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Swinging Screen Door Care and Maintenance Instructions

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If you have just purchased a swinging screen door from AtoZ, congratulations! It was manufactured right here in California from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and built for years of use. The following tips will help you get the most from your new swinging screen door, and ensure you enjoy a bug-free breeze for many years:

Man's hand wearing a watch opening a  Screen Door Handle

Open the door using the handle

Man's hand wearing a watch pushing on Screen Door

Don’t push on the screen fabric to open the door!

Dog standing on screen door
Remember that your swinging screen door is a screen door, not a Sherman tank! Do not allow children or pets to push against or jump up on the screen door and push against the screen fabric! Your screen door carries no warranty against abuse.
man's hand Cleaning Screen Doors

To clean, use a damp, clean cloth and gently wipe the screen fabric and frame clean, rinsing and re-wetting your cloth often.

man's hand spraying can of cleaner on Screen Doors

Lubricate your screen door’s hinges with high-quality silicone spray regularly (every 1-2 months). A can of silicone spray can be purchased at any major hardware store on the same shelf as WD-40. Avoid using oil or WD-40 as this will create a greasy mess and may damage the paint finish.

Adjusting Screen Doors

Adjust your pneumatic screen door closer as necessary. The pneumatic door closer that was installed with your screen door contains a special hydraulic oil which will become thicker with cold winter weather, and thinner with hot summer weather. In order to keep your door shutting at an acceptable speed, you may need to adjust the speed adjustment screw on your door closer on occasion. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, you can slow the door by turning the screw to the right, or increase the closing speed by turning the adjustment screw to the left.

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