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Bug Screens & Window Screen Repairs

There’s only one thing worse than a hot, stuffy house full of stale air….. a house full of fresh air mixed with flies, mosquitoes, and other pests! But if your window screens (bug screens or insect screens) are ripped, bent, broken, or missing, what can be done?! You’d love Mother Nature’s fresh air, but you hate all of nature’s other uninvited guests!

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Screen Repair -Sacramento CA – AtoZ Window Screens

Hole in a window screen from a tear

AtoZ will help keep any uninvited guests from preying on your house!

Who do you turn to for insect screen replacement? How do you go about getting new bug screens repaired, or new window screens made?

If you’ve already been down to the hardware store to attempt getting new bug screens, you may have been surprised to learn that they don’t carry replacement window screens in “standard sizes”… This is because when it comes to window screens, there’s no such thing as “standard sizes!” In addition, the hardware store window screen “kits” rarely have the proper size and color screen frame, and all the supplied parts such as corners and hardware are made out of cheap plastic that will quickly become brittle and break due to exposure to the outdoor elements.

Cat hanging on screen of door with lights and kitchen table in background

AtoZ LOVES your pets….. just for different reasons than most! Good Kitty!!!

To be done properly, replacement bug screens have to be precisely measured and custom made one at a time in order to fit your windows correctly!

And to make matters even more complicated, window screen frames come in a plethora of different sizes and colors, and use a wide variety of fabrics, hardware, and mounting techniques! All of these variables need to be accounted for in order to get it right!


man in red shirt and shorts making Screen Measurements on windows of a home

Window Screens must be measured precisely in order to let the breeze in while keeping the bugs out!

Patch on screen of window that says A to Z Window Screens Lincoln CA

The Choice is clear! AtoZ Window Screens!

And that’s where AtoZ Window Screens can help! We are the experts when it comes to measuring, manufacturing, and installing new bug screens custom made to fit your home’s windows and match the rest of your existing bug screens!

We are a full-service screen shop! A simple phone call gets you started on the process!

Step 1. One of our technicians will visit with you in your home and give you a FREE, no-obligation estimate. Often, a small picture of each side of your home is sketched out, and each window is priced individually, allowing you to pick and choose according to your budget.

Step 2. Once you place your order, our team of expert screen builders goes to work building your new bug screens. Our 4500-sq-ft shop is stocked with all of the different sizes, colors, and types of bug screen frames and fabrics so your new screens will fit perfectly and match the existing screens on your home.

Step 3. Our technician returns to install your new window screens! They are experts, so don’t hesitate to ask for a quick lesson on how to remove and re-install your new screens without damaging them! In addition, we are happy to dispose of your old screens absolutely FREE.

man in red shirt and backwards hat working on cutting screen frames

AtoZ has all the different sizes and colors of window screen framing to match your existing window screens.

man with marker writing on grey material to cut

AtoZ custom makes every single screen to fit your windows perfectly!

So if you’ve got damaged or missing window screens, or if the entire house is in need of some serious bug screen replacement, AtoZ Window Screens is your one-stop shop to get it all with one call! Call us today to get an appointment for a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation! We’ll make getting that bug-free delta breeze….. well….. a BREEZE!

Professionally measured, manufactured, and installed, AtoZ’s screens look and fit beautifully!

man in red button up shirt pointing to installe window screens in home

Bug, Insect & Window Screen Frequently Asked Questions

two images of golden retreiver one he is stiking his head through torn screen the other puttinghis paws up on the screen

Do you rescreen the old/existing window screen frames?

Yes and No. Yes, we can rescreen a sliding patio screen door if it’s one of our doors, but not the cheap, flimsy sliding screen door that came with the house. In addition, we do not reuse the frames from your old bug screens. We build entirely new window screens with a new frame. It’s simply not worth the labor costs to try to re-use and fight with old screen frames.

Why doesn’t AtoZ put new screen into old insect screen frames (Rescreen using the old frame)?

When window screen framing is new, it is not straight, but is curved outward (or cambered).
As a brand new window screen is being made, all 4 sides of the screen frame are cambered outward before the screen fabric is installed into the frame. This outward camber is important because once the bug screen fabric is installed, the screen frame is pulled straight under tension in order to keep the screen’s fabric taut and flat, thus avoiding sloppy looking wrinkles or waves in your screen.

Unfortunately, the window screen frame loses its outward camber or outward springiness after a short period of time in the straight position.

Man crouching and hiding behing wooden pieces in  work shop

New screen frame is bowed outward (cambered) in order to keep the screen fabric tight and looking sharp!

close up of sliding glass window and pool table in home

This “Hourglassed” window screen has a gap on the side. Gaps like these are an “Open Door” policy for the mosquitoes and other pests!

Attempting to repair a used window screen is very difficult because once the old bug screen fabric is removed, the screen frame does not spring back outward, but remains straight. As new bug screen fabric is installed into the old window screen frame, the aluminum screen frame will not remain straight but will bow inward or “hourglass” as the fabric is pulled taut in the frame. A window screen that has “hourglassed” will no longer fit properly in your window’s tracks, and gaps around the edges will make a bug-tight seal impossible. As a general rule, the larger the screen, the more prevalent this problem will be.

In addition, most homes built in the last fifteen years have very cheap bug screens that came with the house. In an effort to reduce costs, most builders chose to cut corners….. literally! Most window screens on newer homes use plastic corners to hold the four pieces of frame together. This plastic becomes yellow and brittle over time, and often breaks at the slightest amount of strain or movement. Bug screens with plastic corners are definitely not good candidates for re-screening.

For these reasons and more, AtoZ does not reuse the existing window screen frames. We do the job right by professionally measuring, making, and installing new window screens from scratch, ensuring you a bug-free breeze and a hassle-free purchasing experience!

Broken Window  Screen
man's hand next to broken window screen

Bugscreens with cheap plastic corners aren’t worth re-screening because the corners are usually very brittle and at the end of their useful life.

Do you use plastic corners to build your window screens?

No. All of our bug screens are made using heavy-duty internal metal corners that won’t become brittle or delicate due to the outdoor elements. But beware…many of our competitors DO use plastic corners!!! As you’re well aware, the cheapest price usually doesn’t mean the best value! Most of our customers are wise enough to pay a little more up front in order to avoid having to pay twice for inferior quality!

Corner of window screen

AtoZ REFUSES to use cheap plastic corners that will become brittle and break from exposure to the sun!

Close Up of a corner of a window screen

AtoZ doesn’t “cut corners” when it comes to our window screen corners!

Close Up of corner of a window screen frame opened up to show framing inside

AtoZ mitre cuts the framing and assembles your insect screens using DURABLE internal metal corners that will last indefinitely.

Can AtoZ match my old screens perfectly?
Because our 4500-sq-ft shop is jam-packed with a wide array of screening components, the answer is a resounding YES 99% of the time…. But there are window manufacturers out there who use proprietary components not available to independent dealers. Custom Color screen frames or factory-specific mounting hardware are sometimes not possible to match exactly, but rest assured, AtoZ will be able to come very close if we don’t have an exact match.

man in red shirt and backwards black basebal hat using a table saw in workshop

Will you make window screens from my measurements?
Yes, we can, but we discourage it. The reason is that we have had many customers who, while trying to save a buck, have new screens made using their measurements only to find out that their measuring skills aren’t quite as good as they thought! In the event you choose to do your own measuring, we can’t be responsible if your screen doesn’t fit due to inaccurate measurements supplied to us. If it doesn’t fit, you’ll need to purchase a new screen altogether. Let our team of experts make your life easier by letting us do what we do best! Because measuring window screens correctly can be tricky, and must be done very precisely, we’ll visit your home and measure directly from the window the screen is intended to fit! And if we mess up on our measurements, we make another screen on our dime, not yours!

Man measuring window of home to install screens
AtoZ Screens-Sacramento CA-Bug Screen Measurement

How long does it usually take to get my new screens?
The screen business is highly seasonal and lead times can vary dramatically based upon the weather! Generally speaking, spring and summer lead times can be several weeks! If you don’t like waiting around, ordering your window screens in the off-season is often the wisest course of action. Wintertime turnaround is usually significantly faster than the spring and summer seasons.

Four Cats by Screen one white and black, middle two are black and one to the right is grey

Why shouldn’t I make my own window screens?
You could make your own window screens if you like, but you need to ask yourself: What is your time worth?

We see it every summer: The customer who drove down to the hardware store purchased some screen-building materials, and then attempted to make their own screens……. Screens that didn’t match the others… screens that don’t fit right, and screens with loose and sloppy fabric….. And then, after several trips to the hardware store and an entire day wasted, they stand back looking at their handiwork, and have an epiphany: making your own window screens is a lot more work than it was worth, AND I still don’t have a window screen that will keep out the bugs! If you want to spend your weekend doing something you enjoy, call AtoZ Window Screens! You’ll be able to breathe a bug-free sigh of relief with the knowledge that you’re money ahead letting our screen experts do what they’re good at…. making your life easy!!

Golden Retriever standing up on front legs against Screen door in home

Just because your household specializes in DESTROYING your bugscreens doesn’t mean you should also specialize in FIXING them! Let AtoZ make your screen repair experience a breeze!

Will you throw away my old screens for FREE?
Absolutely! AtoZ knows it can be difficult to try and stuff your old window screens into your garbage cans!  Therefore, we are happy to give your old bug screens a dignified retirement! Just be sure to tell the installer you’d like us to put your old screens “out to pasture”, and we’ll be happy to oblige at no charge to you! If you don’t specifically tell our installers you want them to take the old ones away, however, they’ll leave them at your home with you. In addition, old screens are destroyed daily, so once you instruct our installer to dispose of your old screens, we will not be able to return them. In addition, if you do not ask our technician while he is at your home, we will not be able to return for them without an additional trip charge.

Cat Climbing Window Screen

AtoZ LOVES your pets…. but for different reasons than most! GOOD KITTY!

Does AtoZ make new Sliding patio screen doors?

Replacing crummy old sliding screen doors that don’t slide, lock, or stay on the tracks is one of the most common jobs that we do!  Sliding patio screen doors are often subject to lots of use and abuse and commonly need to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately for you, AtoZ can custom make these doors out of quality materials and to the exact size needed for years of care-free use and enjoyment. Just like window screens, there is no such thing as a “standard sized” sliding screen doors, and each door must be made to within ⅛” in order to slide and function properly.  This is why the cheap “one size fits none” sliding screen doors found in hardware stores constantly fall off the tracks or get jammed up and don’t slide properly.  In fact, our local hardware stores often send their customers to AtoZ whenever they come in and inquire after a new sliding screen door!  And unlike the cheap hardware store doors or the screen door that came with your house, our sliding screen doors have NO PLASTIC PARTS, thus ensuring years of hassle free use.  


We would love to talk with you about any of our many screen products today.  Click here to learn how a new, custom made sliding patio screen door can instantly lower your blood pressure and make your home a happier place ;-).