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Disappearing Retractable Screen Door Testimonials


Dear A to Z,

I just wanted to write to let you know how much my wife and I LOVE our new Retractable Screen Door! Because our home’s doors swing outward, you installed them inside our home, and they look AWESOME!

As you remember, inside our home, the wood trim and doors themselves aren’t painted, but are stained. As such, we were concerned about installing anything that would clash or take away from the natural wood finish…

man in jeans and hat standing in doorway of sliding doors
close up of brown hinge of door

Can you say NO PROBLEM?! Your guy really pulled a rabbit out of the hat when he showed my wife and I custom wood grain powdercoated color schemes! We found a color that matched perfectly and now that the work is done, all I can say is WOW! Our new Retractable Screen Doors really are “Disappearing” screen doors!

We had been shopping around for quite a while at the home shows before discovering your product and knew right away that you had the screen doors for us!
Thanks for providing a very unusual, custom product that fits our situation perfectly!

~ Keith Fry, Yuba City, CA

woman in blue and black vest standing in doorway of sliding door onto her porch

Lots of Compliments

You guys did a great job installing our new screen door! We love the fact that you hardly notice that it’s there when it’s rolled up and out of the way! In addition, not having to open two doors every time we come and go is a real plus! We’ve gotten a lot of compliments, and we’re always quick to tell everyone where we got our new retractable screen door! Thanks A to Z!

~ Laurie Schuler, Lincoln, CA

Highest Quality & Level of Service

My story begins a little over a year ago…we wanted to purchase a retractable screen door, so I started doing my homework getting several estimates. We soon discovered that there were huge differences in quality from one retractable screen to another! I had no idea the choices were so numerous!

After comparing several different brands, we finally settled upon a retractable screen door from A to Z, and we couldn’t be happier! It glides smoothly back and forth across the doorway and is extremely durable… definitely much better quality than anything else we had found at the home shows or hardware stores! A to Z’s door was competitively priced, but that was not the main reason we chose them… it was the quality of the retractable door they had to offer, and the level of service I got right from the get-go.

They answered their phones with a real person, called the day before to confirm the appointment, and the salesperson and installers who came out to do the work were fantastic! No pressure (it took us over a year to finally decide who to buy from), and no mess (they cleaned up very nicely behind themselves).

So take it from someone who really did their homework….A to Z definitely has the nicest quality retractable screen door on the market, their prices are very competitive, and they’re really nice people to work with.

~ Kate Hay, Rocklin, CA

woman in white shirt with black pants standing in doorway of home

We Made the Right Choice

We LOVE our new retractable screen doors! We have a detatched office/studio at our home with OUTWARD SWINGING French doors! Can you get any get any more complicated than that? We were doubtful that an type of screen door could be installed on a set of outward swinging doors, so we were delighted to find out that A to Z had installed some very nice retractable screen doors on several on a neighbor’s home with the same setup! We called A to Z and the rest is history.

older couple standing in front f white french screen doors of home
Our new retractable screen doors roll up into their casements like a pocket door when not in use, but pull out effortlessly when we want to get some air! They’re so compact that they’re hardly noticeable when not being used….and that’s good because there’s not a lot of room to spare in our small area! For folks with outward swinging doors, this is the best solution we could think of, and we think we made the right choice!

Oh, and by the way, A to Z’s employees were great to work with!

~ Walter and Susan Burke, Lincoln, CA

Fantastic Job

We originally began using A to Z to sweep our chimney each year and clean our clothes dryer vent as necessary. After adding on to our home, we now had a new set of French doors on the back of our house that we wanted to have screen doors installed on, but we had a nice view that I didn’t want to cover up with normal screen doors. Of course I already knew exactly who to call!

As usual, A to Z did a fantastic job! Now we can get the breeze without any bugs, and still enjoy the view!

If you are in the market for high quality retractable screen doors and you want to work with a high quality company, give A to Z your business! They’ve always taken good care of us, and they’ll take good care of you, too!

~ Elizabeth Sullivan, Roseville, CA

woman standing behind an open screen door from her home to front porch

Couldn’t Be Happier

Dear Aaron and crew,

As you know, our home is set up on a hill, and because of the view, the last thing we wanted to do was encumber our view with a trashy screen door from Home Depot. You guys installed two disappearing screen doors (front and back doors) and we couldn’t be happier! We now get the cross breeze without the bugs, WITHOUT having to look at a screen door.

In addition to a great quality product, we were also impressed by you and your staff! Our entire experience gets high marks in all areas, and the screens work awesome!

A to Z Window Screening is a 5 star outfit in our eyes!

~ Abe and Denise Sanchez, Applegate, CA

Couple in bright colored patterned shirts standing in doorway of home opening a screen door

Follow Up Service Excellent

Our back sliding glass door hadn’t had a screen door for a long time, and having the flies and mosquitoes in our house was getting old. When we met A to Z out at the Lincoln Farmer’s Market, we decided to have them out for an estimate.

At first we intended on getting a traditional sliding screen door like we used to have, but when the salesman showed us that we could have a retractable disappearing screen door instead, the choice was obvious!

The thing we like most is the fact that when we aren’t using the screen door, it’s rolled up into its compact cover and we don’t have to always look through a screen on one side or the other! From the inside looking out, all we see is clear glass and a nice view!

The follow up service was also excellent! Shortly after the screen door was installed, somebody walked into it by accident and we thought for sure it was broken…. Aaron came out, made a small adjustment, and we were back in business in less than five minutes… and the best part? He didn’t charge us a dime…TWICE! It happened once again a week later and our second repair appointment was déjà vu! He was so patient and easy to work with! It’s not every day we run across a company that gives that kind of service with a smile!

Thanks A to Z for all your good work!

~ David and Iwalani Cox, Rocklin, CA

couple standing in doorway of home opening their screen door

Recommended Without Reservation

I have been doing business with A-Z Screening for about 6 years! I first met Aaron when I was looking for solar window screens. He helped me a great deal in making choices and educating me about screens.

Since then I have also purchased a retractable screendoor and recently a swinging screen door for my side garage. In each transaction, I have found the company to be very efficient, friendly , punctual, nice people to deal with. I recommend them without reservation! You will actually “enjoy” the experience.

~ Jackie Fogg, Lincoln, CA

older woman  standing in front of screen door of home

Courteous Installers

Dear A to Z,

I wanted to tell you how happy we are with our purchase of the suntex fabric sunscreens and our new retractable disappearing screen door! The retractable screen door is the greatest invention! We get such a nice breeze through the house and the cats just love to sit in front of it and look out.

I love the open feeling and the fact that I can see if someone is coming to the front door. I know the cats are safe in the house and they can watch people walking their dogs and can make faces at them without the dogs even knowing!

And with my new sunscreens, I can’t wait till we have 113 degree temperatures again because now I am ready! I love the Desert Sand color that you helped me select… it looks so nice because the color matches my house really well.

Your installers were courteous and a joy to watch work. Kat in the office is a kick to talk to and as for your salesperson (you know who I mean), he was also so helpful and a joy to meet. Thank you for coming into our lives.!

Very Truly Yours,
~ Jim and Vivian Skophammer, Lincoln, CA

older couple one wearing an American flag shirt standing in doorway of home
older couple  standing in front of screen door of home

No Sales Pressure

We bought a beautiful retractable screen door for our front entry door and we are so impressed! We get a lot of compliments on how well the color matches the trim around our house!

A to Z made the entire process so easy and enjoyable. No sales pressure, they showed up on time, and the installer was very nice and neat. A to Z employs quality employees and didn’t send any creeps to our home! We couldn’t be more happy!

~ Jim and Peg Wallomer, Sacramento, CA

Thank You Again

Dear A to Z Screening

Thank you again for doing such a great job installing my new disappearing screen door! It’s almost as though there is no screen door there, and having the fresh air is wonderful. It also allows so much more light into the entry. I’m happily recommending you to anyone interested in having a new screen door installed!

Thanks much,
~ Twila McWilliams, Antelope, CA

Highly Satisfied

Testimonial from a highly satisfied customer:

I became acquainted with A to Z while house sitting for a friend during the installation of two screen doors for her new home. The installer was polite, worked quickly, and expertly installed the doors, and swept-up the area when he was through! I was so favorably impressed with the high degree of professionalism, and the quality of the products that I made arrangements to have A to Z install a Retractable Screen door on my own home!When my door installation was completed, the A to Z installer took time to give me additional information about the operation and maintenance of my new door. Again, I was impressed by the courtesy and thoroughness of the A to Z installer, and would highly recommend A to Z to anyone interested in having a high quality, beautiful screen door, professionally installed in their home.

~ Oudette Molien, Lincoln, CA

Nothing But Raves

Hi A to Z Window Screens,

We are not too great with the computer as, seniors in Sun City Lincoln Hills. But we know a great thing when it’s there. And you guys have been to our home 3 or 4 times now & we have nothing but raves about our experiences with you.Aaron – Great leader & business owner with sincerity & knowledge in your field of business.Kathy – Great follow thru on reminder of when you’re coming to fix our screen. Very business like & excellent follow thru skills with customers. We haven’t met you in person yet but one day will look forward to doing so.Ryan – last service call for our screen door, last week. Very polite, answered all our questions & suggested we call Kathy for a referral for a contractor for another project we need with doors added to our den. Thanks for your quick response Kathy.We think all of you are the greatest. We have referred you to my sister on Winding Way, recently. We are only residents here 2 years so don’t know a lot of people yet. But your business name is on the tip of our tongue for any one needing your business services.

Thanks Much,
~ Bill & Marilyn Nutton, Lincoln, CA

Friendly & Professional

Dear A to Z,

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our new retractable screen door! From the office to the installer, you were all friendly, & professional, & we would recommend you to anyone!

Thanks again,
~ Bill & Kathy Asher, Lincoln, CA


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