • Retractable doors are convenient. Retractable doors roll away when you’re not using them, which means you don’t have to constantly open two doors when carrying in your groceries or taking out the trash.
  • Retractable doors can help lower your energy bills. First, retractable doors help you cool your home without air conditioning by allowing you to let in a breeze. The doors also are available in energy-saving, solar screen options, which lower solar heat entering your home through the doorway by 60 percent!
  • Retractable screens provide options. ClearView Retractable doors come in a variety of colors to complement your home. In addition to traditional screens and solar screens, ClearView doors also come in a “super screen” that’s five times stronger than traditional mesh screen — It’s the perfect option for homes with children or pets!

Adding retractable screens to your home

If you’re interested in hearing more about how retractable screens can add to your home and live in the Sacramento area, call the experts at A to Z Windows Screens! We can walk you through our retractable door options to help you select the perfect screens for your doors. We’ll have you ready to enjoy spring’s pleasant temperatures with your new retractable screen doors!

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Tax Day Special!

You’ve filed your taxes…. Now what to do with your Return….?

Today is the big “T.D.”… and no, I don’t mean Touchdown.

Today is TAX DAY. If this is the first you’ve heard of it, it’s probably too late for you…. For the rest of you upright and responsible citizens, however, you’ve probably already filed your taxes and are eagerly awaiting your tax return. Lucky You!

And speaking of “lucky for you”, I am here to help you spend your tax return in a sensible and responsible manner (ha ha)!

Rather than squandering all that dough on frivolous consumption, why don’t you INVEST it in something that MAKES you money? Intrigued?

If the sun pounds your home like the IRS pounds your paychecks, fight back by getting sunscreens for your windows this summer! Designed to block up to 90% of the sun’s brutal heat, glare, and UV rays, investing in sunscreens will make your home up to FIFTEEN DEGREES cooler and save you a ton of money on your air conditioning bills! In addition, they’ll help keep harmful UV rays from fading your flooring and furnishings!

On average, sunscreens pay for themselves in as little as 2-4 years by way of reduced air conditioning expenditures… this is a 25-50% return on your investment! And the best part is that they continue to pay for themselves and keep you cooler for up to twenty years before needing to be replaced!

Like I said, summer is right around the corner! You can either invest your tax return to make you money or spend it on outrageous air conditioning bills this summer. The choice is yours!

And to sweeten the deal, we are having a HOT tax return sale! Mention this email and get $150 off your next purchase of sunscreens totaling 200sq feet or more.

Call today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation. We can be reached at 916-408-2496. But HURRY! This offer absolutely ends Thursday, April 30, 2015.

To learn more about how sunscreens can benefit you, click here!

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Keep the Afternoon Sun out with a Custom Solar Screen

Allowing as much natural light into a space as possible while also controlling heat and glare in addition to maintaining the homeowner’s connection to the outside world can be a difficult balancing act to manage. Today’s interiors are full of windows, which is a beautiful thing! However, as anyone who has lived with lots of windows can attest, along with the abundance of glass come higher temperatures and, sometimes, uncomfortable brightness and/or glare. If your home is full of windows and you’re looking for a way to utilize the natural light (which can save you a tremendous amount on your electric bills) while not forcing yourself to crank up the A/C, custom solar screens are the perfectly engineered solution to this dilemma, allowing the best that your windows have to offer to shine through.

What are solar screens anyway?

Solar screens are a marvel of science! They’re specially made window screens that cover an entire window in order to block the sun’s rays and heat before hitting the window’s glass. Custom solar screens can make your home more comfortable, decreasing both heat and glare while maintaining the view and the connection to nature and the outdoors. Light is powerful, which is why it doesn’t take much openness in solar screen fabrics to provide excellent view-through. Solar fabrics are woven to very precise and exacting standards, controlling the amount of surface area that is left open; fabrics with openness between 3% and 10% provide excellent levels of view through in combination with excellent levels of solar performance.

Total Lighting Control is Possible!

Solar screens are designed to control light without eliminating it altogether. Like sunglasses for your windows, solar screen fabric—a densely woven polyester yarn coated with a PVC vinyl coating that is made to withstand years of weathering from the sun’s intense heat—reduces glare while allowing excellent views to the outside. You can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which keeps the heat out and keeps your home cool. Blocking these harmful rays helps you protect your valuable furnishings and interior finishes, including flooring, rugs and walls.

Customizable to Meet your Needs

Solar screens are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and openness factors, one of which is sure to look great on your home. These fabrics fall into three categories—dark fabrics, light fabrics and high-performance reflective fabrics—all of which provide:

• Heat and glare control
• Natural light management
• A visible connection to outside
• UV protection

The best way to find a color and fabric that suits your purpose is to make an appointment for an in-home consultation where you can see samples of the different colors to learn how each one performs differently in your home environment. To see which colors might look best on your home, check out our sunscreen gallery.

Unlike the ordinary insect screens on your windows, solar screens are a special kind of outdoor window screen that homeowners have installed for a variety of reasons. If you air conditioner never stops running and/or can’t keep up with the demand, you should consider purchasing sunscreens for your windows. They are one of the most effective, least expensive ways to keep the heat out of your house and more money in your pocket. A to Z Window Screens is one of the biggest solar screen dealers in California and has the expertise to help you get the most bang for your sunscreen buck! Contact us today for a free in home consultation!

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