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Do Your Windows Have Decorative GRIDS? Well then don’t cover them, enhance them with Grid Screens!

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The Brutal Summer Sun pounds mercilessly on the front of your house and you desperately need the cooling effects of sunscreens, but you hesitate for fear of the putting the dreaded “Blank-Jack-O-Lantern” sunscreen look on the FRONT of your house. It’s time to end the suffering and get the best of both worlds: the cooling protection of sunscreens without the sunscreen look! Upgrading to Grid Sunscreens is the ticket to ENHANCING the look of your windows while cooling your home by up to 15 degrees!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Grid Sun Screens

With their own set of grids installed in front of the solar screen fabric, grid sunscreens give you the protection of a sunscreen, without the look of a sunscreen.

What’s the difference between Grid Sunscreens and normal Sunscreens?

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Brown Natural Sun Screen

Standard sunscreens hide the grids in your windows, altering the look of your home dramatically.

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Grid Solar Screens

Grid sunscreens take you from bland to GRAND by enhancing the look of the front of your home!

Simply put, a grid screen is a sunscreen which has its own set of grids that match the existing colonial grids encased within the glass of your existing dual-pane windows. Normal sunscreens do not have these decorative grids, and when installed over your windows, they obscure and hide your window’s existing decorative grid work altering the look of the front of your house dramatically.

To avoid the bland sunscreen look on the front of the home, many discerning customers opt to have their sunscreens made with grids in order to improve their home’s curb appeal. When done properly, you can hardly tell sunscreens have been installed, thus giving you the cooling protection of a sunscreen, without the bland sunscreen look.

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA -Solar Screens2

Let AtoZ’s grid screens take you from bland…

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Installed Solar Screens

…to GRAND! Grid sunscreens look much better!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Stucco Solar Sun Screen
AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Light Grid Solar Screens

Especially when selecting lighter colored fabrics, grids are essential to avoid looking like you’ve painted over your windows! Grid screens break it up and accent your existing windows, giving them a distinct, finished look!

If you need protection from the sun’s heat on the front of your home, but you were hesitant to have solar screens installed, avoid bland and go grand by having grid sunscreens installed on your windows! With an average lifespan of 15-20 years, your sunscreens are something you’re going to be looking at every day as you come and go from your home. With this in mind, you’ll be glad you went the extra mile and chose the best-looking sunscreen option available!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Grid Solar Screen Patterns

Your grid screens will match whatever grid pattern your windows currently have, thus preserving your home’s curb appeal.

What Grid Pattern Should I Choose For My Windows?

At Z’s grid screens are made to match your window’s grid pattern as closely as possible! In other words, AtoZ will match the grid pattern that is currently in your windows in order to maintain your home’s existing look, and maintain an unencumbered view out your window! If you were to choose a grid pattern other than what your window currently has now, your view looking outward would be very busy because you’d be forced to look out past another set of grids in addition to those currently in your windows.

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Solar Screen Measurement

Precise measurements are required to ensure the window and screen grids line up perfectly!

AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Solar Screen Dining Room
AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Grid Sun Screens2

How well will the grids line up?

Because AtoZ’s grids are guaranteed to match within ¼ inch of your window’s existing grids, your view looking outward will be unencumbered! You’ll hardly notice you have grid screens installed!

AtoZ has been making Grid Screens for a long time. With so much experience under our belts, we’ve just about seen and done it all when it comes to grids. These pictures demonstrate just a small taste of some of the more typical grid patterns we have dealt with over the years. Rest assured, if your windows have grids, we can custom make your Grid Screens to match perfectly!

Another cool thing about sunscreens is that they come in different colors so you can really get the look you want from your solar and privacy screens.