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Vista Sliding Security Screen Doors

The Vista Sliding Security door design was one of the very first to introduce a sliding security screen door with no bars in the North American Market, and AtoZ has been selling their doors for over a decade now with an excellent track record.

Because they have so much experience under their belt, Vista’s sliding security doors are some of the best designed, smoothest operating doors in the market.

Stainless Steel Security Screen Mesh:

At the heart of the Vista Security door is the woven stainless steel security screen mesh. This stainless steel mesh looks very similar to ordinary screen, but it can’t be kicked in or cut with a knife! It provides excellent two-way visibility, and unsurpassed bug tight airflow giving you the ultimate in security and peace of mind. Our customers are always surprised at just how clearly they can see out through their newly installed Sliding Security Screen Door! The screen mesh is only available in the black powder-coated paint finish for maximum two-way visibility and to mimic regular window screen as much as possible.

The outside edges of the stainless steel mesh are clamped securely in place so the panel can’t easily be kicked in (see Video), and the stainless steel screen mesh can’t be cut through with a knife. The days of having to put up with rusty jail bars mucking up your view and negatively affecting your property values are long gone.


Vista Sliding Security Screen Doors come standard with a 3-point locking system. Activated with a thumb turn lever from inside the house or a key from outside the home, this system’s commercial grade security makes it impossible to pry the door open with conventional burglar tools without destroying the door (when purchased as a double panel door)… and making a whole lot of noise in the process!

In addition, an innovative interlock keeps would-be thieves from getting a pry bar behind your sliding security screen door in order to pry it open and forcefully gain entry into your home.

Outer Frame and Mounting:

Vista Security Doors slide within a heavy duty extruded aluminum pre-hung outer frame which is mounted directly to your home. This extruded outer frame is either a single or double wide track to allow one or two sliding security door panels to slide back and forth. The outer frame protrudes out away from the home, 1 ¼ inch for a single door, or 2 ½ inches for a double door configuration.

The entire door assembly is mounted to your home’s 2X4 walls using very long torx head screws. Once the sliding security door is closed and locked, the heads of the torx screw mounting hardware are not exposed to the outside, thus rendering it impossible for an intruder to remove the door without destroying it in the process.

Available Color Finishes: For the best two-way visibility, the sliding security screen door’s stainless steel mesh is only available in black. The Lock Handles are also always black.

The outer frame of the sliding security screen door is painted with a thick, durable powder coating process that will look great for a very long time. You have 9 standard colors to choose from at no additional cost. Most customers will choose the color that most closely matches their home’s existing sliding glass door frame color.

White to various shades of brown Color Swatchs


Even though the Vista sliding security doors are heavy duty, they glide effortlessly because they come with fully adjustable wheels on top and bottom containing sealed stainless steel needle ball bearings. These wheels ensure your kids can come in and out of the door incessantly…. Your nerves will wear out long before your new sliding security door does!

Unsurpassed Durability

This will be the last screen door you’ll ever need to buy! The door’s heavy duty construction will help to ensure it’ll put up with your kids and pets with ease! Because the Vista Sliding Security Screen Door’s frame is constructed of architectural-grade heavy-duty aluminum extrusions, it is guaranteed never to rust and will give you years of maintenance-free breeze! In addition, The Vista Sliding Security Screen Door glides effortlessly on a fully adjustable wheel system containing sealed stainless steel needle ball bearings for years of maintenance-free use.

Wheel System for sliding screen door close up

Other Security Options

Looking for more security door options from AtoZ Window Screens? Consider our Titan Security Doors, for your front door, side garage door, master bedroom door, or any other door on your home!

Security Window Options? Do you have bedroom windows that need to be secured? Have our Vista Security Window Screens installed on any window on your home where you’d like to get a bug AND thug-free breeze! Vista Security Window Screens are the perfect solution for people who like to sleep with the windows open at night, but don’t want to have to do it with one eye open! NO NASTY JAIL BARS ON YOUR WINDOWS!


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