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Invest in bug screens for the summer

Summer brings so many fantastic things: Warm temperatures, sunshine, and pleasant breezes. It’s no wonder that summer has homeowners everywhere throwing open their windows to enjoy what summer has to offer. Unfortunately, that can bring a realization that summer can bring some less pleasant things into your home: Namely, bugs. If you’re going to enjoy pleasant summer breezes this summer, you need to invest in bug screens for your home to keep the bugs out. A to Z Window Screens can help! We offer quality custom bug screens to help make your home more enjoyable and more functional this summer.

A custom fitclose up of bug screen

When you go to outfit your windows with bug screens, you’ll quickly find that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for bug screens. Windows do not come in standard sizes, so it can be difficult to find ready-made screens to fit your existing windows. A to Z Windows Screens can help! We custom fit bug screens to every window. When you purchase bug screens from A to Z Window Screens, we will begin by measuring your windows. From there, every screen will be custom made for a perfect fit to completely seal bugs out of your home this summer.

Stronger materials

In addition to a custom fit, A to Z Window Screens brings superior quality to your bug screens. Unlike standard bug screens, A to Z’s custom-made bug screens feature internal metal corners for superior strength. Our bug screen frames won’t become brittle and break easily over time; they will stand up to weather and use for years. The exterior vinyl on the screen frames features mitered corners for a polished look. In addition, our bug screens are perfectly tensioned so your screens won’t warp or ripple, and your screen frames won’t warp out of shape.

Hundreds of options

With bug screens from A to Z Window Screens, you can customize your bug screens to fit the look of your home and your lifestyle. We offer screen frames and screen mesh in a variety of colors so you can choose the colors that best fit your home. We also can match existing screens if you are only replacing a few of your home’s screens! A to Z also offers window screen options to suit your lifestyle. We have pet screens to stand up to the pressure of your pets and kids, solar screens to save you money on your home energy bills, retractable screens to discretely protect your home from bugs and security screens that let you enjoy the breeze while keeping your home safe.

Don’t let summer’s bugs and pests keep you from enjoying all of the pleasant weather summers have to offer; invest in bug screens! A to Z Window Screens can help you enjoy summer breezes pest free with our quality, custom window screens. Call to schedule your consultation today!

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Benefits of Bug Screens

What’s keeping you from opening your windows to enjoy pleasant temperatures and let fresh air into your home? For most people, it’s a lack of functional bug screens. When bug screens are ripped, torn, bent or missing altogether, opening your windows can allow a host of unpleasant creatures to enter your home, from the common fly to the more terrifying wasp, or even a disoriented bird. Bug screens bring many benefits to your home: They keep pests out while allowing the breeze in, they can add shade to your home to reduce the glare and cut down on the solar heat gain in your home and they can add a polished look to your home. If you’re considering adding screens to your home, or repairing existing screens, here’s what you need to know.

Adding bug screens to your homebenefits of bug screens

If your home is missing bug screens, you might be looking into adding screens to your windows so you can reap the benefits and open up your home to fresh air on beautiful days. Unfortunately, adding screens to your home isn’t as simple as a trip to the home improvement store, especially if you have large or specially shaped windows. You’ll find that windows don’t come in a standard size, and therefore, neither do window screens. If you’re ready to add bug screens to your home, you very likely will need to seek out custom screen services. Ideally, you will have your windows measured for screens made specifically sized to fit your home’s windows.

Replacing bug screens

If your home has bug screens but they are ripped or bent, repairing bug screens might seem like the obvious solution. Screen repair isn’t ideal, however. Adding a patch to window screens can look unsightly, and bugs can find ways in around any gaps or flaws in patch jobs. Some people will undertake the task of removing screen mesh from the frames and fitting new mesh in. This isn’t advisable either; fresh mesh on an old screen frame can cause problems with screen tension; the fresh mesh will add pressure on the screen frame, causing it to bend out of shape. Re-meshed screens that become warped might not fit back into your window frames, and they allow bugs and other pests to gain entry to your home because they don’t fit snugly into the window.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of new or repaired bug screens, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! We custom-build bug screens to fit our customers’ windows. And on top of a customized fit for your window screens, we offer options including screen material, color and finished so that you can further customize your window to fit the look of your home and your own personal screen needs.

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All About Bug Screens

Every spring when the weather warms, the sun shines, and the pleasant breezes blow, we open up our windows and doors to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful weather. But spring can bring something else unpleasant: Bugs. If your home’s windows and doors aren’t outfitted with sturdy bug screens, insects can find their way into your home, putting a major damper on spring’s temperate weather. If your windows aren’t keeping the bugs out, then it may be time to get in touch with professionals who can install screens in your home. Here is everything you need to know about bug screens.

Not all bug screens are the same

Bug screens come in different materials and various meshes. There are traditional bug screens made of aluminum and ones that come in finer meshes to keep out even the smallest bugs. Some bug screens have mesh that is made out of premium materials, like bronze, copper, brass, and stainless steel; these more durable meshes last longer and provide a unique look to your home.

There is no standard bug screen size

If your windows are missing bug screens, you might head to the home improvement store to pick up a new set of screens. If you do, you’ll likely be disappointed. There is no standard window size and, thus, no standard window screen. If you’re lucky, you might find screens to fit your windows, but unless your windows were purchased from the same home improvement store, you’re not likely to find off-the-rack screens that fit your windows.

Bug screens shouldn’t be repaired

There are plenty of DIY fixes for ripped or warped window screens. You can buy patches for holes and rips and mesh that can be pulled over existing window frames. The reality, however, is that window screens usually shouldn’t be repaired. Patches will leave your window screens uneven. Re-meshing screen frames puts pressure on the frames, which will cause the frame to bend and the screen mesh to bow.

Bug screens can add to your home’s curb appeal

The goal for most people when it comes to bug screens is to keep them in good repair, so they serve their purpose and don’t hinder the look of your home. Bug screens can do so much more than be “invisible” on your home – they can actually add to its curb appeal. Bug screens come in different color meshes and frames, and you can select ornamental grids to add further interest.

Bug screens aren’t the only screen option

Most homes are outfitted with traditional bug screens, but bug screens aren’t the only option for keeping bugs out of your home. You can select retractable screens if you want the option of rolling your screen out of the way when it’s not in use, pet screens that will stand up to the wear and tear of pets’ claws and body weight, and solar screens that deflect the sun’s rays to keep your home cooler and lower the impact of UV rays on your home.

If your bug screens aren’t up to the task of keeping bugs out of your home this spring, call A to Z Window Screens! We can outfit your home with new bug screens that will improve the look of your home and let you enjoy this spring’s pleasant weather.

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Prepare for Spring with New Screens

Sacramento may be in the grips of winter’s cool temperatures, but spring will be here before you know it! To prepare your home fully for warmer temperatures, it’s time to prepare with new screens. From repairing damaged screen doors to outfitting your windows with energy-saving solar screens, A to Z Window Screens can help you prepare your windows, doors and patios for spring.

Replacement Bug Screens

Bug screens are one of the first things to show wear on the outside of your home. Whether its from a pet’s claws or bearing the brunt of California wind and sun, screens break down over time. In addition to affecting the look of your home, worn screens fail to do their job. Unfortunately, replacing window screens isn’t as easy as going to the hardware store to buy replacements; there is no standard screen size; patches can only make your screens look worse; and stretching new screen mesh over an old frame will only make the frame-warp and bow. A to Z Window Screens can outfit your windows with new custom-made bug screens that will look great, let the breeze in and keep pests out!

Pet Screens

Nothing is as hard on window and door screens as pets. Cats love to scratch and climb, and over-eager dogs push or scratch at screen doors. If your pets have taken a toll on your window and door screens, have A to Z Window Screens replaced your damaged screens with pet screens! Pet screens are made from a stronger, coated screen mesh that resists claw scratches and tearing due to pets’ body weight.

Solar Screens

Are you looking to lower your home energy bills this summer? Solar screens can help lower the temperature in your home by as much as 15 degrees! That means a reduced load on your air conditioner, less UV damage to you flooring and furnishing, no bright sunny glares and a more comfortable home all summer long.

Security Screen Doors

Do you want to leave your doors open to let in the cool spring breeze but worry about the security of your home? Security screen doors from A to Z Window Screens has you covered! Security screen doors feature specialized mesh that can’t be kicked in or slashed, and stronger frames keep doors security in place, so intruders can’t just bust in. With security screen doors, you can keep your home safe from criminals while still allowing you to enjoy the breeze.

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors are there when you want them and roll away when you don’t! When you opt for a retractable screen door from A to Z Window Screens, you can enjoy the benefits of a screen door when you want it and simply roll it away when it’s not needed.

Roll-away screens
Screens aren’t just for windows and doors! A to Z Window Screens can install rollaway screens around your patio, deck or framed backyard space so you can block the bugs and the shade when you need to and enjoy the view when you want to.

Warmer temperatures will be here before you know it — and so will your tax return. Schedule your consultation with A to Z Window Screens today so you can prepare your windows, doors and patio space for warmer weather.

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Reduce pests in your home with bug screens

Each summer, we open our homes. Windows are opened to let in the summer breeze. Screen doors are left open as we dine on our patios or host parties outdoors, or as kids run in and out of the house as they play. While those opened doors and windows can bring the fresh feeling of summer into your home, it also can bring in other problems: Pests.

If your window screens and screen doors have rips or holes, or if they are missing screens entirely, your open windows and doors provide an easy entry point for flies, mosquitoes and wasps, or even mice, birds or bats. You can reduce the amount of pests accessing your homes through your open doors and windows this summer with new bug screens from A to Z Window Screens!

Bug Screens from A to Z Window Screens

If you’ve already explored replacing your torn, broken, bent or missing window screens, you have probably discovered that there is no easy fix! Windows don’t come in standard sizes, which means that you can’t just purchase screens from the home improvement store to insert into your existing windows. That’s where A to Z Window Screens can help! We build replacement window screens from scratch. You can select your screen color, style and accents to match your existing window screens or to suit your home’s style or your decorating style. Our window screens are made from high-quality materials with a high-quality design, so you won’t find yourself needing to replace your window screens any time soon.

And with A to Z Window Screens, you aren’t just limited to standard bug screens. We offer a variety of options, such as solar screens that can cut the heat in your home and reduce your home energy bills, pet screens that resist rips and scratches from your pets, and roll-down screens that can be pulled down by a chain or remote when you want them and rolled up and away when you don’t. Our screens also come in a variety of colors and with the option for decorating grids so your window screens can add to your home’s exterior designs.

Other ways to keep pests out of your home

While screens are one of the best ways to keep pests out of your homes, there are other strategies you can employ to reduce pest invasions this summer. Look around your door and window frames for visible gaps and fill them in so bugs can’t invade. Make sure that there isn’t any standing water around your home’s exterior or any moisture remaining in your home’s structure. Make sure you take out your garbage regularly and don’t leave food out, as both food and garbage can attract pests.

If you have noticed pests finding their way in through your broken or missing screens, or if you have kept your windows closed because of damaged or missing screens, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today!

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We are Window and Door Problem Solvers!

The simplest explanation of what we do at A to Z Window Screens is right in our name: We install and repair all kinds of window and door screens. But beyond that, we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers — our clients call us with a problem in need of a solution, and we offer screen products and services that do the job.

Your Problems and Our Solutions

Replacement Bug Screens are just a piece of what we do — A to Z Window Screens can offer solutions for all kinds of simple and not-so-simple screen problems:

Problem: My Pets Keep Destroying Our Bug Screens

This is one we see and hear a lot. It’s a tale as old as time: You open the window to get a little air, and your cat decides to use the screen as a climbing wall, tearing it to tatters in the process. Or you open up the screen door, only for your dog to get excited about a scampering squirrel, shredding the screen in an effort to get at the woodland pal. Our dogs and cats provide a lot of love and companionship, but they’re definitely not the best friends your screens have ever had. You can replace those screens with traditional screens time and again, but that doesn’t solve the core problem: Those screens aren’t strong enough to withstand your pets’ enthusiasm.

Our solution: Installing tough and durable Pet Screens. These are made out of a PVC vinyl-coated polyester yarn that’s thicker and seven times stronger than traditional screens, so it can withstand lots of attention from your pet. But you’ll still get the airflow and visibility you want and expect!

Problem: My AC is on Full Blast 24/7, but My Home is Still Warm!

If your air conditioning is on constant overdrive and you have the energy bills to prove it, there’s a lot you can look at, from insulation to drafty windows and doors or the HVAC itself. But sometimes your problem is just worsened by the summer sun beaming through your windows and baking the house (and fading your furniture and carpets in the process).

Our solution: Sun or Solar Screens. Once installed, these can drop the temperature in your home by as much as 15 degrees by shading, reflecting and absorbing the sun’s rays. An unprotected window allows around 80 percent of the heat that hits the glass to move through; with a solar screen, it’s more like 20 percent — and you’ll see that difference in both the comfort level in your home and your comfort level upon opening your energy bill each month.

Problem: I’d like to put a Screen Door in, but I’m not Confident about their Security

We understand: Even if you really like the idea of leaving a deck or patio door open for a nice evening breeze, screen doors can seem flimsy, and that makes a lot of us feel less than confident and less than secure. That’s why A to Z Window Screens carries and installs a variety of super tough security screen doors that provide strength and confidence without sacrificing beauty. (Strong security doors in and of themselves can act as a deterrent to thieves, just by adding a layer of difficulty and hassle.)

The products we carry look nothing like the steel bars of yesterday — looking at our security doors, you’d think they were installed just for the elegant aesthetic, even if they’re also providing protection and valuable peace of mind.

Those are just a few of the many problems we can help you solve at A to Z Window Screens. Have some thoughts about ways we can improve the windows and doors in your home? Give us a call — we’d love to help!

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Let’s Talk About Bug Screen Replacement

There are certain things every homeowner will need to think about during the time he or she lives in a house; replacing the bug screens is one of those things, as it is an inevitable task because even the highest quality window screens will deteriorate over time. While you can go down to the hardware store and buy a repair kit, complete with screens, frames, and hardware, these kits rarely have the proper size or color screen or frame, and the included parts are generally made out of cheap plastic that becomes brittle and breaks when exposed to outdoor elements.

Instead, if you want the job to be done properly, call a professional screen company like A to Z Screens to measure each of your windows exactly and custom make each bug screen for all of the windows in your home. You should be able to enjoy fresh air without worrying about insects flying inside, and our window screen installation experts at A to Z Screens know how to protect you and your family from bugs while having your windows open thanks in large part to our customized bug screens.

When you notice rips and tears in your window screens or even screens that are missing entirely, which can happen during strong severe storms, you will want to call A to Z Screens; we are a full-service screen shop, and, as such, our trained and experienced technicians can handle the entire job. We would like to tell you more about the process that takes place after you make that phone call.

  1. You will get a visit to your home from one of our technicians to get a free, no-obligation estimate. Our technician will sketch out each side of your house, detailing the location and size of each window. Each of the windows will be priced individually, and you can pick and choose according to your budget.
  2. After you have selected your windows and placed your order, our expert screen builders begin to work on constructing your custom screens. Of course, you can choose from all the different colors, sizes, and shapes of bug screen frame and fabric in our 4500-sq ft. shop. You can match the existing screens on your home, or if you are getting all new screens, you can update the look with a new color.
  3. Once your bug screens are completed, our technician will come back to your house to install the screens. Since you have an expert screen installer there, do not hesitate to ask how to remove and reinstall your screens. Our technicians are always happy to show you how to do this without damaging your screens. We are also happy to dispose of your old, damaged screens for free, so be sure to let us know if you want us to take away your old screens.

As you can see, replacing bug screens is an easy, no-headache process when you call the professionals like A to Z Screens. With years of experience in installing and constructing window screens, our expert employees can take care of you quickly and with the best service possible. If you bought a do-it-yourself kit, you would not have the best screens, and it is very easy to become frustrated with doing this task if you have never done it before yourself. Our technicians can save you from this frustration and do a much better, professional job with high-quality bug screens.

If you have tears in your window screens, contact A to Z Screens today to get started on the bug screen replacement process. You will be happy you decided to call us rather than taking your chances with a DIY kit. Some projects are best left to the professionals.

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All About Bug Window Screens

When the weather gets warmer, everyone wants to open his or her windows to let the fresh, warm breezes blow through the house. However, if any of your windows are missing any screens, you are leaving a wide-open invitation to every insect out there to fly into your house. Mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps, gnats, and other flying bugs will freely fly into any unscreened window, and no one wants to be stung or bitten in his or her own home. You may even have ripped screens that need to be replaced and repaired, but when you go to your local hardware store, you discover that it’s impossible to find standard sized replacement window screens. You’ll find an inventory of screens of various sizes, usually cheaply made with poor-quality accessories. The first place you should go when you need replacement window screens is A to Z Screens, experts in customizing and installing new bug window screens.


What to Expect During your Free Estimate

When you contact A to Z Screens for an appointment, one of our technicians will come by your home to check out your windows and do a free, no-obligation estimate. Each window will be individually priced, and the technician will show you all of your options, from different colors and sizes and different types of bug screen frame and fabric, allowing you to choose the perfect bug window screens for you.

Window Screen Materials

According to the DIY home improvement site, Fine Homebuilding, choosing the metal of your bug screens can change the cost and look of your screens as well as the performance. The different types of screen metal include:

  • Fiberglass – One of the most common screening metals, this screen is composed of charcoal or silver gray fiberglass threads covered in a vinyl coating. More opaque than aluminum screening, yet fiberglass screening does not crease like aluminum does. It’s also more flexible, making it easy to fit into any frame. Standard fiberglass screening generally costs about 17 cents a square foot and comes in widths up to 84 inches.
  • Metal – This include several types of metal: aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and monel. The least expensive (25 cents a square foot) of these is aluminum; however, you get what you pay for. Aluminum creases and dents easily, and if you live on the coast, it oxides quickly. The most common of the high-performance metal bug screen is bronze, but it’s moderately expensive at $1.10 per square foot. Perfect for coastal dwellers, bronze starts off as a bright, coppery color and ages to a dark brown, or even green. If you really want to spend top dollar, go for stainless steel or monel, the best quality of metal screening at a high price – $2.25 to $5.00 per square foot, depending on its weave and quantity.

What to Expect After your Free Estimate

After you have chosen your screening type and color, our technician takes the measurements of your windows and that information back to our shop, packed with all different sizes, types, and colors of window bug screenings. Then our team of expert screen builders gets to work building your customized bug screens. When they are done, your technician will return to your home to install the new screens as well as show you how to remove and reinstall the screens yourself. You are ready to get the breezes flowing through your house without fear of bugs invading constantly!

Give A to Z Screens a call today to schedule that free, no obligation estimate for your insect window screens.

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