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Custom Swinging Screen Doors

If you’re looking for a great quality screen door, you’re in the right place! A to Z Window Screens has been selling and installing high quality custom screen doors for over a decade and with over 10,000 customers served, we know what you want! Great looks, custom fit, high quality, and great service after the sale!

Many Attractive Styles to Choose From!

First of all, you want a screen door that looks good not only the day it is installed, but for years to come. From simple and traditional styles, to contemporary and modern designs, A to Z has one of the best selections of swinging screen doors in the greater Sacramento area! With more styles to choose from than you can shake a stick at, A to Z will have a screen door to fit your décor and tastes!

Custom Made To Fit!

AtoZScreens-SacramentoCA-SwingingScreenDoorCustomerDid you know that each and every one of our swinging screen doors are built to order? Mass produced doors are often sold as “one size fits all”….but the truth is that “one size actually fits NONE!” Extra tall, extra wide, or odd sizes are no problem because when you purchase a swinging screen door from A to Z, our technician will visit your home, measure your doorjamb, and then have your screen door custom made to fit your door’s opening as perfectly as possible!

AtoZScreens-SacramentoCA-SwingingScreenDoorMeasurementMEASURED by a professional, MADE by a professional, and INSTALLED by a professional, you can’t go wrong with a swinging screen door installed by A to Z.

High Quality! Manufactured in California for Californians!

AtoZScreens-SacramentoCA-SwingingScreenWroughtIronDoorYou want a high quality screen door that will look great for years of trouble-free service! Unlike cheap hardware store doors, A to Z’s screen doors are built to last and won’t sag, fall apart, or break in short order! And best of all, all of our doors are proudly made in California, helping our state’s economy by keeping our jobs and dollars where they belong!

All of A to Z’s swinging screen doors are manufactured with strong extruded aluminum alloy framing rather than inferior roll form mild steel or flimsy vinyl plastic. In addition, the corners of the door are miter cut and held together with beefy extruded aluminum internal key corners. Customers are often surprised to discover that there are NO PLASTIC PARTS on our screen doors!

AtoZScreens-SacramentoCA-SwingingScreenFrontDoorAll of the door’s hardware (handle, & door closer assemblies) are original Wright screen door components and made of durable metal materials. And for the best possible airflow and visibility, A to Z’s swinging screen doors come standard with high-quality charcoal fiberglass bug screen fabric.

In order to ensure your new screen door looks great for years to come, all of A to Z’s swinging screen doors are powder coated with tough, high-quality paints! All of the screen doors A to Z offers are manufactured with heavy-duty aluminum extrusion framing that will NEVER RUST!

Cheap imported hardware store screen doors are most often made out of flimsy roll formed steel (that rusts) or plastic vinyl materials which sag, yellow and fall apart in short order!

Great Warranty

AtoZScreens-SacramentoCA-NoRust5YearWarrantyIt goes without saying that we LOVE our customers, but the fact is that we only want to see you again when we’re selling you another screen door! In other words, if we can’t warrant it, we won’t sell it! A to Z’s swinging screen doors are warranted to the original purchaser for a period of 5 years against manufactures defects, and 1 year on installation workmanship, and needless to say, we’ve got lots of happy customers and make a LOT of return trips…. to sell our customers additional screen doors!

Service After The Sale!

AtoZScreens-SacramentoCA-SwingingScreenDoorInstallationsYou want to do business with a company that does great work and then stands behind its work by honoring its warranties in the event you do need service after the sale! With over a decade of experience and over 10,000 customers, A to Z knows how to take care of our customers! So much so that we have never had a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau or the CA Contractors Sate License Board. In fact, if you do a Google search looking for “A to Z Window Screen Reviews”, we’re confident you’ll see for yourself that we do excellent work and proudly service what we sell. We go to great lengths and take a lot of pride in making sure you’re delighted with your purchasing experience!


Some places in your home or outdoors may need to be screened from the glaring sun but there aren’t any windows to attach to. Don’t despair! The roll-down sun screens from A to Z may be the perfect screen product to solve the problem. Call us today and we can talk it over.

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Dear A to Z,

With four small children and a very excitable Golden Retriever, my husband was tired of installing a new screen door each summer so we called you. Having had numerous cheap and flimsy screen doors in the past, I am in a position to compare the quality of the new screen door you just installed versus what we’ve purchased from various hardware stores in the past….and there’s no comparison!

No plastic parts, no gaps, no slamming, and I can tell the metal your screen door is made of is definitely thicker. Granted, your screen door did cost a little more, but not having to experience the drama of installing yet another junky door was well worth it! My husband is happy to have his weekend, and I am delighted to have a NICE screen door that doesn’t make the front of our house look trashy! Thanks for everything!

~ Mindy Walker, Granite Bay, CA Read more »