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Security Screens — Protect Your Property In Style

Security doesn’t have to come at the expense of aesthetics or comfort. With the security screen systems we install here at A to Z, you get peace of mind, airflow, and architectural appeal.

Unlike bar or grille systems, our security screens are designed to provide security and protection against intruders and pests, while maintaining the attractive curb appeal of your home. In fact, you get an unobstructed view to the outside and can still enjoy the breeze, without worrying about break-ins or pests.

What Makes These Security Screens Different?

The security screen systems we sell and install are made of high-tensile stainless steel black powder-coated security mesh. Part of the strength and effectiveness is in the materials used, but the other part is in the tensioning system. Together, they provide superior protection for years and years.

Even better news: these systems aren’t just for windows. They can also provide doors protection against intruders, pests, and excited puppy paws.

We carry the following options here at A to Z:

  • Double/Single Sliding Doors (3-point lock system available)
  • French Security Doors (3-point lock system available)
  • Hinged Security Doors (3-point lock system available)
  • Fixed Window Security Screens — Great for non-functioning windows.
  • Keyed Locking Window Screens — Allow for easy cleaning of fixed glass panels.
  • Quick Escape Window Screens — These are the screens you’ll want for windows that may be part of a quick escape fire plan or other emergency plan. Local codes will determine which windows require the quick escape screens.

*Local codes will determine which windows require quick escape models vs. cleanable models.

Why Will You Love Life With Our Security Screen Systems?

  • They provide security without the bars, giving you a clear, unobstructed view of the outside and a more appealing home aesthetic.
  • They’re strong and resistant to forced-entry, pet scratching, storm damage, and even those stray baseballs. And yes, they’re Knife Shear Tested.
  • They keep flies, mosquitos, and other pests out.
  • They save you money by allowing you to keep the windows open to enjoy the breeze, instead of relying on air-conditioning to keep comfortable.
  • They block around 60% of harmful UV rays.
  • They’re available in multiple colors and can be customized for your home or property.
  • They can be installed on just about any type of window or door system, and can even be customized for fencing, patios, skylights, and other applications.
  • They’re designed to withstand even the toughest environments. In fact, they’re corrosion resistant and exceed standards for Salt Spray Testing (important for coastal applications).
  • Installation is quicker than it is with many other screen systems
  • Standard and custom sizes are available.

For product safety and effectiveness, you’ll want to have your screen system professionally installed by someone with knowledge of window systems, framing, local fire codes, and installation. That’s where we come in. We specialize in screen installation and can make sure you get the privacy, security, comfort, and peace of mind you need.

Ready For Security That Looks Great? Call A To Z

Whether you need protection and peace of mind for your home, a school, a commercial building, or some other structure, A to Z Screens is here to help. To request an appointment or learn more, simply call 916-259-9832 or schedule online. We’re here for you, wherever you are in the greater Sacramento region!

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