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Never too early to think about new sun screens!

With the beautiful year round temperatures here in Sacramento, it should come as no surprise that many homeowners want to keep their home’s comfortable without the added expense of running the A/C. Would you like to be able to keep your house cooler while saving energy and avoiding an A/C war with your family all at the same time? It’s never too early to think about new sunscreens for your home!


Solar energy is a free energy resource that when properly managed can be used to provide needed daylighting and heat energy in a building. Unmanaged solar heat gain introduces heat energy into a building when and where it’s not needed. When sunlight enters your home, it turns into heat, which in turn increases the amount of electric energy required to maintain comfortable conditions within the building. You’ll keep your house cooler if you reduce solar heat gain by keeping sunlight out. Shading devices can be a very effective way to lessen solar heat gain. Exterior shading is more effective at reducing solar gains than interior shades (mini blinds are a common example) because the solar heat absorbed or deflected by the shading device isn’t transferred into the building. Sunscreens are a perfect exterior shading option for all homeowners!


The majority of sunlight striking an unprotected glass window passes through into your home, while only a small percentage is reflected. Sunscreens dramatically reduce the amount of sunlight striking the window. Most of the sun’s heat is absorbed or reflected by the screen and carried away by convective air currents created by the warm screen. Sunscreens are made to reduce anywhere from 80-90% of the sun’s heat before it enters your home via your windows. This significant reduction decreases the amount of heat that your air conditioning unit has to remove from your home. Absorbing heat and dispersing it into the air surrounding the screen significantly lower the amount of heat that actually reaches the window.


You may be wondering if new sunscreens are right for you and your home. This is a valid question. Sunscreens offer many benefits, such as:

• Saving energy by reducing you’re A/C use up to 30%;
• Reducing utility costs (this reduction alone will often pay for the sunscreens within 2-4 years);
• Reducing fading and sun rot on your furniture, drapes and carpet (which is commonly caused by the sun’s harsh UV rays);
• Making your home more inviting and less cave-like (face it, keeping your shades/curtains/blinds closed all day really reduces the amount of natural lighting inside your home); and
• Increasing your daytime privacy by allowing you to see out (unobstructed views are nice) while not allowing anyone to see in.

In an attempt to keep the house cool, many homeowners shut their blinds or curtains. Unfortunately for them, that’s not a very effective method, as shutting the interior window coverings only keeps the direct sunlight from pouring into the room. Unbeknownst to you, the window’s hot glass is still radiating heat past the window coverings. Need an added bit of encouragement to make the decision to have new sunscreens installed? Many utility companies (SMUD, PG&E and Roseville Electric to name a few) believe so strongly in sunscreens that they often offer their residential customers a sizable rebate for installing them! Rebate offers vary from year to year and usually are available until funds run out. A to Z is familiar with all current rebate programs and will be happy to help you obtain and complete all necessary forms. Any of our sales representatives would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding current utility rebates or our many sunscreen options. Call us today!

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Sunscreens Are Your Ticket to a Cooler Home

We’ve been making and installing custom sunscreens for over 16 years now and I am always amazed with how the attitudes of our customers change as the temperature increases.

Does that beautiful Sacramento summer heat have you down?

Early in the spring when the weather is still cool, we do get the return customers who are thinking ahead and order their sunscreens before the Sacramento valley hits triple digit temperatures; but then when the mercury pushes past 90 degrees, our phone goes crazy. During this busy time of year, I know there will be no rest for our crew until late September.

In addition, when it’s still somewhat cool outside, the most common question we get is usually, “how much will my sunscreens cost me?” Once the temperatures spike, however, the question changes from “how much will it cost” to “how fast can you get them to me?”

I guess when your last PG&E bill sucker punches you with a balance of $450 or more, folks wake up to the fact that solar screens are one of the most effective, least expensive ways to keep a home up to fifteen degrees cooler, while at the same time, reducing your air conditioner’s energy usage significantly.

On a side note, ensuring that your air conditioner isn’t being overworked will help to extend its service life for you and your family, which will help keep more money in your bank account. It’s a real win-win for everyone involved!

Don’t let that heat get you hot under the collar, too!

But the real bummer: when it’s hot, A to Z Screens is BUSY, and lead times can often be as long as six weeks! Some customers are surprised at how popular our sunscreens are, but I remind them it is simply a testament to how effectively they work, and how good of a company we are.

It’s as if you went out to a restaurant with your sweetheart and when you got there, there was an hour wait with standing room only in the lobby. You KNOW you’ve chosen well, and, somehow, the wait time doesn’t seem all that bad. But what if you arrive to a new restaurant on a Friday night and it’s practically empty? What does that tell you?

It’s now August, and temperatures are often in the 100’s. Is your home uncomfortably hot? Does your air conditioner run constantly but still can’t seem to keep up? Was your last utility bill a little ugly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you really ought to have us out for a hassle free, no obligation free estimate. We’ll be happy to show you samples and colors, and get you on the road to a cooler, more comfortable home. Believe me when I tell you that everyone in your home will thank you for making the investment; your air conditioner just might thank you, too!

To get started, watch our cute video on sunscreens, and the call our office to book your appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Importance of Screens for Your Windows


We are all looking for ways to save money on our air conditioning bills when the weather gets warmer, and a simple, inexpensive way to consistently cut costs on your electric bill and keep your house cool when the temperature starts creeping up into the triple digits is to install sunscreens, also known as solar screens or privacy screens, on your windows. In some cases, you will not only save money on your utility bill with sunscreens, but some electrical companies offer rebates to their customers who install solar screens on the windows of their homes. If you’re looking for an effective, economical, and energy-efficient way to keep your house cool and are interested in sunscreens, contact A to Z Window Screens today. We are one of the largest sunscreen dealers in California, and our expert associates are ready to help you select the perfect solar screens, and our certified installers are ready to install these screens so you can enjoy the many benefits of cooling your home with window sunscreens.

Resembling standard window screens, solar screens work so much better to keep your home cooler because they prevent direct sunlight from entering windows, cut all sun glares, and block the sunlight without restricting your view or the airway, according to the Weather Channel in its article “Cooling Your Home Naturally” in its Troubleshooting & Energy Efficiency section on its website. Sunscreens are included in the exterior shading options, such as awnings, shutters, and louvers. Exterior window shading is noted as being much more efficient than interior shading, like using blinds, draperies, and curtains. This is because with exterior shading, the screen acts as a protective layer over the glass that does not allow the sun to heat up the window enough to bring heat into your home. The screen also works to disperse heat and keep a constant air flow going, due to natural convection. And, don’t think the interior of your home will be gloomy and dark with no sun at all. While direct sunlight is blocked from your home to keep bright glares out, softer rays of sunshine are allowed inside.

Available in a large variety of colors from which to choose, we at A to Z Window Screens do want you to know that color choice does matter when it comes to sun, solar, or privacy screens. We have four rules of thumb you should follow when making your selection on the color of your sunscreens:

  1. When it comes to stopping heat, the darker the color of the sunscreen, the better. We suggest black or brown screens.
  2. Your outward visibility is better with darker colors like black or brown screens.
  3. If privacy is a concern, especially during the day, lighter colored screens such as stucco, beige, or gray are better for daytime privacy.
  4. If you want more of an amount of sunlight in your home, go with the lighter colors like stucco, beige, or gray.

If you would like more information on this money and energy-saving option of keeping your home cooler, contact A to Z Window Screens today by phone, e-mail, or by scheduling an appointment. Our years of expertise in selling and installing sunscreens as well as our large inventory make us your perfect partner in this home improvement endeavor.

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