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Sliding Patio Screen Door Testimonials


Service, price, and follow-up were all excellent! Thanks AtoZ!
~ John Farley, Lincoln, CA

Great Job

Dear AtoZ,

Thank you so much for the great job you did for me, and then the follow-up afterwards! It goes to show that there are still “good guys” out there!

~ Judy Snyder, Roseville, CA

Good Prices & Great Service

As a professional property manger, I’m responsible for several rental homes and whenever I need screen repairs, I always call AtoZ! Good prices and great service are the two primary reasons. Once I make the call, they take care of the rest without needing anything further. They go out and take the measurements, email me the cost, and then make the product. Then they contact the renters directly and set up an installation. When everything’s done, they charge my credit card. Neat, tidy, done.

And the quality of their sliding screen doors is also noteworthy…their sliding screen doors seem to be a lot more robust than hardware store doors. The proof is in the pudding; anything that holds up to renters has got to be good quality!

I’ve also used their chimney cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services extensively! Take it from me…Hassle free = AtoZ!

~ Carol Greener, Carol Greener Property Management, Roseville, CA

man in red polo shirt with glasses on forehead opening a screen door that he is working on
looking through a closed screen door into a home

Thank You

Having a new sliding screen door that actually works nice is HUGE, but the added BIG bonus is the doggie door you guys installed in it for us! We love not having to get up and play door service to our Beagle every time he sees a squirrel!

Needless to say, he’s getting a lot more exercise these days, and we are getting a lot less… which is perfectly fine by us! We thank you, and so does Billy (our dog)!

~ Fred and Angela Hendricks, Sacramento CA

small dog running through a pet screen on a exterior door

Great Work

Golden retriever sticking its head through the hole in a broken screen door and then standing on the screen
AtoZ does great work – even on sliding screen doors that have been chewed on by a dog who was insulted when I left her for an afternoon and proceeded to show me her wrath! I got the message, but I also got AtoZ who did such a great job on that door that it looks like new! And the people are so nice, it is a pleasure to do business with them!

Please give me a call next spring, because now that my back sliding screen door is taken care of, I’m interested in checking out your screen doors for my front door.

~ Elouise Harter, Lincoln, CA


When your sales person promised a sliding screen door with NO PLASTIC parts, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t exaggerating…. And he WASN’T! When your installer showed up with my new sliding screen door, I asked to see the wheels, and they ARE metal with bearings, and the handle and locking mechanism are also metal, not cheap plastic.

The other screen doors I’ve had in the past with plastic wheels and handles usually didn’t last longer than 3-4 years before the sun’s heat & UV rays caused the plastic parts to become brittle and break…but not this time!

I’m delighted with the quality and construction and look forward to many years of service from my new screen door!

~ Evelyn Johnston, Marysville, CA

metal latch for a door
metal part of door with coil and wheel

Money Well Spent

Dear AtoZ,
My wife was so sick of the cheap-o screen doors from Home Depot constantly falling off that she took matters into her own hands and called you guys unbeknownst to me! One day, on my way out to the back yard, I opened the screen door and it just worked! In fact, it slid so well, it slipped right out of my hand and kept rolling until it hit the end of the track! This thing is SMOOOTH! As usual, she was right, and I was wrong….spending a few extra bucks to have a screen door custom made to our door opening rather than buying an ill-fitting screen door from the hardware store was money well spent! We’ll get years of use out of this door with no more frustration! Thanks guys!

~ Gerald Hickman, Granite Bay, CA

man in red polo shirt wearing a tool belt installed a screen in a door

Fast & Efficient

Dear AtoZ,
We were selling our house, but the buyers wanted us to replace the broken screen door…agghhhh! One more hurdle between us and closing the deal! Thanks for just taking care of it fast and efficiently…..and once we saw how nice your sliding screen door was compared to our old one, we were bummed we waited so long to have it fixed! We’ve got your magnet on our refrigerator now, so we’ll know who to call when we get to our new house!

~ Jeff and Mona Arletto, Sacramento, CA

man with a red polo shirt and white cap working on top of a exterior screen door
man in t shirt and shorts standing in a doorway of sliding screen door

What a Difference

What a difference! The new sliding patio screen door you made for us is way stronger than the last one! And I was surprised that it cost far less than I expected! Thanks for the great job, AtoZ!
~ John Souza, Roseville, CA

Works Better Than Ever

We live in a home with a really TALL sliding glass door, so naturally, when our sliding screen door bit the dust (a game of tag involving multiple children was to blame for it’s early demise), we naturally went down to the store to buy a new one…. But neither Lowes, Home Depot, or even Ace had what we needed! Thankfully, the folks behind the counter at both Lowes and Home Depot gave us your phone number! Do you think someone was trying to tell us something?

I couldn’t believe how nicely our new sliding screen door glided across the doorway……when I asked why, your installer told me that you custom make every screen door one at a time! NO WONDER it works better than the screen door that came with the house! We’ll be calling you when (not if) our kids wreck our other window screens in the future!

~ Jennifer and Jose Martinez, Rocklin, CA

young girl wearing a baseball fit pushing into a screen of sliding door

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