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Manual Roll Down Sunscreens (Pull Chain Driven):

Whether you’re looking to make your patio area a cool, comfortable place to enjoy or keep the sun’s harsh glare from blasting in through your windows, Roll Down Sunscreens are up to the task! Roll Down Screens can be installed in a variety of applications such as aluminum or wood trellis-type patio covers, or directly over your windows (inside or outside the home). Our Roll Down Screens will be an upgrade to your home that you will enjoy for years to come.

RollDown Screen on patio of home tress and other home in background
AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-RollDown Screen Measurements
Sun Screen rolled up above windows lounge cahirs and bushes seen on patio

Tucked discreetly out of the way when not in use…

Roll Down Window Sun Screen lowered slightly over windows lounge chairs  and plants sen in patio

Adjustable to any height with a pull of the chain…

Roll Down Privacy Screen lowered over windows lounge chairs and plants seen on patio

Roll Downs provide excellent heat reduction, glare reduction, daytime privacy and outward visibility.

Black Sun Screen Swatch
Brown Sun Screen Swatch
Grey Solar Screen Swatch
Beige Sun Screen Swatch
Stucco Sun Screen Swatch

AtoZ’s roll down screens are manufactured with Phifer Suntex or Textaline fabrics in several colors and available with both 80% or 90% fabric densities. Most customers find that the 90% density is most beneficial for their application.

Manually operated with a beaded nylon chain and high-quality clutch assembly, our roll down screens offer years of trouble-free use! With such a simple design, there is little to break, and nothing to maintain. Impervious to harsh outside conditions, roll down screens are made to withstand Mother Nature’s abuse while providing you with cool, comfortable shade.

roll down sun screens on window
Roll Down Screen on patio with trees and fence in background

Roll down screens create an instant wall of privacy & shade for you and your guests!

Don’t surrender your leisure patio time to the sun! Reclaim your patio with our Roll Down Sunscreens!

Even though they have installed an expensive patio cover, many customers discover that as the sun begins setting low on the horizon, the harsh heat and glare get beneath the edge of the patio cover and prevent them from comfortably enjoying their oasis. By installing roll down screens, you’ll find yourself spending more time enjoying your patio the way you thought you would, without the hassle of the glare and heat. And besides… your guests and family will thank you!

Unlike patio umbrellas or other shading devices that take up precious patio floor space, roll down screens are rolled up neatly and stored unnoticed out of the way when not in use. But when the sun comes lurking… they’re an instant way to create a cool, shaded oasis to enjoy! If you aren’t spending as much time on your back patio because of the heat and glare, consider roll down screens as a solution to your back patio blues!

-Screen Rolled Up  on patio screen fence seen in background
Black Roll Down Screens over homes windows with plants on patio and driveway

Roll down screens are very difficult to see through from the outside…

Looking out through Roll Down Screen  we see grass, plants and homes across the way

… and provide a surprisingly unobstructed view from the inside looking outward!

You’ll be amazed by how clearly you can see into the yard as you sit protected by the roll down’s cool shade. In addition, if your back yard needs a little privacy, roll down screens are an attractive looking way to keep prying eyes from looking into your home. Maintaining your view as well as your privacy is especially important for folks who’s home sits on a golf course or near a public walkway area.

Roll Down Screen with mans reflection in window
Roll Down Screen with man's reflection in window
Rolled down screen over window screen partially down and we see a mans reflection in the window
Roll Down Screen over most of a window
Roll Down Screen over window

When traditional fixed sunscreens aren’t the solution for your needs, roll down screens can be a viable option. Some customers are reluctant to install traditional sun screens which always cover the window. Roll down sunscreens offer a more flexible solution which allows them to have a sunscreen covering the window only during the part of the day when the sun is bothersome. For all other times, the roll down screens can be rolled up neatly out of the way.

Woman Operating Roll Down Screen lowering it over window in business
Roll Down Screens inside  Store Front on windows behind a row of chairs

Roll down screens are also an ideal solution for commercial office or storefront applications. If your reception area or offices are affected by the sun’s harsh glare pouring through your windows, AtoZ’s roll down sunscreens are a classy and cost effective solution to cutting down the glare! Your customers and employees will thank you!

Many customers are surprised to learn that AtoZ manufactures our manual roll down screens in-house, thus saving you expensive shipping and handling charges!

Two men talking and smiling while at a desk in a construction shop

AtoZ custom makes all of our roll down screens to fit your needs perfectly! One size fits all does not apply here! Our roll down screens are available in sizes anywhere from one foot wide up to 13 feet wide with a drop as far as 7 ½ feet. Openings wider than 13 feet will require two separate roll downs.

With Screens wider than 8 feet, a built-in counter spring assist clutch is installed. Much like your garage door spring, it makes a large, heavy screen roll up as if it were light as a feather. If you suffer from arthritis or your grip strength is not what it used to be, you may purchase any roll down screen with a spring assist clutch for an additional cost.

RollDown Screen on patio with fence and plants in background

To keep the chain neatly against the wall and to prevent choking accidents, beaded chains are most often held at the bottom with a chain safety device.

Chain Safety Device shown close up

Chain safety device

When rolled up and out of use, the roll down screens are not covered or tucked into any type of cassette or storage device. AtoZ’s roll down screens are made to withstand years of weather without damage or deterioration.

-Roll Down Screen with  No Cover on patio with trees and fence in background

AtoZ’s roll down screens don’t need a cover.

The Benefits of Roll Down Sunscreens

  • Cools the home up to FIFTEEN DEGREES!
  • Significantly blocks the sun’s glare without blocking the view.
  • Saves energy by reducing your air conditioning use up to 30%.
  • Increases your daytime privacy while maintaining a clear view looking out your window. Remember, with sunscreens, you don’t have to close your curtains/blinds/shades and lose your view! Solar Screens are difficult to see through from the outside!
  • Reduces fading and sun rot on your furniture, drapes and carpet commonly caused by the sun’s harsh rays.
  • Reduces utility costs! Sunscreens often pay for themselves within 2-4 years in air conditioning savings alone!
  • Allows the breeze in, but not the heat
  • Roll Down Screens can be installed on patio covers, or directly onto windows either inside or outside.
  • Less expensive than most drapes, awnings, or blinds.
  • Works with window open or closed.
  • No ugly bubbling, peeling or scratches due to window tinting.
  • Adds value to the structure.
  • More beautiful and attractive building exterior.
Beige Roll Down Screens on home with grass in front
Stucco Roll Down Screens lowered over patio with fence on the left


In some situations, you may want the convenience of motorized remote control sunscreens for your roll down screens. AtoZ is ready to discuss all the options for you and your home.