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Security Window Screens — Get The Breeze All Night Long, Without Rusty Ghetto Jail Bars Covering Your Windows!

Two windows on home with white trim and black shutters with three in the middle of them and plants on the ground in front
You’d love to enjoy the cool delta breeze by leaving your windows open all hours of the day and night, but you hesitate with worries about intruders entering your home.

Securing your windows with NASTY GHETTO JAIL BARS is out of the question because the last thing you want is to make your home look like it’s in the hood.

It’s not that you live in a bad neighborhood…. It’s just that bad neighbors sometimes come into good neighborhoods!

 window with security screen
Our Security Window Screens are the perfect solution for folks who want to enjoy the breeze without the bugs OR Thugs, while maintaining their home’s inviting curb appeal! Give you and your family room to breathe while securing what’s most precious to you by having AtoZ install Security Window Screens! They may look like ordinary window screens, but they’re actually a protective barrier between what’s most precious to you and the unknown!
home with three windowns with screens in then and a brown security doors in between with two steps in front
AtoZ’s revolutionary security window screens allow you to open your windows to Mother Nature’s Cool breeze without exposing you to bugs or thugs who would love to get into your home. And the best thing is they don’t have tacky jail bars and are guaranteed never to rust! These new security window screens have a strong, extruded aluminum outer frame and stainless steel security screen mesh that LOOKS like woven screen material, but are impervious to attempts at kicking them in or prying them open.
Closeup of metal mesh for screen door
While standing inside your home looking out through the security screen, visibility is astoundingly clear, and airflow through this revolutionary stainless steel mesh is excellent!
view through two window screen across the street to neighboors home we see cars in their driveways
view out of two windows we see a truck in front of the house next door
Fully compliant with all fire escape codes, you can order your screens with a quick escape push bar system to instantly open your security window screen from the inside and allow you and your family to escape in an emergency.
Security Screen Opening
side of home with two sets of black security windows with white trim
View through security screen windows we see a white truck parked on street and red and white home across the street

Vista Security Window Screens

The Gold Standard for security window screens, Vista Security has been making security window screens longer than just about any other manufacturer in the United States. With so many years of experience under their belt, Vista Security Screen products are the strongest, most reliable security screens that money can buy…. And they are manufactured right here in Southern, California!

To adapt to just about any type of window, Vista Security Window Screens can be purchased in three different configurations:
Quick Escape Security Window Screens,
Keyed Locking Security Window Screens, and
Fixed Security Window Screens.

view through security window a white truck is parked on the street and we see a red and white house across street
view through a window as window screen is removed  fresh cut lawn and plants in flowerbed

Quick Escape Security Window Screens

Modern building and fire codes say that all bedrooms are required to have at least two points of egress (at least two points of escape) in the event of a structural fire. Because nobody wants to get burnt to a crisp in their own home, Vista Quick Escape Security Window Screens have a quick release mechanism located inside the home. With a quick push of the quick escape release bar from inside the home, the window swings outward allowing you to get out in a hurry. But the beauty is that this quick escape mechanism is completely inaccessible to potential intruders from the outside!

Quick Escape Security Window Screens are hinged from either side of the window screen, or along the top of the window screen, depending on which application makes the most sense for your window configuration. AtoZ’s in home sales consultant will help ensure your security screens are configured and ordered properly.

black window screen with white trim with keys and lock show in bubbles
close up of pair of keys in. a lock

Keyed Locking Security Window Screens

The Keyed Locking Security Window Screens are installed exclusively on stationary (fixed or non opening) glass windows where the homeowner desires to be able to open the screen in order to clean the window every so often using a few keyed lock cylinders from the outside of the home. Keyed Locking Security Window Screens are very similar to the Quick Escape Security Window Screens except for the fact that there is no quick escape push bar mechanism inside the screen. With the ability to open the security window screen, you can clean your windows as necessary and avoid creating a safe harbor for every spider’s web within a half mile radius!

Keyed Locking Security Window Screens are hinged from either side of the window screen, or along the top of the window screen, depending on which application makes the most sense for your window configuration. AtoZ’s in-home sales consultant will help ensure your security screens are configured and ordered properly.

Two double doors with black shutters doors have two rows of 5 small windows each
fixed security door on on garage of home door is brown  with off white door to the right
Security screen on window black with white trim

Fixed Security Window Screens

Fixed Window Screens are the simplest, least expensive way to protect your window from intruders, golf balls, hurricanes, or any other random acts of God that He chooses to hurl at it from yonder heavens! Fixed window screens have the thinnest frame profile and are quite often used for narrow windows such as Sidelight windows next to front doors and transom windows located up high. Fixed window screens, once installed, are not able to be opened or removed from the window. While less expensive than the Keyed Locking Security Window Screens, you need to keep in mind that once installed, it will be impossible to get behind the screen in order to clean your window glass. Most often, homeowners will use a pressure washer or garden hose with the windex spray solution attachment to clean the window as needed.

Several Frame Colors to Choose From

The outer frame comes in a wide variety of colors including white, almond, bronze, and you can get the security screen mesh in any color you can imagine as long as it’s black ;-). The black colored security screen is ideal to provide the absolute best visibility and transparency.

Color Swatch shows colors from white to differnt shades of brown
In the meantime, here is a short video showcasing how tough these security screens really are!
western style home with several security screens in windows and various plants in front of home

If you’ve always wanted to sleep soundly with your windows open, it’s time to pinch yourself, because you are no longer dreaming…. it’s a reality! Get the fresh air all night long without giving your family’s security a second thought.

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Let our sunscreens (also known as solar screens or privacy screens) help keep your home much cooler and your carpets and furnishings from fading. You’ll be glad you called on the experts here at AtoZ Screens for the best in screen products.