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Benefits of a Clearview Retractable Screen Door

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your screen door? Do you love that it allows you to open up your home to fresh breezes but hate that it’s constantly in the way? A to Z Window Screens can resolve your relationship with your screen door with a Clearview Retractable Screen Door! Clearview Retractable Screen Doors offer a variety of benefits, without the drawbacks of a traditional screen door.Clearview Retractable Screen Door - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window

Cool breezes

The No. 1 reason people want screen doors on their homes is because they want to be able to open up their doors on beautiful days to enjoy pleasant breezes. Just like a traditional screen door, a Clearview Retractable Screen Door does just that! When you want to open up your home to the outdoors, you simply roll open the screen door over your doorway opening, and you will be able to enjoy the outside air without worrying about bugs.

Roll-away convenience

The No. 1 reason people hate their screen doors is that screen doors get in the way. Screen doors add an additional barrier to entering and exiting your home. Simply put, they are an inconvenience. With a retractable screen door, the screen rolls away when it isn’t in use. That means your screen door isn’t in the way when you are entering and exiting your home.

Clearer views

Do you enjoy the views from your home and don’t want a screen that gets in the way when it isn’t in use? Because a Clearview Retractable Screen door is only in place when you want it to be, you can keep the screen door rolled away into its housing so that you don’t have to look out of your door through a screen that isn’t being used.

Ease of operation

Screen doors can stick. They can snap back into place. At best, they’re a pain. At worst, they can pose a hazard. Clearview Retractable Screens are easy to use. They won’t become stuck or hard to open and close like a sliding screen door. They don’t snap back into place like a swinging screen door. In fact, Clearview Retractable Screen Doors come with patented technology that ensures they close slowly and won’t snap back.


Clearview Retractable Screen Doors are highly versatile. They can be fitted to nearly any door. Clearview Retractable Screen Doors are custom fit to your specific doorway. Single entry doors, French doors, double doors and sliding doors all can be outfitted with Clearview Retractable Screen Doors.

Let A to Z Window Screens solve your love/hate relationship with your screen door with a Clearview Retractable Screen Door. A Clearview Retractable Screen Door can deliver all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of traditional screen doors. Call to schedule a consultation today!

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Back to School… And Don’t Let the Screen Door Hit You On the Way Out!

Advantages of Screen DoorsIt’s that time of year again: The kids are ready to head back to school! As you prepare your kids for their first day, don’t forget to prepare your home. Your kids will need a functional screen door to help them exit and enter your home as they travel to and from school each day. A to Z Window Screens can help make sure your home is ready to accommodate your school-bound kids this fall. Here are your screen door options for preparing your home for the back-to-school season.

Made-to-order screen doors

If your traditional screen door is in need of repair, A to Z Window Screens can custom fit your door with a replacement screen door. Whether it’s a sliding or swinging screen door you need to have replaced, A to Z will manufacture a screen to your specifications. Our screen doors are made from sturdy metal that won’t bend, warp or weaken over time. And, we offer a host of screen door options so you can design the custom screen door to fit your needs and your tastes.

Pet screen doors

Whether you have a pet who is eager to greet your kids as they return home or kids who are overexcited to rush out the door to school, pet screen doors add a level of durability so they stand up to your pets or your kids. Pet screens are made from a tough fiber coated in PVC to make the screens seven times stronger than traditional bug screens. A to Z Window Screens can outfit your custom-made screen door with durable pet screens to ensure that your screen doors will weather the abuse from your school-bound children.

Retractable screen doors

Clearview retractable screen doors might be the perfect screen product for those with kids. Clearview retractable screen doors roll securely over your doorway when you want a screen in place and roll safely out of the way when you don’t want a screen door in your way. Clearview retractable screen doors are known for their patented speed reducer technology, which slows the trajectory of the screen doors as they open so they won’t trap kids’ fingers or toes.

Security screen doors

Do you love to open the doors to enjoy the breeze while the kids are at school? Do you want your kids to be able to come home to an open, airy house? Security screen doors allow you to open your home to fresh air without opening your home to criminals. Security screen doors are made from heavy-duty metal frames that can’t be pulled away or bent when locked into place. The mesh is made from metal that can’t be cut open or pushed in to gain access to the home. And, all of A to Z Window Screens’ security screen doors are made without metal bars so they accent the look of your home and ensure that your kids are being welcomed home from school and not feeling like they’re entering a prison.

Don’t let the screen door hit your kid on their way back to school! Outfit your home this fall with a new screen door from A to Z Window Screens! Call to schedule your consultation today.

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Prepare for Spring with New Screens

Sacramento may be in the grips of winter’s cool temperatures, but spring will be here before you know it! To prepare your home fully for warmer temperatures, it’s time to prepare with new screens. From repairing damaged screen doors to outfitting your windows with energy-saving solar screens, A to Z Window Screens can help you prepare your windows, doors and patios for spring.

Replacement Bug Screens

Bug screens are one of the first things to show wear on the outside of your home. Whether its from a pet’s claws or bearing the brunt of California wind and sun, screens break down over time. In addition to affecting the look of your home, worn screens fail to do their job. Unfortunately, replacing window screens isn’t as easy as going to the hardware store to buy replacements; there is no standard screen size; patches can only make your screens look worse; and stretching new screen mesh over an old frame will only make the frame-warp and bow. A to Z Window Screens can outfit your windows with new custom-made bug screens that will look great, let the breeze in and keep pests out!

Pet Screens

Nothing is as hard on window and door screens as pets. Cats love to scratch and climb, and over-eager dogs push or scratch at screen doors. If your pets have taken a toll on your window and door screens, have A to Z Window Screens replaced your damaged screens with pet screens! Pet screens are made from a stronger, coated screen mesh that resists claw scratches and tearing due to pets’ body weight.

Solar Screens

Are you looking to lower your home energy bills this summer? Solar screens can help lower the temperature in your home by as much as 15 degrees! That means a reduced load on your air conditioner, less UV damage to you flooring and furnishing, no bright sunny glares and a more comfortable home all summer long.

Security Screen Doors

Do you want to leave your doors open to let in the cool spring breeze but worry about the security of your home? Security screen doors from A to Z Window Screens has you covered! Security screen doors feature specialized mesh that can’t be kicked in or slashed, and stronger frames keep doors security in place, so intruders can’t just bust in. With security screen doors, you can keep your home safe from criminals while still allowing you to enjoy the breeze.

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors are there when you want them and roll away when you don’t! When you opt for a retractable screen door from A to Z Window Screens, you can enjoy the benefits of a screen door when you want it and simply roll it away when it’s not needed.

Roll-away screens
Screens aren’t just for windows and doors! A to Z Window Screens can install rollaway screens around your patio, deck or framed backyard space so you can block the bugs and the shade when you need to and enjoy the view when you want to.

Warmer temperatures will be here before you know it — and so will your tax return. Schedule your consultation with A to Z Window Screens today so you can prepare your windows, doors and patio space for warmer weather.

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Get Out Onto the Patio With Custom Sliding Screen Doors!

Have your sliding screen doors been a source of frustration this summer? Most sliding screen doors installed by builders tend to be low grade, which means they fall apart fast. The plastic handles can snap off, and plastic rollers quickly degrade. Pets, kids and daily life can take their toll, as well. Screens can warp and tear, rending a screen door useless in letting the breeze in while keeping out bugs.

These deteriorating doors can serve as a major point of frustration for homeowners. No one wants to struggle with a rickety screen door or look at a warped, torn screen door. If your sliding screen door is failing, A to Z Window Screens can help! We can get you back out onto your patio this summer with custom sliding screen doors!

About Our Custom Sliding Screen Doors

The best way to restore your sliding door is with a professionally built and installed custom sliding door. While there are DIY patch kits and rescreening tools, these generally aren’t effective at revitalizing a screen door. Patch kits can leave screen doors looking uneven and ragged, while replacing the mesh on an old door frame can cause the frame to bend and warp, making it even more difficult to slide.  A custom sliding screen door from A to Z Window Screens will provide you with an attractive, durable and smoothly gliding screen door.

A to Z’s custom-built sliding doors can be constructed to fit any sized patio door. On top of that, our doors are constructed from heavy duty metal. There are no flimsy plastic parts! From heavy-duty extracted aluminum framing to metal corners and wheels, our custom sliding doors are built to last. You won’t have to deal with the frustration of flimsy wheels and snapped handles when you replace your failing sliding door with a custom sliding door from A to Z!

Sliding Screen Doors Options

When you choose a custom sliding door, you’ll also find several options that will ensure that your sliding screen door meets your needs. You can choose heavy-duty pet screen that will help protect against bowing and tearing. You can choose solar screening that will help to keep the sun’s heat and rays out of your home to lower your home-cooling bills. You could even forgo the traditional sliding screen door and choose a retractable screen door, which slides across your doorway opening when you want it and rolls discretely into a housing in your door jamb when you don’t!

If you’re ready to get rid of the frustration of your failing sliding screen door and get back out your patio, call A to Z Window Screens to set up a consultation today! We can show you all of your sliding screen door options and help you customize a sliding screen door that’s right for your home!

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Stop mosquito madness!

We had a wet winter. While no one can argue that we badly needed the rain, all of that wet weather has one downside: mosquitoes. As we open up our doors and windows to let in the spring’s sunshine and warm breezes, it can be a challenge to keep those mosquitoes at bay.

Keep mosquitoes out with new screens.

Of course, the best way to keep mosquitoes out of your house is with sturdy window screens. If your window screens are in disrepair, you can feel trapped in your house. The best way to get your screens repaired is through a professional screen-replacement company. Screen repair kits from the home-improvement store can leave your screens looking piecemeal and unattractive. Fitting new screens to existing screen frames cause the frames to warp and bow. This means they won’t properly fit into windows and will leave gaps that can allow mosquitoes to find their way into your home.

You also can enjoy more of spring’s pleasant temperatures by opening up your doors! If your doors are without screens, or have screens that are in disrepair, you have a host of screen door options. You always can go with a traditional screen door. However,  there are also retractable screen doors that slide open when you want to have a screen in place. Afterwards, they roll into a discreet frame when you don’t need the screen. Retractable screen doors come with the added advantage of a gentle closure; they don’t snap closed, posing a hazard to children’s fingers and heels or pet’s tails, like traditional screen doors.

Keep mosquitoes out of your backyard.

It’s virtually impossible to keep all mosquitoes away from your house and out of your backyard. Having said that, there are some steps you can take to keep mosquitoes from pestering you outside and finding their way inside. First and foremost, eliminate any standing water in your yard. Make sure that water isn’t pooling in gutters, on children’s toys or in any containers that you might have sitting around the yard. Stagnant water provides mosquitoes with breeding grounds and can dramatically up the mosquito population in your yard.

Taking care of vegetation in your yard also can help. Clean up any yard waste, such as grass clippings, leaf piles or stacks of twigs or vegetation. These can provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Trim back any overgrown vegetation, and try to keep shade-producing vegetation away from you house. They also provide mosquitoes with shelter during the heat of the day. In addition, you also can plant herbs and flowers that mosquitoes find repellent. You can plant the citronella that’s a common ingredient in mosquito-repellent candles. Mosquitoes also stay away from lavender, mint, basil, catnip and marigolds.

Call A to Z to help protect your home from mosquitoes!

If you’re ready to keep mosquitoes out of your home this spring, and you know your screens aren’t up to the challenge, call A to Z Window Screens! We can replace your damaged window screens and outfit your doors with sliding, retractable or security screens.

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Start your spring with a new retractable screen

When the pleasant spring breezes start to blow, open your doors and let them in with a new retractable screen door! Retractable screens can be fit to almost any door. They can increase your enjoyment of your home and help lower your energy bills for an affordable price.

How retractable screen doors work

At A to Z, we install ClearView Retractable Screen doors. With ClearView Retractable Screen doors, a vertical housing for the screen is attached to one side of your door jamb. To close the doors, the screen is pulled across the door opening on its track, and it affixes to the opposite side of the door. The action is smooth and graceful.

Benefits of retractable screen doors

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of retractable screen doors is that they allow you to open your doors to let in a cool breeze, while keeping out other bugs or pests and keeping pets in, just like a traditional screen door. However, retractable screen doors offer many benefits over traditional screen doors.

  • Retractable screen doors don’t detract from the look of your home. Retractable screen doors are virtually invisible when they’re opened. That means they’ll fit with the look and style of your home, no matter what.
  • Retractable doors fit any door style. Some doors, like French doors, are impossible to equip with traditional screen doors, while it may be hard to retrofit a screen door to an entry door or sliding doors. Retractable screen doors can be made for any style of door.
  • Retractable screen doors are safe. Traditional screen doors can have a quick, snap into place action that can be dangerous for little fingers or feet, or wagging tails. Retractable screen doors operate smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about children or pets being injured when the door closes.
  • Retractable doors are convenient. Retractable doors roll away when you’re not using them, which means you don’t have to constantly open two doors when carrying in your groceries or taking out the trash.
  • Retractable doors can help lower your energy bills. First, retractable doors help you cool your home without air conditioning by allowing you to let in a breeze. The doors also are available in energy-saving, solar screen options, which lower solar heat entering your home through the doorway by 60 percent!
  • Retractable screens provide options. ClearView Retractable doors come in a variety of colors to complement your home. In addition to traditional screens and solar screens, ClearView doors also come in a “super screen” that’s five times stronger than traditional mesh screen — It’s the perfect option for homes with children or pets!

Adding retractable screens to your home

If you’re interested in hearing more about how retractable screens can add to your home and live in the Sacramento area, call the experts at A to Z Windows Screens! We can walk you through our retractable door options to help you select the perfect screens for your doors. We’ll have you ready to enjoy spring’s pleasant temperatures with your new retractable screen doors!

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Celebrate Labor Day with a Retractable Screen Door

The first Monday of September is Labor Day.
Labor Day has always been a bit confusing to me. It is the day that we celebrate the working professionals and their years of sacrifice and toil that made this country great…yet, we celebrate by taking the day off? Huh? How does that work? We didn’t get where we are as a nation by kicking our feet up on the desk for even one second! To buck the system this Labor Day, my staff and I are going to be breaking our backs taking care of business for you — because nobody wants to have to wait a single day longer than necessary for their sun screens, screen doors, and security doors!

To celebrate Labor Day, I’d also like to introduce to you one of the greatest “labor saving” devices ever invented in the world of retractable screen doors: The “Safe Glide Speed Reduction System”! It is at the heart of what makes our Clearview Disappearing Screen doors the best retractable screen door system that money can buy!

Anybody who’s ever used a retractable screen door knows that if the handle slips out of your hand…. WHAM! The handle snaps back into its housing violently with a loud and embarrassing “clang!” But who wants to have to hold onto the handle as the screen retracts all the way back into the housing? And what homeowner wants to be the broken record that warns all guests “don’t let go of the screen door” over and over and over? That sounds like too much work to me!

The Clearview Retractable Screen door is the only retractable screen door system that has a patented “Safe-Glide Speed Reduction System” built into the housing. This means that you can let go of the handle, and the door will gracefully and smoothly retract into it’s housing without snapping back! Think of all the labor you’ll avoid this Labor Day, this fall, and forever more when you’re not having to swat flies and mosquitoes throughout the house!

I think it’s only fitting that we have a 10% off sale on any Clearview Retractable Screen Door purchased on or before September 30th! Clearview Retractable Screen doors are the only retractable screen doors that DON’T SNAP BACK! If the door handle slips out of your hand, our retractable screen door gently rolls back up into it’s housing (off to the side of the door), opening with no risk of smashing fingers or damaging the door. With the patented safe-glide speed reducer, you won’t have to repeat yourself a thousand times over, telling your guests to “not let go of the door!”

Take advantage of the cool fall breeze without the bugs by ordering your Clearview Retractable Screen Door during September’s Labor Day Sale!

Call A to Z Window Screens today to schedule your free, no obligation in-home consultation. We can be reached at 916-408-2496.

To learn more about how the Clearview Retractable Screen Door will get you the breeze without the look of an ugly screen door, click here


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