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Has your pet ruined your screen door? Invest in pet-resistant bug screens.

Window screens and screen doors are there to secure your home from bugs and pests that might find their way in. Screen doors are usually sturdy enough to keep out bugs, birds and rodents, while allowing you to enjoy pleasant breezes. However, your screen doors are no match for your pets.

Pets are notoriously hard on screens. Dogs like to scratch or run at screen doors when they are eager to get outside. Cats also love to climb and scratch at screens. They also love to lounge near windows, letting the weight of their bodies push out the screen mesh.

Protecting your screens from your pets

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If your pets have destroyed your window or door screens, you might be hesitant to replace them with new ones, especially if you have a pet. Because you are expecting your cats, dogs or children, to destroy them immediately. However, you don’t have to choose between secure, functional screens and your pets. We are here to let your know about our pet-resistant screens. They are durable and sturdy screens that can withstand pet, and you don’t have to worry about damage any longer.

While traditional window screens are made from fiberglass, pet-resistant window screens are woven from a sturdy polyester yarn that’s been coated with PVC for added durability. The heavier mesh stands up to paws and claws, as well as to any additional weight or pressure that pets or children put on the screen mesh. Pet screens look and function like traditional screens, but they also keep bugs out while maintaining visibility and allowing breeze into your home. In addition, they can also be installed in any window or door.

Keeping your pets safe with pet-resistant screening

Pet-resistant screens aren’t just about maintaining the look and function of your windows and doors. They also save you from damage caused by your pets or children. Pet-resistant screens also provide safety to your pets. When your pets and children are less likely to push through or break through a screen, they are less likely to escape your home or get injured.

An excited or anxious pet who rushes at a screen, or a curious pet who manages to push open the corner of a screen, can escape and become lost or get injured outside. A ragged edge on a ripped screen can cut a pet who tries to escape through the screen or who continues to paw the damage. Screens that are less likely to be damaged by pets are less likely to cause damage TO your pets!

Call A to Z Window Screens

Pets are known for causing damage to window and door screens, but having pets doesn’t mean that you can’t have beautiful, functional screens that allow you to enjoy the breezes. With pet-resistant screens from A to Z Window Screens, you can enjoy beautiful, sturdy window screens that are safe for your pets. Call A to Z Window Screens today to set up your consultation to learn more!

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Tired of your Pet Destroying your Screen? Get a new Pet-resistant One!

Are you tired or replacing your damaged screen mesh due to your pet’s penchant for pawing and clawing? Have you ever come home to find your pet’s head poking through your standard screen? Do you often have to endure a stuffy home because you are afraid to open your windows and doors closed for fear that one of your beloved pets will destroy yet another screen?

If any of these concerns have ever gotten you down, there is still hope for you yet! If getting rid of your beloved family pet is out of the question, we would like to offer some words of wisdom: pet-resistant insect screening is the product you’ve been waiting for.

As a pet owner, it’s often hard to remain angry once you see that cute little face. You love your pets and would go to great lengths to ensure their safety and happiness. We all love our pets, but sometimes they can unintentionally cause damage to our screens. We can’t hold this against them. Instead, we need to seek an alternative.

Part of the fun of living in sunny California is being able to open our windows and doors and let some of the outdoors in. Keeping the bugs out of your home can be a chore with cats and dogs around the house; they can wreak absolute havoc on traditional door and window screens.

The standard screens on windows are often created with unreliable metals and plastics that can leave your home or patio looking like a disaster zone in no time! This less than ideal screen material makes it a little more difficult for pet owners to truly get the most out of their prime location.

Due to the abuse that your pets (as well as younger children) can inflict upon their surroundings, pet screen fabric is 2-3 times thicker than the standard window or door screen fabric (and 7 times stronger) and is constructed of a strong polyester yarn covered in a protective PVC vinyl coating. It is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets while still offering superb outward visibility and excellent protection from insects.

Pet screen is ideal for areas where children or pets push against the screen. If the family dog has ever run through your screen door or the family cat has used it as a scratching post, you might want to give us a call. You may find that once we’ve installed our pet screens you’ll never have to rescreen your window or sliding screen door again.

Here at A to Z Window Screens, we are dedicated to the highest level of customer care and work hard to make sure our neighbors throughout northern California are satisfied with our work. As such, when you work with A to Z Window Screens, you can rest assured that your investment will be well worth it. But you don’t have to take our word for it; you’ll need to see our screen products to believe us when we say we’ve got you covered!

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