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AtoZ’s Retractable Screen Doors vs Traditional Swinging Screen Doors

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Because of its design and function, AtoZ’s Retractable Disappearing Screen Doors have several distinct advantages over traditional swinging screen doors.

1. RETRACTS so it doesn’t DISTRACT: If your home has a beautiful front door that you don’t want to cover up with a traditional swinging screen door, or you just don’t like the old-fashioned look of a traditional screen door covering your front door, a Retractable Screen door is your answer!

Disappearing off to the side and blending into the background while not in use, our retractable screen door is happy to go unnoticed until you want the breeze without the bugs!

ClearView Retractable Screen Front Door

2. Invisible Visibility With AtoZ’s Retractable Screen Doors, you’re assured of a crystal clear view looking out your door, whether it’s in use or not!! Retracted out of the way when not in use, and practically invisible bug screen fabric when it is, you’ll enjoy your view whether it’s in use or not! Unlike traditional swinging screen doors that are always covering your doorway, our retractable screen doors have no kick-plate or busy designs impeding your view!

ClearView Invisible Screen Door with sticker

3. You Don’t Have To Always Open Two Doors As You Come And Go: Unlike traditional swinging screen doors, AtoZ’s Disappearing Screen Doors are retracted out of the way when not in use so you don’t have to open two doors every time you come and go…this feature is especially convenient when your arms are full!

4. Unsurpassed Airflow: With nothing but a lightweight screen mesh in the doorway, you’ll get more air through AtoZ’s Retractable Screens than any other type of screen door. There’s no kick-plate, grill work, or anything else to inhibit your airflow…or to keep clean!

5. Longer-Lasting Screen Fabric: When not in use, AtoZ’s Disappearing Screen Door fabric is rolled up and protected into its housing off to the side of the door. Unlike traditional swinging screen doors, the screen fabric is not permanently exposed to your kids, pets, or the weather, and therefore tends to last longer when properly cared for!

Couple Wearing beach attire standing in doorway of screen front door

6. Lifetime Warranty: Built tough, AtoZ’s Disappearing Screen Doors have a fully transferable Limited Factory Lifetime Warranty because they’re intended for a lifetime of use! All the mechanical parts are warranted for life under normal use including the speed reducer! For obvious reasons, the screen fabric carries no warranty.

gold circle logo that says lifetime limited warranty


There are a few simple tips for care and maintenance of your screen doors. Following them can add years of pleasure and safe operation to your retractable screen doors.