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Whether you live in a nice suburb or in the metro area, with today’s social and political climate, the thought might have crossed your mind to add security to your home. You might have noticed in your area some gas stations and homes with bars on the windows and doors. If you’re new to the area, you might notice these homes and businesses with alarm, but don’t worry! These are often just an extra precaution to protect properties from intruders, yes, but also pests and even unwanted visitors. Secure windows and doors can protect your property value and your family for years to come, but you don’t have to compromise beauty for peace of mind. At A to Z Window Screens, we want our customers in and around Sacramento to enjoy the security of their homes and businesses, while the curb-appeal is unchanged and the windows and doors continue to function properly. Yes, with security screens you CAN have it all!

Why Not Bars?Sunrise Trademark security door model

When you install bars to your home, they must be fastened to the frame. This installation can damage the existing frames and create more work for you someday when you wish them to be removed. Additionally, bars prohibit windows from opening properly, meaning you cannot open the windows unless they open inwardly or raise up. Bars on the windows and doors can also create a serious safety hazard in the event of a fire. According to fire safety standards in your area, you probably have to leave the bars off one or more windows to allow a fire escape. This is a neon sign to any possible intruder that the window without the bars is the one that is easiest to access! Outsmart the thieves and choose security screens for your windows and doors.

Unobstructed Views and Other Benefits

Bars are unsightly to look at, but they’re also a pain to look through! Our security screens allow a clear, unobstructed view of the outside world while preventing the claustrophobic feeling that bars can create. Our screens come in a variety of colors to best match your home’s aesthetic. You can enjoy all the benefits of a security screen on windows and doors as well as custom fittings for fencing, patios, skylights, and more. While you’re enjoying your home, you can experience mosquito-free evenings with windows open and optimum airflow, protection from harmful UV rays and bugs. The screens are designed to withstand time and tough environments. They are corrosion-resistant and even last in salty coastal climates. Your pets won’t damage them and intruders can’t penetrate them.

Superior Protection that Lasts

If it sounds too good to be true, it sometimes is, but not with A to Z Window Screens! Here are all the reasons our screens work and continue working for years:

  • High-tensile stainless steel
  • Black powder-coated security mesh
  • Tensioning system

The high-tensile stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant is combined with a tensioning system that accounts for strength and effectiveness that lasts from installation onward. Our security screens can withstand everything from cat claws, dog teeth, knife stabs, and more. Nothing will get in or out. We’re so sure that we recommend Quick Escape Window Screens for your fire escape windows. Your local fire safety codes may require it, but we insist. You should have a fire escape plan in place for your home or business that includes two ways out. If one of the emergency escapes from your home is through a window, make sure you tell us when planning and purchasing your security screens.

A to Z Security ScreensArtisan Garden Trademark Security door model

At A to Z Window Screens we only carry and install the best products for our customers. For cover all our bases and yours, we carry a variety of security screens, including:

  • Double and single sliding doors
  • French security doors
  • Hinged security doors
  • Fixed window security screens
  • Keyed locking window screens
  • Quick escape window screens

The double, single, French, and hinged door security screens have a 3-point lock system available. The fixed window security screens are best for windows that are non-functioning. For windows that may need frequent cleaning like those next to a gravel road or on a windward side of the house, keyed locking screens are best. For the windows that are part of your fire escape plan, it’s necessary to install quick escape window screens and to practice opening them with family members of all ages.

Security Screen in Sacramento

If you reside in the Sacramento region and own a home or business, you can benefit from security screens for windows and doors. Other options such as bars and shutters may detract from the beauty of your property, but our security screens add to the value of your home and maintain or improve the curb appeal!
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