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While you’re in the midst of winterizing your home, it’s important to remember the outside of your windows—not just the inside. So many homeowners focus on caulking the cracks, adding tape and plastic, and even hanging blankets over windows in their homes, but few consider the difference a storm window can make. If you remove your window screens and replace them with storm window panes for winter you might experience savings at or over 10 percent of your usual heating costs! In addition to all the savings, you’ll notice, your window will have added protection from debris and water damage that occurs every single winter no matter where you live.

Why Remove Window Screenswindow screen in window

The key to maintaining the life of your window screens is the safe removal and storage of them. If you have invested in window screens, whether for privacy. bugs, or for sunlight, you want your investment to pay off and to last. Part of buying into your home investment is finding a quality product, and the other part of that is using and maintaining the product properly. When you start your fall off by removing your window screens, you’re protecting them from holding water that will likely freeze when temperatures drop. This cycle of freezing and thawing repeats all winter long, damaging the screen as well as the window frame.

Proper Removal and Storage

When it comes to proper removal of your custom window screens, you shouldn’t have to manhandle them. If installed properly, they should also be easily removed. Removing the screens will help you save money on heating costs throughout winter and help to prevent winter damage, but storing them incorrectly can lead to problems you don’t want to deal with. Follow the following steps to ensure that you’re storing your window screens in the best way and best location possible.

1. Clean screens before storing them.

Before tucking them away in the attic or garage for winter, make sure your window screens are cleaned. Storing them dirty may lead to corrosion, staining, and other deterioration that shortens the life of the screen. Screens are best cleaned by laying them flat in the driveway or on a porch (not in the grass) and brushing the screens gently with a soft brush and soapy water. Do not use a pressure washer or hose for window screen cleaning. Allow the screens to dry completely before storing them.

2. Store in a clean, dry area.

Storing your screens in a messy space may lead to damage to the screens. Do not store the screens in a space where tools are discarded and shuffled around, where traffic is high, or where clutter will fall on or otherwise damage them. This may mean that you need a space other than the garage. Common storage areas include attics, basements, attics, and even storage sheds. Keep the screens clear of areas where moisture and water may damage them.

3. Lay screens upright or flat.

When you find a place for your window screens, make sure there is enough room to stand them up or lay them down properly. If you have adequate shelf space, rafters, or floor space in the attic, basement, or garage, you can lay the screens down flat. It is okay to stack them and you can even place a sheet of newspaper between each screen to cut down on moisture buildup. If you don’t have the space to lay them down flat, you can stand them on their end (not their sides) and store them upright as if they’re in a window. Once the screens are in the space they’ll stay all winter, you may choose to cover them over with plastic to protect them from dust or rodents.

4. Repair broken screens before storage.

Make sure that you repair broken screens before storing for winter so that the screens will be ready to go back into the windows when the temperature rises again in the spring. Your storm windows can then be removed and screens replaced so that you can open windows and circulate fresh air throughout your home.

If you reside in the Sacramento area and would like some help winterizing your windows or preparing your home before temperatures fall, give A to Z Window Screens a call. We not only help our customers and neighbors by providing these services, but we also help you prep for winter by servicing your chimneys and fireplaces. For information about our chimney and venting services, check out our chimney sweep page. Remember that at A to Z, our customers are the priority from start to finish. We look to save you money, keep you safe, and prolong the life of your home, your windows, and your chimney. This has been our privilege for over 20 years!

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