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Titan Security Screen Doors

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AtoZ has the finest line of security screen doors ever made and they’re unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen before!

Introducing Titan Laser Cut Security Screen Doors: “The Fine Art Of Security!”

You’d love to open your doors to get the breeze, but you don’t want to establish an open door policy for the bugs, OR thugs! A traditional security door has always been out of the question because of the tacky Jail bars – ghetto door look and the  tendency for steel security doors to rust… Is there a way that you can get the breeze without inviting bugs OR thugs and still look good doing it? With a Titan Security Door, the answer is a resounding YES! With a Titan Laser Cut Security door, you can finally have your cake and eat it too!

Woman standing in front of red security screen door

Laser Skin Designs NOT Tacky Jail-Bars

Unlike traditional security doors with boring jail-bar designs, Titan uses state-of-the-art laser-cutting machines to unlock works of art from a solid sheet of heavy gauge, high-strength alloy, producing a decorative pattern called a “Laser Skin”. This Laser Skin is then married to one of the strongest, beefiest aluminum alloy outer frames you’ve ever seen!

Red laser design cutting machine cutting design in metal

Beautiful Laser Skin Designs are cut from a solid sheet of magnesium aluminum alloy.

machine used used for making screen doors with light on its side

The precision engineering and attention to detail on these doors is truly amazing! Titan’s one-of-a-kind look and perfect fit will ensure you can be proud of your home’s doorway!

41 Different Designs To Choose From

Long gone are the days of making your home look like you live in a bad neighborhood with tacky jail-bar security doors! Get the look of PRECISION rather than a PRISON with artistic, free-flowing styles that can only be offered with a laser cut door! Titan offers over 40 different laser skin designers to choose from, so you’re sure to find a design that fits your unique tastes and style! You’ll find conservative classic designs, lacy Victorian styles, free flowing contemporary patterns, southwestern motifs, island and ocean themes, bold Spanish scenes, and more! The selection is truly impressive! Please be aware that some designs pictured on our website are no longer available. Click here to see all of the designs currently available!

Older man and woman standing in front of brown secuirty screen door

Over 40 Designs To Choose From!

13 Colors To Choose From

Titan’s Security Screen Doors are available in 12 standard powder-coat paint finishes which are warranted for 5 years! These paint finishes are gorgeous, thick, high-quality powder coating, many of which are textured hammer tones that add depth and richness to your door. These high-quality paints are a far cry from the cheap spray painted and lower grade powder-coated finishes you’ll find on some other security doors!

When choosing colors, it’s best to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home sales consultation. AtoZ’s representative will have painted color samples to hold up against your doorway which will accurately depict the true colors of your new Titan door. Due to inaccuracies from different screen resolutions or printers, we strongly recommend against making color selections based off of a computer screen or Titan’s printed brochures.

If you want your Laser Skin design to “pop”, choose one color for the door and laser skin itself, and a contrasting color for the screen behind the laser skin.

close up of a green pattern on security door with hummingbirds

Make Your Design “Pop” with Contrasting Colors!

Red circular design of security door

“Security Screen” or “Bug Screen”?

All Titan Premium Security Doors with a laser skin design come standard with a magnesium aluminum alloy screen called “Perforated Mesh (See Picture).  A metal security screen is not easily cut or kicked in, giving you the peace of mind you’d expect with a      top-quality security door, and the perf mesh screen provides excellent daytime privacy allowing you to see out, but keeping strangers and solicitors outside on your doorstep from seeing into your home.  The perf mesh is available in 5 standard colors.

In addition to being more burglar-resistant, the perforated metal security screen offers you daytime privacy by keeping strangers and solicitors from being able to see in while allowing you to see out clearly.


close up of metal perforated security screen door

Metal Perforated Security Screen Provides Daytime Privacy And The Highest Degree Of Security

But if you don’t want an alloy security screen, the door can also be ordered with a super tough polyester bug screen fabric or an even tougher pet-resistant sun screen fabric. If you order your door with screen fabric, however, a double-keyed deadbolt is usually installed in order to maintain the security of the door in the event an intruder cuts the fabric and reaches in, attempting to unlock your deadbolt.

red security screen door with oval pattern

Sun Screen Fabric or Insect Screen Fabric Can Be Ordered Instead Of Metal Security Screen

For maximum security and airflow, many customers upgrade their security screen to a high tensile strength stainless steel screen called Meshtec.

Meshtec is a woven stainless steel screen designed to look like ordinary screen with excellent two-way visibility and outstanding airflow.  But looks can be deceiving!  Meshtec’s ability to withstand repeated attempts to breach the screen make it the premium choice for many of our customers who want the maximum in security.  Because Meshtec is very transparent, it is also a popular choice for folks who have a beautiful front door and don’t want to hide it behind an opaque wall of the standard security door perforated screen mesh.

Meshtec screen is only available in a black powder-coat finish for maximum two way visibility.

close up of black meshtect screen on door

For the ultimate in security, airflow, and two-way visibility, your Titan security door can be upgraded with Meshtec Security Screen to create the ultimate barrier between you and others.

Fully Bug-Proof

No Gaps On the Top or Sides

Titan Security Screen doors are fully bug-proof with high-quality weather stripping along the top and sides, as well as a 5-blade rubber door sweep across the bottom.

Corner of doorway in home door and trim is white
red rubber door sweep along door

No Gaps across the bottom

If possible, a new Titan aluminum threshold is installed over the top of your house door’s threshold in order to ensure that your new Titan door ties in seamlessly with your home’s existing door for a very clean, custom, and professionally installed look! No gaps across the bottom of these doors means no mice, lizards, snakes or insects!

bottom right of doorway with a door mat in front of it it

Lifetime Structural And No-Rust Warranty

When it comes to Titan’s Security doors, beauty isn’t just skin deep! Titan’s revolutionary doors are not made from steel that can rust, but magnesium aluminum alloy which comes with a LIFETIME structural and no-rust warranty! This architectural-grade alloy is 30% lighter and up to six times stronger than steel!

Aluminum alloy door getting loaded into doorway of workshop

Guaranteed NEVER To RUST With A Magnesium Aluminum Alloy Frame!

Lifetime No-Break-In Warranty

Titan also has the STRONGEST WARRANTY in the industry: LIFETIME Structural Warranty, LIFETIME No-Rust Warranty, and a LIFETIME HOME PROTECTION WARRANTY! If you experience a break in through your locked Titan Security Screen Door, Titan will either pay your deductible (up to $1000) or they’ll replace your door FREE OF CHARGE!

Two large white security screen doors in home with tiles in the front of it reflecting back doors image
Woman with colorful sweater and green pants standing in front of brown secuirty screen doors

Storm Door Tempered Glass Insert

Make it a Storm Door! As an additional barrier to the winter chill, an optional tempered glass storm panel can be ordered with your Titan Security Door. The storm door glass panel is easily installed and removed for winter and summer months. Glass storm panels are a popular option with customers who want to minimize heat loss and get some extra light into the home or allow pets to look out during the dreary winter months.  The Tempered Glass Storm Door Panel has a heavy-gauge anodized aluminum frame with foam weatherstripping installed.  The panel is easily installed into a ready-made shelf on the back side of your Titan Security Door in minutes.

White Trim storm door shown laying flat with door open

Make Your Titan An Energy Efficient Storm Door! Order It With A Removable Glass Storm Door Insert!

Front door of home with glass insert added to it

The Lock Hardware

AtoZ will install your Titan Security Door with a single cylinder deadbolt and your choice of a standard door knob or a more decorative lever style handle at no additional charge.

AtoZ will re-key your security door locks to match your house door’s existing locks if at all possible at no additional charge!  AtoZ is usually able to install your Titan Door with a deadbolt that’s compatible with your home’s existing locks and then re-key it so your existing door’s key fits the locks on your new security door. No need to add yet another key to your keychain! No need to pay a locksmith to come out to rekey!  It’s all included with AtoZ!

White security door with gold door handle and lock
Black security door shown close up with door handle and lock
Sliver door knob in round knob style

Knob Style

Silver door know with a lever style

Lever Style

Available Lock Finishes for most name brand locks include Polished Brass (gold), Satin Nickel (brushed silver), Antique Brass (brushed brass), and Venetian Bronze (almost black).

black door lock set

Oil Rubbed Bronze

nickel colored lock set

Satin Nickel

Bright Brass colored door lock set

Bright Brass

Antique Brass door lock set

Antique Brass

Conclusion:If you want a security door that you can be proud of, the Titan Laser Cut doors are some of the strongest and most attractive security screen doors money can buy! If you’ve always wanted to get the breeze without the bugs OR thugs, but didn’t want a rusty ghetto-bar security door, your search is finally over! Let AtoZ show you how beautiful the fine art of security can be on your home! With more colors, styles and possibilities than you ever dreamed, you’re sure to find a door that will fit your decor and your budget!


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