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All About Retractable Screens

As you prepare your home for spring, there’s one accessory you should be considering: Retractable screens! Retractable screens allow you to enjoy the breeze and keep the bugs out while still enjoying the temperate spring weather. Here’s what you need to know about retractable screens for your home.

How retractable screens work

Retractable screens are a simple technology, but they stand to revolutionize your home. Retractable screens are installed in a discrete housing on one side of your door jamb. When the screen is not in use, it’s rolled away out of site. When you do want to use the screen, you simply pull it across the doorway opening and secure it in place. With a retractable screen door, you have a screen in place when you want it and an unobstructed door when you need it. That allows you to enjoy pleasantly breezy days without having to worry about screen doors altering the look of your home or obstructing the vistas from your windows when your screen doors aren’t in use.

Where to use retractable screen doors

Retractable screens can be used in a variety of ways around your home. They’re perfect for any doorway that you don’t want to have obstructed with a screen. They can be used on sliding patio doors so that the view from half of the doorway doesn’t have to be obstructed with a screen. They’re a popular solution for double French doors, which often can’t be fitted with traditional screen doors, as well as any other unusual doorway openings that won’t fit a traditional screen door. For people who have ornate front doors that they don’t want to block with a traditional screen door, a retractable screen allows the front door to be seen as it should be, while still allowing you to open the front door to let a breeze in when you want to. Retractable screens also are popular for doorways that connect the house to the garage; they allow for a screen door when it’s convenient, but homeowners don’t have to deal with the added barrier of a swinging screen door when they’re carrying in groceries or loading or unloading the car.

Who to call about retractable screen door installation

If you’re ready to realize the benefits of retractable screen doors in your home, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! We install Clearview Retractable Screen Doors, an industry leader in retractable screens. Our screen experts can visit your home to talk to you about retractable screen doors and how they could meet your needs. Get your home ready for spring’s pleasant temperatures by calling to learn more about Clearview Retractable Screens from A to Z Window Screens today!

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5 signs you should invest in a security door

Have you been contemplating the addition of a security screen door on your home? If you’re trying to decide, here are five signs you need a security door.

Sign 1: Your house feels stuffy

On warm spring days, does your home tend to feel stuffy? Do you wish you could let some more air in to cool your rooms and make your home more comfortable? A security door allows you to do just that. When you have a security screen door on your home, you can open your front door to let in pleasant breezes and air out your home. Your security screen door also can help to create cross ventilation: If your front door is open, air will flow better through other open windows and doors in your home, creating a comfortable airflow pattern through your home.

Sign 2: You worry about the security of your home

Do you find yourself leaving your door closed because you worry that your screen door poses a security threat? Most screen doors are flimsy and easy for intruders to make their way through. That’s not the case with security screen doors. Security screen doors feature tough alloy frames, reinforced hinges and screens that can’t be cut through. You can even outfit your door with a deadbolt lock. Security screen doors are so hard for criminals to penetrate that most security screen doors even come with a guarantee against intruders.

Sign 3: You would like to increase your home’s energy efficiency

Security screen doors can help to lower your home’s heating and cooling bills. On hot summer days, your security screen door will help to deflect sunlight and provide shade to your front door, decreasing the temperature within your home. On cold winter days, your security screen door provides and additional layer of insulation. When the weather is pleasantly warm, you will be able to throw open your front door and let the breeze cool your home, rather than relying on air conditioning.

Sign 4: You want to add style to your home

Gone are the days when security doors meant ugly, prison-like bars across the front door. Today’s security doors bring a sense of style to your home. From contemporary to traditional, security doors come in a variety of styles. You can choose a color for your security door to complement your home. You can even opt for a hand-crafted custom security screen door! If you want the security of a screen door but prefer the look of a traditional screen door, you can install a security screen door that’s made to look like a regular screen door, without any metal overlay.

Sign 5: Your current screen door has seen better days

If your existing screen door is in disrepair, a security door can offer the perfect replacement. Replacing your outdated screen door with a security screen door can allow you to enjoy the breeze without the bugs while securing your home, decreasing your energy bills and upgrading the look of your home.

If you would like to see which security screen door options would suit your home, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule an appointment today.

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Upgrade Your Screen Door

The air has gotten warmer. The fireflies are started to light up our yards. The sounds of Spring are upon us. Don’t you just want to throw open the windows and the doors and let all the fresh air in? But, we all know that the sweet sounds aren’t the only thing that will come in…you will likely have unwelcome creepy crawlies as well. There is a sure-fire way to enjoy the end of Winter…purchase a new swinging screen door.


What We Offer

Here at A to Z Screens, we have different styles to enhance any decor. Our selection is wide and you can view some of our previous work here.

More Than Pretty

Your screen door should not only look good…it should also be durable. Our doors are custom-fit and installed by our professional team. California is where our doors are manufactured and we are proud to support local jobs. Many doors you may buy at chain home-improvement stores aren’t meant to last and are often made of plastic. The doors at A to Z contain absolutely zero plastic parts.

Invest in Your Home

We want you to get the most out of these beautiful days. Call us today and we’ll be happy to install a custom-fit screen door that fits with your sense of style. We’ve served over 10,000 customers and guarantee all of our work. Don’t let that old, saggy screen bother you any longer – upgrade to a door that will last. If you are looking for maintenance tips for your screen door, make sure and visit our page…full of information!

Keep the bugs out and the sunshine in.

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