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Gray Sunscreens Gallery

Able to make any castle look distinct, Gray Sunscreens go well with homes with earth tone shades. A time-honored classic, Gray was the second sunscreen color to be introduced in addition to black. Since that time, Gray Sunscreens have been a very popular choice amongst homeowners.

Grey Solar Screen Swatch
Grey Solar Screens in the windows of a large two story home with well manicured lawn
Make your home a COMFORTABLE castle by having solar screens installed!

A time proven classic, Gray Fabric gives your windows a clean, crisp look that is sure to be in style for years to come. With excellent outward visibility and superior daytime privacy, Gray goes well with homes that are painted gray, white, or black.

The sun’s harsh heat and glare are no match for sunscreens installed by AtoZ!

Grey Sun Screens on windows of large two story home with well manicured lawn

Holy HEAT Batman! This family was getting blasted by the heat until they had sunscreens installed on their backside! Did you notice the swinging screen door with matching grey suntex sunscreen?

This customer was having a difficult time being able to see his TV screen due to all the glare blasting in through these two side windows. Once he had AtoZ Window Screens install his new grey sunscreens, the problem was solved!

Gray Privacy Screens on side of home
With Solar Screens, you won’t have to care about glare!

Grey solar screens offer EXCELLENT daytime privacy! We know everyone loves their next door neighbors, but sometimes, their house is just a little too close for comfort! For situations where a little privacy would be nice, having gray solar screens installed is an ideal solution! You can see out, but they can’t see in!

Custom Grey Privacy Screens on windows of home with large bushes in front of windows
Can you see me now? How about now? Nope, we can’t see you with your privacy screens installed!

This patio room was originally done with glass and regular fiberglass insect screen, but it wasn’t very long after spending all that money that the homeowners realized they weren’t ever using it! Why? Because it was TOO HOT! They knew they needed solar screens for the windows, but weren’t sure if it could be done due to the odd-shaped windows across the top…. AtoZ to the rescue! Once the screens were installed, the homeowners were delighted to be able to use their new patio room in comfort like they intended!

Custom Grey Solar Screens installed on back windows and door of home next to beach car
Odd Shapes are no challenge for AtoZ’s years of experience! If a glazier can make it, we can TOP it with sunscreens!

These windows were not only on the hot west-facing side of the home, but they all lead to ONE ROOM… the master bathroom! The heat and glare were so intense that this poor homeowner couldn’t put makeup on in her own bathroom! It kept melting off her face faster than she could put it on! She claimed that with all the mirrors, the intense heat and glare would bounce around and intensify as if she were an ant under a magnifying glass! A quick call to AtoZ Window Screens and 10 sunscreens later, our customer was delighted to have her bathroom back again!

Grey Sun Screens installed in three rows of three square windows of home trees on the ground in front
Being under the magnifying glass is no fun! Protect your home’s interior with some quality made Solar Screens.

Depending on the color of your home’s exterior, brown sunscreens could be your perfect choice from our gallery of sunscreen colors. Take a look before making up your mind!