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Pet-Resistant Window Screens

Phifer Pet Screen
Two dogs one sticking his head through a screen door the other standing with front paws against it

Did you know that just like you, AtoZ Window Screens LOVES your dogs, cats, and any other furry family friends? Yes, we love them just as much as you…but probably for entirely different reasons (insert sinister villan laugh here)!

Each year, more window and door screens are ripped, shredded, bent, and destroyed by furry little family members than you can imagine…and we LOVE IT! Families blessed with pouting little puppies suffering from separation anxiety and cats who like to use screens as their personal climbing walls are some of our best (and most frequent) customers!

Although our professional staff of screen repair experts are fun to have over on a regular basis, many of our customers ask if there’s a way to reduce or stop the carnage caused by their pets, and the answer is YES! If your pets are tough on your screens, you really should consider having AtoZ make and install custom pet screens into your windows and doors!

Golden Retriever standing up with front legs and paws against screen door in a home
Cat standing up putting front paws against screen of door
Black and White Cat on Screen of door

What Are Pet Screens?

Unlike traditional fiberglass window screen fabric, pet screens have a special pet-resistant fabric woven from a tough polyester yarn covered in a protective PVC vinyl coating. This special blend of materials creates a strong, yet pliable mesh that withstands most damage typically dished out by claws and paws. In addition, the PVC vinyl coating withstands the sun and other outdoor elements much better than delicate fiberglass screen fabric, prolonging the lifespan of your screens dramatically.

Seven times stronger than traditional insect screen, Pet Screen is available in Black or Gray.

So if your pup has pummeled your screens or your Tomcat has once again used your screen door as a scratching post, you really ought to give us a call! AtoZ will help you once again enjoy the breeze without the bugs, AND enjoy your pets…despite their naughty ways!

Black and White Dog breaks out screen in door and is laying down in doorway
white cat climbing screen of door
white husky dog putting paws up against screen of door

Pet Screen Frequently Asked Questions:

How well can I see out looking through pet screens?

In order to make pet screens strong enough to withstand paw and claws, the individual screen fabric strands are thicker and stronger than traditional bug screen mesh. To maintain adequate airflow and visibility, the pet screen’s strands are placed slightly farther apart creating slightly larger individual openings between the strands. The result? A screen fabric that still affords excellent strength and outward visibility, but is slightly more noticeable than a traditional bug screen.

How much air will I get with a Pet Screen?

One of the things that makes pet screen stronger than traditional bug screens is the fact that the individual strands of material from which the fabric is woven are thicker than traditional bug screen mesh. For this reason, you’ll get slightly less airflow than with traditional bug screen fabric. That being said, however, the difference is negligible and most customers don’t detect much difference. The REAL question you should ask yourself is, how much air am I getting right now through windows that I DON’T open because of the damaged screens?

Are Pet Screens bug tight?

Yes, the pet screen holes are still small enough to keep out the flies and mosquitoes, but like most traditional screens, the holes may not be small enough to keep out tiny little gnats (sometimes called no-see-ums).

Can Pet Screens be installed on most windows?

Yes, with rare exception, pet screens can be installed on 99% of the windows we encounter.

Can Pet Screens be installed into a screen door?

Absolutely! Sliding patio screen doors and traditional swinging screen doors are some of the most popular locations for this innovative product! Because pets are especially hard on screen doors, we install more pet screen into screen doors than any other location!

What colors is Pet Screen available in?

You can get your pet screen in any color you want…. as long as it’s black.

For the best outward visibility and to match the other existing window screens, pet screen fabric is only available in black.

Will Pet Screen make the outer framing any stronger?

No. Having pet screen installed will not strengthen or reinforce your screen door or window screen frame in any way. Pet Screen is designed to withstand damage caused by scratching claws more than anything else. If your pet (dogs usually) runs hard enough into a sliding screen door equipped with pet screen, it is highly unlikely that the pet screen fabric itself will be damaged (it’s EXTREMELY STRONG), but the screen door’s frame may still be bent.


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