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Meet The Team

AtoZ’s Super-Hero Screenologist Team Members

AtoZ’s secret sauce is without a doubt the courageous team of screenologist super heroes who work tirelessly to save the good citizens of Sacramento from the evils of flies, mosquitoes, and the dangers of the two-legged types of parasites that sometimes roam our streets.

After being starstruck, many of our customers have asked to know a little more about our staff so we thought it might be fun to share a little more about our crew.

Man in red polo shirt  with glasses smiling at camera

Aaron Zambrana

Aaron Zambrana is the second oldest of 9 children and grew up in Clovis CA (next to Fresno). After serving a 2-year mission for his church in Frankfurt Germany, he moved to Sacramento to court Marie Sullivan, a beautiful young lady he had met over the summer. After a few months of Roscoe P. Coltrane style “HotPursuit”, (and seeing Aaron without his shirt on 😉 Marie was convinced that Aaron was the man of her dreams and she took a big chance on the kid from Clovis. They were engaged and then married in the LDS Oakland Temple in December 1997.

Aaron and Marie worked hard to get through college and graduated from Sac State without any student loans or debt. Aaron earned his Bachelors in Business Administration and has ever since been addicted to Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations ;-).

While in college, Aaron started his own window cleaning business in early 1997, which soon blossomed into fixing broken window screens while he was there at a customer’s home for a couple extra bucks. Soon Aaron realized that he could earn a better income if he specialized and focused his entire efforts on window screens and screen repair. While window screens was a fun and interesting career choice, his real passion was to build a business that could provide his customers with a consistently excellent home improvement experience. He wanted to prove to the world that there were still a few great home improvement contractors out there who were committed to excellent quality, service, and guarantee. Developing AtoZ Window Screens to be excellent has been his primary passion all these years. AtoZ has become one of Northern California’s premiere screen companies and he is very proud of what their team has been able to accomplish building AtoZ into the company that it is today along with the many awards and raving online reviews they’ve received over the years.
Aaron and Marie have now lived in Lincoln since April 2002 on 5 acres in the country raising their four amazing children in the little town that reminded him of his hometown Clovis growing up… and just like Clovis, Lincoln’s homes and communities have exploded.

In his free time, Aaron enjoys having friends over for dinner and games, flexing his 2nd amendment rights shooting guns for fun and in competition, playing ping pong, darts, corn hole, and generally talking smack every chance he gets ;-). He also enjoys gold prospecting and has dreams of one day owning one pound of gold (he’s not even close yet LOL).
He is also an avid reader (mostly business, personal development, and leadership books), enjoys creative writing, and can’t get enough of sitting in his rocking chair out on the front porch enjoying the evening breeze when the chores are all done… In other words, he doesn’t sit in his rocking chair very often, but when he does, it is the most interesting thing to do in the world at that moment ;-).

Office Staff:

Man with glasses sitting at a office desk talking on a phone

David Robles

David Robles began his illustrious career with AtoZ on November 5th, 2012…. And he was the best birthday present his boss could have ever asked for!

In essence, David is in charge of scheduling installation jobs, processing paperwork for completed jobs, and beating our field technicians over the head as necessary with the chain you see hanging up behind him in his cubicle ;-).

Quickly after being hired, Dave set himself apart as a customer favorite! They loved talking to him, and he loved talking to them….but that’s no surprise because he loves talking to everyone!! If one looks up “People Person” in the dictionary, David’s picture is featured there! Much to his wife’s chagrin, they can’t go anywhere without running into someone he knows!

A consummate Foodie, David loves fine cuisine and finding new places to eat, and new dishes to cook, share, and enjoy… often bordering on the weird and exotic!

As our resident “foodie”, David is AtoZ’s in-house chef extraordinaire and always cooks for employee birthdays and other special occasions. Whether it’s a deep fried turkey or a cornucopia of side dishes, Dave’s got the skills to break your will if you are on a diet!

David is a 4th generation Lincolnite born and raised right here in Lincoln. CA where our corporate office is located. He has 2 brothers and enjoyed all the high school sports as a Lincoln High Fighting Zebra. Now that he’s a little older, he likes all of the “Old Man Sports” including golf, bowling, corn hole, bocce ball, and he even enjoys watching curling…. If he keeps going this direction, it won’t be long before he’s out on the pickleball court with all of the rest of the old folks!

David has 2 blood brothers, but he inherited 7 additional brothers when he met and married Rebecca as a young man. Their story begins in 1997 and is one of greasy romance as they met working together at the Burger King on 1st street. She was up front taking the money, and he was in the back cooking the food…. When David saw that she could handle money, and she saw that he could handle himself in the kitchen, they knew they had something special together! David chuckles when he remembers the first time he went to Rebecca’s house to pick her up for a first date… her mom answered the door, saw his long hair, leather motorcycle boots and jacket, rings and chains, and told him to wait outside. She didn’t let him into the house on that first day! Needless to say, times have changed and he’s now her favorite! LOL.

Today his leather jacket, boots, and chains may be gone, but he now has a well groomed beard and a twinkle in his eye that would make Sata Claus jealous! To complete the picture and stray true to a man who has lost over 60lbs this past year and is clearly having a mid-life crisis, he very recently got himself his first few tattoos…. Be sure to ask him about them!

If asked if he has any kids, he quickly responds “Nope!” “I’ve got three grown adults who are eating me out of house and home! Apparently there’s no such thing as leftover pizza in his fridge anymore ;-). His two sons both work at the two local big box hardware stores; The older one works at Home Depot while the younger one works at Lowes… an occasional bit of sibling rivalry is sure to be had around the dinner table! His youngest child, a daughter, attends Lincoln High School and works at a local yogurt shop.

In his spare time, David loves to attend sporting events, live concerts, and spending time with friends and family eating and playing games. Unfortunately he is a Raiders and Oakland Athletics fan, but his redeeming quality is that he also likes the Sacramento Kings.

When asked what his favorite thing about working with AtoZ was, he said he loves our team, our vendors, and our customers. He loves it when repeat customers call in, recognize his voice and address him by his first name, and then talk like the old friends that they truly are. We are grateful David has been with us for so many years and are looking forward to spending many more years together into the future.

Woman with red shirt and brown hair smiling at camera

Danielle Welsh

Danielle Welsh has been AtoZ’s money tracking, receipt entering, sharp-as-a-tack book keeper since November 2018. She has an obsession for tracking every last penny, and has been scolded on occasion for spending more in wages to find a missing penny than it’s worth!

Unabashedly Italian, she can whip out her New York accent in a heartbeat and amaze you with some of the best cheesecake your lips have ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with… but don’t bother asking how she makes it taste so awesome… It’s a top-secret family recipe handed down from one generation to the next and like all great Italian families, she’s sworn a blood oath never to divulge it!

Danielle is happily married to her husband Mike and they’ve been together since 2009. They met at a mutual friend’s bonfire, and she said the second she saw him in his winter zoot suit framed in fire with his angelic blue eyes, she had a bonfire going on inside herself!

In their free time, Danielle and Mike enjoy camping, shooting guns, ripping around the sand dunes at sand mountain, four wheeling, and going to live concerts. They also like good friends and fine wine preferring specimens of the sweeter variety (both in friends and in wine LOL).

In December 2021, Danielle and Mike relocated to Benton TN so they could live in freedom and enjoy a little southern rock! She has recently taken up Tennessee’s official state sport doing a lot of front porch sittin’! While rocking on the front porch, she says her favorite thing is enjoying a view of the Cherokee Mountains framed perfectly with her beautiful rose bushes in the foreground. Although we sorely miss seeing Danielle here at the office, she does manage to come back from time to time for family and work activities.

Danielle is the proud mother of three grown children… two boys and one girl, and has a spoiled rotten Red Heeler/Pitbull mix named Valentino (aka “Mr. V”). She is eagerly awaiting the arrival of as many grandchildren as she can possibly spoil at once!

When asked what her favorite thing was about working at AtoZ, she said it was hands down getting to work with so many awesome team mates…. She says they alllmmooossst make up for the fact that her boss is such a goofball ;-)!

Woman sitting at desk looking at screens

Anna Mark

Anna Mark is the latest addition to our collection of “rare butterfly” admin staff. Her phone persona excellence has quickly established her as a 3rd degree blackbelt office ninja able to move mountains and part seas to get stuff done! Because phone trees are against our excellent customer service religion, AtoZ’s customers are able to reap the sweet fruits of her labors and talk directly with Anna whenever they want to give us their money… and we like that ;-).

Anna Grew up in Roseville CA with her mom, dad, and her younger brother who she may or may not have dressed up in girls clothes when he was younger. She graduated from Roseville High and had some of the same teachers that both her parents and aunts and uncles had when they attended there. Family is very important to Anna and her extended family. She talks with her mom just about every day, and they still get together for all birthdays and major holidays.

Anna’s mom and dad are still happily married after all these years. Her mom is an office professional working for a local country club, and her dad and brother are both big rig truck drivers for a large local hardware distribution warehouse. Rumor has it that both of them keep meticulously clean trucks!

Happily married to the love of her life and her everything since 2016, Anna and John live in the Olivehurst area with their spoiled rotten rescue hound named Athena. An overly pampered pit bull, Athena has more toys and collars than most children. Apparently, the $2.99 toy bin next to the Pet Smart register gets Anna every time! And why so many collars? Because a dog needs to have a collar for every season and occasion in order to accessorize with all those toys, of course!

Anna met John online after being frustrated with dating too many losers…. It wasn’t long after meeting that her discerning eye couldn’t find any red flags…. apparently he checked all the boxes! Running car? Check! Good job in an established career? Check! Had his own place? Check! Was kind, funny, smart and charming? Check! Didn’t expect her to pay for his dinner? Check! Yes, it wasn’t long before Anna knew John was her soul mate and the man of her dreams, and they’ve been enjoying marital bliss since 2016! In their spare time and as the budget allows, they love going to Studio Movie grill, shooting guns, and eating out. Anna also enjoys crocheting and is currently working on a king size bed cover for next winter… because those darn store bought snuggies just don’t quite cut the mustard when held up against a crochet-master’s work of art! Anna recently began honing her cooking skills and John has been the grateful recipient of her efforts! Be sure to ask her about her honey walnut glazed chicken and stuffed chicken made with spinach and cream cheese!

One look at Anna’s desk will reveal how she runs her entire life… she is a neat freak. She finds that getting cleaning equipment and supplies as gifts is highly romantic! She enjoys being in a clean, organized environment and achieving excellence in all that she does…and serving our AtoZ customers is no exception! AtoZ is extremely lucky and grateful to have her!

Field Technicians:

Man with beard and red shirt

Josh Woodcock

Josh has been with AtoZ since March 2015 and comes from a construction background. He is our lead sales consultant and has an eye for perfection and the skills to deliver.

His goal is providing the perfect security door and window screening solution for our customers’ needs and has the experience and patience to ensure all their goals are met.

Josh is happily married to his high school sweetheart and the proud father of two rambunctiously active very young boys!

He lives in Wheatland and loves being with his family, longboarding in the evenings with his Boxer pulling him at warp speeds and doing home improvement projects on his own home in his limited spare time.

Man in red shirt with black hair smiling at camera

Tim Artyushevskiy

Tim has been one of our best field technicians with AtoZ since October 2016. He currently serves as our Lead Installer and trainer and is a patient and amazing mentor to our new trainees.
He moved to the US from Russia with his mother and father and siblings as a very young child and speaks fluent Russian and English with no accent (but he can add one if you ask him ;).

He’s married to his sweet wife Christina and they’re the proud parents of four of the most beautiful, well-mannered angel children you may ever meet. #amazing parents! (Mostly Christina LOL)

Tim is very mechanically talented and loves doing top-quality work in order to please his customers. He’s very active in his church community and has more friends than you can shake a stick at (probably because he owns a truck and isn’t afraid to go help somebody move LOL)!

In his spare time, he loves being with his family and working on their new house.
Be sure to ask him why he was nicknamed “Little Buckets” in high school!

man in red shirt with red raiders hat and beard smiling at camera

Jaime Vera

Jaime is one of our top AtoZ Installers and he gets high marks from our AtoZ Customers. Ever the quiet gentleman, don’t let Jaime’s low-key laid-back demeanor fool you…. He is one of the hardest-working guys you’ll ever meet! His amazing work ethic comes from years of working in the elements out on the farm planting, watering, and harvesting crops to fuel California’s bread basket of the world (ask him about the joys of picking peaches ;-). When it comes to his work, Jaime has always loved to go above and beyond in order to please his customers, and his five-star rating is a testimony to that fact.

Jaime hails from 3 generations of family in the Marysville area, and he loves his family very much. He has two rambunctiously rowdy little boys (ages 5 and 4), and one of the cutest little girls you’ve ever seen (7 months)…. She happens to be teething right now, so if you see bags under his eyes, you’ll know why LOL!

When not working, Jaime enjoys intense and exciting hide-and-seek sessions with his boys, cuddling his little girl, and being the best daddy a kid could ever ask for. His favorite holiday happens to be Christmas because he loves being all together with extended family sharing a great meal.

Recently, Jaime has learned about the joys of new car ownership! His new Hyundai Sonata has shown him that having a car payment is worth NOT having to fix a broken down bucket of bolts every weekend! Ahhh the joys of having a car that actually starts every time you turn the key! Life is good!

In the few fleeting moments Jaime actually has to himself, he enjoys playing Apex Legends and Horizon on his PlayStation before drifting off to sleep in the evenings.

man in red shirt with glasses smiling at camera

Jarred Olson

Jarred may look like he’s 12 years old, but don’t let that handsome young face fool you! Jared comes with a cornucopia of life experience having worked most recently as a AAA roadside angel rescuing stranded motorists!

When it comes to knowing how to be of service and satisfy his customers, Jared is no stranger to what it takes to upholding AtoZ’s long-standing tradition of over-the-top customer service excellence!

Jared lives in Roseville with his love-of-a-lifetime fiancé Katie. Their story is one of intrigue and romance as they were both employed at Kmart as youngsters;-). Jared was the store’s “Reset Specialist” (re-setting sales displays and inventory locations) and Katie was a cashier. As they got to know one another, Jared decided that in addition to resetting Kmart’s store displays, he would also re-set his life for the better by inviting Katie to join him as his better half! I guess you could say that Katie the cashier really “cashed in” when she found a gentleman like Jared! And at AtoZ, we know exactly how she feels since Jared came to work with us! #Jackpot!

Katie is currently going to school to become a pediatric echo cardiologist at Sacramento State.

Jared and his two sisters were raised in the Loomis area by a hard working single mother. Through his mother’s example, he and his two sisters learned what it takes to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and work hard for a better life.

His older sister is the head psychologist of a hospital in Santa Rosa, and his younger sister is a recent survivor of stage 3 ovarian cancer… and through the grace of God, is currently pregnant with her first child… a little girl! Miracles do happen!

And while Jared and Katie don’t have any children of their own just yet, they thoroughly enjoy their teenage tomcat named “Dark Night”. At 16 years old and weighing in at over 20lbs, this indoor-only kitty rules the roost…. Every square foot of it!

This chunky brute has more toys than most kids, and gets a different kind of food every two weeks! Can you say purrrrrfectly pampered?!

Jared drives a 2016 Nissan Versa Note… when asked about his car, he said he bought it because he fell in love with the interior… proof positive that to Jared, it’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts!

When not making his cat Dark Knight chase a laser around the house or cruising in his Versa Note, Jared sometimes enjoys video games and doing selfless acts of service fixing computers for his friends and family.

When asked about the best advice anyone’s ever given him, he said, “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes… that way, when you DO criticize them, you’re at least a mile away AND you have their shoes! LOL.

Fun Fact: As a younger man managing a Little Caesars Pizza joint, he once had some customers try to order tacos! Be sure to ask him about that adventure while he amazes you with his supreme screen installation skills!

Custom Screen Shop Fabricators:

Older man with glasses leaning over a work bench measuring

Mick Voss

Employed with AtoZ since December 2007, Mick is our most tenured AtoZ team member (as evidenced by his wrinkles and gray hair LOL).

As our custom shop foreman, he’s been riding this trail longer than anyone else in northern CA, and his time in the saddle is one of the things that makes AtoZ Screens so special. When it comes to custom window screens, he is passionately proud of his crew’s ability to create some of the most beautiful, finely crafted window screens money can buy. He proudly wears the “Been there, done that, got the T-Shirt” title, and our customers are glad for it!

Mick lives in Loomis and is the proud father of two college aged kids, two little trouble-making mini Australian Shepherds (Tanner and Rey), and is newly engaged to his sweetheart.

He’s also a raving Raiders Fan, but please don’t hold it against him…. His only redeeming quality is that he secretly likes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, too.

Mick is passionate about being a very accomplished drummer in the rock and roll band “Jax Hammer.” They are a working band with a wide repertoire of classic rock cover tunes that they’ll happily play at your next private party or event! If you like classic rock, you’ll love Jax Hammer!

Man in black t shirt and hat holding up sign in workshop

Andrew Marston

Andrew Marston (also lovingly nicknamed “Forklift”) has been an invaluable part of our team since April 2013, and we couldn’t imagine this place without him! He is one of our most senior shop screeners with enough experience and talent to make just about any mechanical genius blush!

Andrew grew up in Rio Oso and is one of seven children. Both his parents have remarried and he now has 14 brothers and sisters! As you can imagine, this makes him the favorite uncle to his 17 nieces and nephews ……. And counting!

Andrew lives in Roseville with his lovely wife Tabitha to whom he’s been happily married since April 2007. When he’s not saving the world with his superhuman screening powers, he loves relaxing at home enjoying Marvel movies, video games on his playstation, or a fat juicy steak….

A soft spoken, stark raving introvert, Andrew says he likes working in the shop tucked safely away from the public. When asked, he said his favorite thing about working at AtoZ was that he really enjoys our tight-knit team and working with his hands.

Don’t let Andrew’s quiet demeanor fool you… he is wicked smart when it comes to staying one step ahead of anyone he’s working with. He often surprises his co-workers by anticipating the next steps and rolling out the red carpet in front of them so they can do their jobs better.

If you ever visit our shop and get the pleasure of meeting Andrew, be sure to ask him why we call him “Forklift”.


We hope you will benefit from this group of “partners” who are committed to providing top-quality services in their industries. It’s a service our customers appreciate about us!