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Swinging Screen Door Testimonials

Great Experience

Dear AtoZ,

Thank you for the follow-up enquiry as to our experience with your company. Not many businesses seem to care enough to ask anymore. Our sentiments are as follows: Honesty, Courtesy, efficiency, knowledgeable, promptness, plus a polite office staff and installation! AtoZ Window Screens is all of the above. We would not hesitate to do business with you in the future.

~ Rose Finato, Lincoln, CA

close up of white front door of home with rows of three windows in it

Screen Doors Look Great

Thanks AtoZ! The new Screen Door looks GREAT! I won’t hesitate to recommend you guys!

~ Linda Serdahl, Lincoln, CA

brown screen behind a glass paneled front door of home bricks on the left side

Good Service

Dear AtoZ,
I just would like to thank you for my new screen doors and the good service you provided. I have referred you to others, and would not hesitate to recommend you again! Thanks again.
~ Donna Santoro, Lincoln, CA

metal screen door of home with pattern on bottom half

Recommended Without Reservation

I have been doing business with A-Z Screening for about 6 years! I first met Aaron when I was looking for solar window screens. He helped me a great deal in making choices and educating me about screens. Since then I have also purchased a retractable screen door and recently a swinging screen door for my side garage.

In each transaction, I have found the company to be very efficient, friendly, punctual, nice people to deal with. I recommend them without reservation! You will actually “enjoy” the experience.

~ Jackie Fogg, Lincoln, CA

woman in red shirt  and jeans standing in front of screen door of home

No Comparison

Dear AtoZ,

With four small children and a very excitable Golden Retriever, my husband was tired of installing a new screen door each summer so we called you. Having had numerous cheap and flimsy screen doors in the past, I am in a position to compare the quality of the new screen door you just installed versus what we’ve purchased from various hardware stores in the past….and there’s no comparison!

medium sized dog with tongue wagging standing with front paws touching a screen door looking into home

No plastic parts, no gaps, no slamming, and I can tell the metal your screen door is made of is definitely thicker. Granted, your screen door did cost a little more, but not having to experience the drama of installing yet another junky door was well worth it! My husband is happy to have his weekend, and I am delighted to have a NICE screen door that doesn’t make the front of our house look trashy! Thanks for everything!

~ Mindy Walker, Granite Bay, CA

Very Competitive

We’d been wanting to open our front door for a long time for the nice cross breeze we always get, but our home was built with a really tall front door, and finding one at Home Depot or Lowes was a joke. Nobody at Home Depot seemed to know how to order one, and when we ordered one from Lowes, we waited over 8 weeks only to discover when it arrived, it was damaged in shipping! By this time, we were at the end of our rope. Finally we broke down and called AtoZ.

wooded door seen through the glass door

We were afraid that a custom screen shop would be a lot more expensive than Home Depot or Lowes, but we were pleasantly surprised that the prices were very competitive… we didn’t have to install it!

And the end result? Our new screen door is beautiful! It fits perfectly, doesn’t slam shut, and gives us the cross breeze!

FINALLY we can open our front and back doors and cool our house without the bugs! We look forward to seeing how much money we save on our utility bill next month!

~ Jason and Wendy Shaw, Rocklin, CA

Very Impressed

We are very impressed with the quality, fit, and looks of our two new swinging screen doors! There’s not a single part made of plastic! Our custom made-to-fit screen doors are definitely a far cry from the flimsy screen doors I’ve gotten from Home Depot in the past….AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO SPEND A WHOLE SATURDAY TRYING TO INSTALL IT!

Unlike me, your installer knew exactly what he was doing, and was in and out in about an hour with no messes!

Thanks again for a good job! I will definitely refer you if anyone asks!

~ Michael Waller, Orangevale, CA

Black Screen door with metal pattern on bottom half

People say they are pleased with our service in installing Titan security doors. We have worked hard to earn these testimonials and we’ll work hard for you, too.