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Sliding Screen Doors

Your home is likely equipped with window screens that allow you to open your windows, without inviting neighborhood mosquitos in. While many newer homes feature a glass “storm door” or decorative door on the outside of the front door, there are also older homes that still have a screen door. Today you can have a screen door and it isn’t the loud-clanging, metal-framed door that you imagine. Now you can equip your home with ClearView Retractable Screen Doors. They are affordable, invisible, practical, and right there in your area.

Retractable Screen Doors in Sacramentodog next to broken screen door

If you reside in the Greater Sacramento area and own or rent a home with an outer door (they all have them) you can benefit from a retractable screen door. While other screen doors are bulky, they also open outward, taking up space and not working well with the existing doors. Clearview Retractable Screen Doors do not swing out or in, but slide open and closed, disappearing completely from view! This is the only retractable screen door that does not snap back but slides safely into a housing compartment attached to the frame.

Patented Technology, Quality Design

The Clearview Retractable Screen Door does not snap back because of a patented speed reducer called “Safe-Glide”. Our products do not snap back, causing possible damage to the screen door or other property or injury to the user. In fact, our products last longer than the average screen doors that use cheap parts. Our doors use a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame—a thick-walled, one-piece welded screen frame with higher tensile strength and stiffness. All of our sliding screen doors are custom-made using this process for durability and stiffness. Additionally, we do not use plastic because plastic parts break. Our rollers are smooth-rolling metal wheels that will work years after plastic handles and rollers on other products break. The four corners of the frame are heavy-duty cast metal and even the handles are made of metal. Our customers know better than anyone else that doors are abused by time and sunlight year after year, but our sliding screen doors will stand the test of time.

Start with A to Z for Custom-Screened Doors

If you’re looking to upgrade for a sale, longing to cut down on heating and cooling and enjoy fresh air through your patio doorway, or needing to replace that ugly screen that your dog stuck his head through, we can help. In fact, you can ask an A to Z Window Screens professional about pet-resistant bug screens today. Fall is coming, and with it, fresh cool air. You don’t have to trap yourself and your pets in a house with stale air any longer. We can keep the bugs out, and all you have to do is call.

Don’t know what you want yet? Check out all the color options today.

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Invest in bug screens for the summer

Summer brings so many fantastic things: Warm temperatures, sunshine, and pleasant breezes. It’s no wonder that summer has homeowners everywhere throwing open their windows to enjoy what summer has to offer. Unfortunately, that can bring a realization that summer can bring some less pleasant things into your home: Namely, bugs. If you’re going to enjoy pleasant summer breezes this summer, you need to invest in bug screens for your home to keep the bugs out. A to Z Window Screens can help! We offer quality custom bug screens to help make your home more enjoyable and more functional this summer.

A custom fitclose up of bug screen

When you go to outfit your windows with bug screens, you’ll quickly find that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for bug screens. Windows do not come in standard sizes, so it can be difficult to find ready-made screens to fit your existing windows. A to Z Windows Screens can help! We custom fit bug screens to every window. When you purchase bug screens from A to Z Window Screens, we will begin by measuring your windows. From there, every screen will be custom made for a perfect fit to completely seal bugs out of your home this summer.

Stronger materials

In addition to a custom fit, A to Z Window Screens brings superior quality to your bug screens. Unlike standard bug screens, A to Z’s custom-made bug screens feature internal metal corners for superior strength. Our bug screen frames won’t become brittle and break easily over time; they will stand up to weather and use for years. The exterior vinyl on the screen frames features mitered corners for a polished look. In addition, our bug screens are perfectly tensioned so your screens won’t warp or ripple, and your screen frames won’t warp out of shape.

Hundreds of options

With bug screens from A to Z Window Screens, you can customize your bug screens to fit the look of your home and your lifestyle. We offer screen frames and screen mesh in a variety of colors so you can choose the colors that best fit your home. We also can match existing screens if you are only replacing a few of your home’s screens! A to Z also offers window screen options to suit your lifestyle. We have pet screens to stand up to the pressure of your pets and kids, solar screens to save you money on your home energy bills, retractable screens to discretely protect your home from bugs and security screens that let you enjoy the breeze while keeping your home safe.

Don’t let summer’s bugs and pests keep you from enjoying all of the pleasant weather summers have to offer; invest in bug screens! A to Z Window Screens can help you enjoy summer breezes pest free with our quality, custom window screens. Call to schedule your consultation today!

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Getting Prepared for an Open Home

Spring’s pleasant temperatures can tempt you to open your doors and windows to let the fresh air in. Airing out your home in thereplacing window screen  spring, and throughout the year, isn’t just a matter of taking in pleasant breezes and temperatures, chirping birds and a fresh atmosphere; it also can make your home healthier. 

According to the U.S. EPA, poor indoor air quality can aggravate allergies and lung conditions and pose serious health risks. In addition to dust, dander and mold, your indoor air is filled with chemicals that enter the air from your furniture, flooring and cleaning products. Opening your doors and windows to air out your home can improve indoor air quality by giving these indoor air pollutants a way to exit your home and filling your home with the much healthier outdoor air. 

Before you open your windows and doors to let the stale air out and the fresh air in, you will need to prepare your home’s windows and doors to keep pests out and keep your home secure.

Replace damaged or missing window screens.

If your windows aren’t outfitted with proper window screens in good repair, you are opening your home up to bugs, birds and other nuisances. While the home-improvement does provide some options for repairing and replacing window screens, you will find that repair kits leave unsightly patches and warp screen frames. And replacement window screens don’t come in common sizes. The best way to deal with missing or damaged window screens for your open home is to seek custom window screen replacement.

Install screen doors.

Many homes don’t have screens on their doorways that allow for an open home. You can fix this with a variety of screen door options. There are traditional swinging and sliding screen doors, as well as rollaway screen doors that can be pulled over the doorway when you want to let the fresh air in and rolled away when you don’t want a screen in place. Whether you have sliding doors, traditional doors or French doors, you can find a screen door to fit.

Secure your home.

If security concerns keep you from opening your home, there are security screen door products that let in the breeze without comprising security. Security screen doors feature tough door frames that lock into place so they can’t be kicked or pressed in. The screen mesh is made from metal that can’t be sliced with a razor or knife.

Explore your screen options.

If you worry that traditional screens aren’t suitable for your home, there are plenty of options for customizing your window and door screens to suit your needs. You can opt for more durable pet screens that resist tears and pressure from pets, or solar screens that shade your home to lower your home-cooling bills. Window and door screens also come in a variety of color options to suit your home’s style.

If you’re ready to improve indoor air quality by opening your home to the fresh air, A to Z Window Screens can help! We have a variety of window and door screen options to suit your needs, and all of our screen products are custom built for your home. Call to schedule your consultation today!

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Now is The Perfect Time to Get on our Schedule

This time of year, you might not be thinking about warm summer breezes, windows open and time spent out on your patio. However, if you know that you are in need of new screen doors, window screens or screens for your porch, now is the perfect time to get on our schedule! You might not be thinking about your screens yet, but other homeowners are not thinking about it either. Once spring arrives, our schedules fill up quick, which can lead to delays in you getting your new screens. At A to Z Window Screens, we offer countless options for screens to meet all of your needs for your windows and doors.

Custom window screens & pet screens

a pretty house

Are your window screens in a terrible shape? Rips, tears and holes destroy the function of them, and they also degrade the look of your home. Although replacing window screens is not easy, since there are no standard window sizes. At A to Z Window Screens, we build custom window screens to fit your specific windows. This not only restores the function of the windows, and it also improves the look of your home.

Is the damage on your window screens caused by your pets? Are you worried about replacing your window screens or screen doors just to have them destroyed again? At A to Z Window Screens, we can give you functioning window screens without having to worry about pet damage. Our pet screens are built with a tougher mesh that can’t be torn by claws or pushed out of place.

Sun screens & Screen doors

At A to Z Window Screens, we also offer solar screens. Solar screens are constructed from a thicker weave mesh that shades your windows, deflects the sun and disperses outdoor heat away from your windows and home. They also help to lower the temperature in your home by up to 15 degrees, and they can lower your home’s cooling bills.

We have many screen door options to fit your needs too! We can replace your traditional screen doors if they are in a poor shape. We also offer security screen doors, which allow breezes and sunlight into your home while providing security you want. We have rolling screen doors that roll over your door openings when you want them, and roll out of sight when you don’t. We can make screen doors to fit almost any opening!

Patio screens

Doors and windows aren’t the only structures that benefit from screens. Patio screens are another valuable addition to your home! Patio screens provide privacy. They also help keep bugs out of your space while providing shade for you to enjoy the fresh air. Patio screens from A to Z can make your patio more enjoyable and usable.

Don’t wait until spring to get on our schedule! Schedule your consultation with A to Z Windows Screens today so your home is ready for spring!

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We’re Sacramento’s No. 1 Screen Company

Here in Sacramento, we enjoy some of the nation’s best weather. To get the most out of that weather, Sacramento residents need great screens on their homes! Screens — from windows to patio doors to porch screens — allow us to enjoy pleasant weather while keeping out bugs and other pests. Screens also can do so much more. They can help you save on home energy bills, increase your home’s security, and upgrade your home’s curb appeal. At A to Z Window Screens, we understand the important role screens play on a home, and we understand the value they can bring. That’s why we’ve dedicated our business to providing the best variety of screens and the highest quality of screens — And that’s why we’re Sacramento’s No. 1 screen company!

A to Z offers the widest variety of screensroom with windows
One way we aim to serve as Sacramento’s No. 1 screen company is by providing an array of screen products that will make your home more functional, more comfortable and more beautiful. Roll-away screens and screen doors provide the functionality of screens with convenience: You have the screen in place when you want it, and you roll it away when you don’t. If you have pets, we provide stronger screen materials that stand up to claws and paws. For added security, we sell security screen doors that allow you to open your door to the breeze without opening your home to criminals. To help you save on your home energy bills, we can install solar screens that deflect the sun’s heat from your home and protects your home and furnishings from damaging UV rays. No matter what screen products you’re looking for, A to Z Window Screens is sure to be able to meet your needs! And if you’re not sure what type of screens will best suit your home, our screen experts are here to help!

A to Z customizes screens to your home
If you set out on a search for screens, you’ll quickly find that screens don’t come in standard sizes. There are no standard size window screens, different doorways have different needs, and it can be impossible to find pre-made screens to fit your windows. At A to Z Window Screens, we custom build every screen to perfectly fit your windows, doorways and patio spaces so every screen product will provide the perfect fit for your home.

A to Z only installs quality products
Screens take a lot of wear and tear. Screens have to deal with the pressure of kids and pets, and all screens have to deal with the elements and pressure from being opened and closed or installed and uninstalled with the seasons. Many screen products use cheap plastic corners, wheels and handles that break or wear down over time. At A to Z Window Screens, we build our screens with heavy-duty frames, corners and components that stand up to the pressure placed on screens.

At A to Z, we take screens seriously, and we are dedicated to providing Sacramento with an array of screen products that are customized to each

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Benefits of investing in a custom screen door and having it properly installed

A failing screen door is frustrating. Whether it’s rips and tears in the screen material, a handle that is broken, or a sliding door that no longer glides on track, it’s time to invest in a new screen door. The best way to deal with a damaged screen door is to invest in a custom screen door. You should also get it professionals to installed too! At A to Z Window Screens, we are your professional screen door experts, and we here to help build you the best screen door ever!

A custom-fitted screen door

screen doors of all sizes for windows, doors, and balcony One of the best reasons to invest in a custom screen door is because you get a properly fitting screen door. You might think that all doors and screen doors are a standard size. Unfortunately, screen doors come in a range of sizes and finding a replacement door for your door frame can be a challenge. A custom screen door ensures that your screen door fits your door frame exactly.

Customizing your screen door

When you invest in a custom screen door, you can choose from a range of options to fit your lifestyle or home’s style. You can choose from specialized meshes that deflect sunlight to lower your home’s energy bills. You can also choose a security screen door that allows you to open your home while still maintaining security. You can also choose from a retractable screen door that fits any door frame to enjoy the benefits of a screen door whenever. Purchasing a custom screen door means you can choose the finishing touches to suit your home. This include customized colors, handles, locks and other features.

Proper installation

Installing a door is a notoriously finicky task. You should definitely leave this job to the professionals. When you install new screen door, it will benefit you to have an expert properly fit the door into the frame.

If your failing screen door needs to be replaced, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation! We can customize a replacement screen door to fit your existing door space right now!

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Benefits of a Clearview Retractable Screen Door

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your screen door? Do you love that it allows you to open up your home to fresh breezes but hate that it’s constantly in the way? A to Z Window Screens can resolve your relationship with your screen door with a Clearview Retractable Screen Door! Clearview Retractable Screen Doors offer a variety of benefits, without the drawbacks of a traditional screen door.Clearview Retractable Screen Door - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window

Cool breezes

The No. 1 reason people want screen doors on their homes is because they want to be able to open up their doors on beautiful days to enjoy pleasant breezes. Just like a traditional screen door, a Clearview Retractable Screen Door does just that! When you want to open up your home to the outdoors, you simply roll open the screen door over your doorway opening, and you will be able to enjoy the outside air without worrying about bugs.

Roll-away convenience

The No. 1 reason people hate their screen doors is that screen doors get in the way. Screen doors add an additional barrier to entering and exiting your home. Simply put, they are an inconvenience. With a retractable screen door, the screen rolls away when it isn’t in use. That means your screen door isn’t in the way when you are entering and exiting your home.

Clearer views

Do you enjoy the views from your home and don’t want a screen that gets in the way when it isn’t in use? Because a Clearview Retractable Screen door is only in place when you want it to be, you can keep the screen door rolled away into its housing so that you don’t have to look out of your door through a screen that isn’t being used.

Ease of operation

Screen doors can stick. They can snap back into place. At best, they’re a pain. At worst, they can pose a hazard. Clearview Retractable Screens are easy to use. They won’t become stuck or hard to open and close like a sliding screen door. They don’t snap back into place like a swinging screen door. In fact, Clearview Retractable Screen Doors come with patented technology that ensures they close slowly and won’t snap back.


Clearview Retractable Screen Doors are highly versatile. They can be fitted to nearly any door. Clearview Retractable Screen Doors are custom fit to your specific doorway. Single entry doors, French doors, double doors and sliding doors all can be outfitted with Clearview Retractable Screen Doors.

Let A to Z Window Screens solve your love/hate relationship with your screen door with a Clearview Retractable Screen Door. A Clearview Retractable Screen Door can deliver all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of traditional screen doors. Call to schedule a consultation today!

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What is the ClearView Difference?

You’ve decided that a retractable screen door is the right addition for your house; it allows you to open your house to pleasant breezes when the weather permits and to roll the screen discretely out of the way when the screen isn’t in use. But how do you choose the right retractable screen door for your home? Before you make the selection, you should see what set ClearView retractable screen doors apart.

ClearView screen doors are customizable to any doorway.

Regardless of the setup of your doorway, you can customize a ClearView retractable screen door to fit your needs. Clearview retractable screen doors can be fitted to the surface or the recesses of your doors or windows. They can have left or right openings. ClearView retractable screen doors can be outfitted on French doors or even on the inside of doors that swing outwards.

ClearView retractable screen doors are made from durable, high-quality materials.

ClearView retractable screen doors are built from materials that are made to withstand elements, staying strong and beautiful for years to come. ClearView retractable screens are built with 33 percent more aluminum, on average, than the competition, making the doors stronger and sturdier for an easier glide and increased durability. Rather than inferior plastic, which can become brittle over time, ClearView retractable screens beat the competition by using double-6 nylon instead. Even the paint ClearView uses is a higher grade of architectural powder coating that won’t fade or oxidize.

ClearView retractable screens have patented Slow-Close Speed Reducer technology.

While other retractable screen doors will snap abruptly back into place, ClearView retractable screen doors have patented Slow-Close Speed Reducer technology to increase the safety of the doors. With Slow-Close Speed Reducer, ClearView retractable doors roll smoothly, safely and slowly into place, so they won’t pinch fingers or pet tails or cause damage to the door.

ClearView retractable screens have a fully enclosed housing.

Unlike most of their competitors, ClearView retractable screen doors have an entirely enclosed housing for the screen. That means that your screen door is better protected when it’s rolled away to help increase the door’s lifespan. It also keeps out dirt and other debris that can inhibit the smooth motion of the screen. And the enclosed housing hides the screen away when it’s not in use for a cleaner look.

ClearView retractable screens offer plenty of options.

On top of the other benefits, ClearView retractable screens are customizable! Clearview retractable screen door frames are available in 12 standard colors, 20 wood-grain finishes and more than 300 custom colors. You can choose from five different screen colors. Clearview retractable screens also are available with optional magnets and locks. With ClearView retractable screens, you can get the look and function you’re looking for in a retractable screen door.

If you’re ready to enhance your home with a retractable screen door, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule your consultation today. A to Z can help you choose the right ClearView retractable screen door for you.

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Mosquitos. Are your screens ready for attack?

Unless you were an hour late to work this morning and couldn’t figure out why, you were among the millions of people who begrudgingly set your clocks forward 60 minutes on Sunday in observance of Daylight Savings Time, losing one hour of much needed sleep, an hour of time with friends and/or family, or 60 minutes of unattainable rest that you will not have the chance to try to get back until Fall.

If you’re like me and most people on this great planet of ours, you have questioned why Daylight Savings Time was instituted in the first place and why, in the age of self-landing rockets, full-body imaging, electric cars and $9.00 cups of coffee, do we still have the need for it.

Well, with my curiosity getting the better of me, I believe I may have researched my way to the reason for the institution of Daylight Savings Time, and while most of us are not big fans of the answer, it might put your mind at ease (at least it did mine) to know what the answer is . . . WAR. While the beginning and ending dates of Daylight Savings Time have changed over the years and the countries that observe it have jumped on and off the Daylight Savings Time bandwagon, it was originally instituted to conserve fuel needed to produce electric power during World War I. I did not, much to my dismay, find one good answer to why we still observe it.

Regardless, despite the fact that Daylight Savings Time was established during an era of great challenges, today, at least for me personally, Daylight Savings Times means some awesome things are right around the corner – longer days, warmer nights, barbeques, and the exhausting vacations with family to sandy beaches for which I always forget to pack the sunscreen.

At A to z Screens, however, Daylight Savings Time means we are about to go to war with one inevitable thing . . . MOSQUITOS. Back in the days of WWI, the little bloodsuckers were simply an itchy annoyance, unless you happened to be vacationing in a sandy beached country known for malaria. Now-a-days, they can carry the West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus, giving to you and your blood more than they take, and infected mosquito population in the Sacramento-Yolo area continues to grow annually (Source: The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District).

It is for this reason that we are asking you to “spring” into action and prepare for war! Check your home for any bent, broken, ripped or tattered window screens and/or screen doors, and if you find any, call us at 916-408-2496. We will make it our mission to get you the breeze without any the bugs, and estimates are always FREE with NO HIGH-PRESSURE SALES TACTICS.

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Stay secure this spring with a new security screen door from A to Z

Soon, we’ll be enjoying spring’s warmer breezes and pleasant temperatures. But do you find yourself reluctant to open your front door to let in the spring breeze because of security concerns? With a security screen door from A to Z, you can open your home to spring’s refreshing breezes while keeping your home safe and secure.

Here are some things you probably don’t know about security screen doors:

Security screen doors are incredibly strong.

The frames on security screen doors are constructed from aluminum alloys that are up to six times stronger than steel. The screens are securely clamped to the frames, and the frames are affixed to your door jamb with incredibly strong bolts. The doors are strong enough to resist a criminal trying to kick or break down the door.

Security screen doors won’t block your view.

In most cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a security screen door and a traditional screen door. While some security doors feature decorative elements over part of the screen, you still will have a clear view out of a portion of your door, and you’ll be able to see anyone who approaches. Other security screen doors have no decorative element: The security comes from the use of an incredibly strong stainless steel mesh screening that can’t be sliced with a razor or kicked in.

Security screen doors can be decorative.

When you think of a security screen, you might thing of jail-like bars that add an unattractive, institutional quality to your home. With A to Z’s security screen doors, that couldn’t be further from the truth! We provide decorative screen doors that fit with your home’s style, or security screen doors that look exactly like traditional screen doors.

Security screen doors give you options.

A to Z Window Screens offers so many options in security screen doors, you’re sure to find one that fits with your taste. We offer screen doors in three different brands. Each brand offers different styles, colors and finishes. You can find classic designs, modern designs, or go with a traditional-looking screen door. We even offer custom-made screen doors so you can choose your own design!

Security screen doors come with guarantees.

The brands of security screen doors we carry are so confident in their products, they come with guarantees! If your security screen door doesn’t keep criminals from entering through your doorway, the companies will cover damage and property loss, up to a certain dollar amount.

If you’re ready to enjoy the fresh spring air while keeping your home safe and secure and live around Sacramento, call A to Z Window Screens today! We can show you your many security screen door options and help you select a model that fits your taste and your home’s security needs.

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