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Viewguard Security Screen Door – The Security Door In Disguise!

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You’ve always wanted to be able to open your door to get the breeze, but were concerned about creating an “open door policy” for the bugs…. and thugs! A security door would be the next logical conclusion, but you simply don’t care for the tacky jail bars or overly busy designs found on most traditional steel jailbar security doors… and besides, who wants to deal with painting and repainting a steel security door that always rusts?!

With this very dilemma in mind, the R. Lang Company (based out of Visalia, CA) decided to revolutionize the security door industry by creating a security door that DIDN’T LOOK LIKE A SECURITY DOOR! But how do you design a security door that LOOKS like an ordinary screen door, but is as strong and robust as a reinforced security door? After many years of research and design, the Viewguard Security Screen Door is the fruit of their labors!

Built to look like a simple, nondescript screen door, the Viewguard security screen door is a security door in disguise because it has NO BARS AND NO OVERLY-BUSY DESIGNS to obstruct your view or detract from your home! Just a simple looking outer frame and a specialized stainless steel mesh!

Black Security door with archway above it on front tpont porch of home purple flowers in the bottom right

Features & Construction

At the heart of this door, the specialized stainless steel mesh panel LOOKS like ordinary black screen fabric, but it’s actually a super tough protective barrier between you and any uninvited guests!

It’s nearly impossible to kick in, and can’t be cut with a knife, and yet, visibility looking through the screen is amazingly clear! And the airflow?? The airflow through this revolutionary stainless steel mesh is better than any other security door on the market!

man's hand holding a square of stanless steel mesh

The stainless steel mesh is very strong, affords awesome visibility, and allows breathtaking airflow!

The specialized stainless steel screen is locked into the outer frame with a patented mesh clamping system. The clamping system keeps the stainless steel panel rigid, and prevents intruders from being able to kick the stainless steel screen out of it’s frame.

The door’s outer frame is constructed of a beefy architectural grade aluminum extrusion! Built above and beyond the call of duty, the four separate outer frame pieces are miter cut and then joined at the corners with a super strong internal key corner system keeping the door laterally stiff and strong.

Man in yellow shirt and black shorts standing in front of brown security door
Woman in t shirt and jeans standing with her dog on front porch in front of black and white security door

Because the Viewguard is made up entirely of high-grade 6063 T-5 architectural aluminum and 304 series marine-grade stainless steel, it’s ideal for installing in areas that don’t have an adequate overhang to keep the rain away! Areas such as side garage doors often prove dismal for traditional steel security doors which rapidly rust when exposed to wet winter conditions!

The Viewguard is backed with a LIFETIME NO-RUST WARRANTY! Wouldn’t you rather have a security door that will look good and be maintenance free for a lifetime?

elderly man standing in front of black security door with white glass screen door

One of the Viewguard’s coolest features is the continuous gear hinge system. Rather than using a run-of-the-mill pin hinge, the R. Lang Company chose to go all out by selecting a commercial grade continuous gear hinge system! One of the most expensive components on the door, it distributes the weight of the Viewguard along the entire length of the door! Unlike pin hinge systems that squeak, or are subject to break-in, the Viewguard’s commercial grade gear hinge system allows the door to be opened and closed smoothly for a lifetime of maintenance free use!

Close Up of white door hinge on security door

Continuous Gear Hinge System

Also a first in the security door industry, the Viewguard is mounted securely in place with recessed stainless steel tamper resistant torx bolts! Because the bolts are recessed, the bolt heads are neatly covered with low profile caps! Forget the rusting, ugly exposed one-way bolts of traditional security doors! The Viewguard keeps it clean, simple and elegant!

close up of door with cap covering bolts

Low Profile caps neatly cover the recessed bolts!

Two images one on left of mans hand holding door frame the other of man's finger

No Gaps on the tops and sides

To make the Viewguard Security Screen door as bug-tight as possible, the top and sides of the Viewguard’s tubular outer frame are lined with gray pile weather stripping, and a rubber door sweep is installed across the bottom of the door. No gaps means no uninvited little guests!

No Gaps across the bottom

When at all possible, a new aluminum threshold is installed over the top of your house door’s threshold in order to ensure that your new Viewguard Security door ties in seamlessly with your home’s existing door for a very clean, custom, and professionally installed look! No gaps across the bottom of these doors means no mice, lizards, snakes or insects!

Door Hardware / Locks

AtoZ will install your Viewguard Security Door with a single cylinder deadbolt and your choice of a standard door knob or a more decorative lever style handle at no additional charge.

AtoZ will re-key your security door locks to match your house door’s existing locks if at all possible at no additional charge!  AtoZ is usually able to install your Viewguard Security Door with a deadbolt that’s compatible with your home’s existing locks and then re-key it so your existing door’s key fits the locks on your new security door. No need to add yet another key to your keychain! No need to pay a locksmith to come out to rekey!  It’s all included with AtoZ!

Available Lock Finishes for most name brand locks include Polished Brass (gold), Satin Nickel (brushed silver), Antique Brass (brushed brass), and Venetian Bronze (almost black).

Silver door handle in round knob style

Knob Style

Silver door knob in lever style

Lever Style

Available Colors

The Viewguard can be ordered with one of two standard color finishes; A white,       powder-coat paint finish, or a dark bronze anodized (almost black) finish. For maximum two-way visibility, the marine grade stainless steel mesh is available only in black.

If the available standard white or bronze finishes don’t fit your décor, however, you can order your Viewguard with one of almost two hundred different custom colors for that perfect match!

Image of a color wheel of color samples in a rainbow shape

Custom RAL Powder-Coat Colors

Man in blue shirt and cargo shorts standing in front of double glass doors with dark brown trim

The anodized dark bronze finish almost looks black.

View from inside home out open front door the door is red and we see through the glass door and a red car on street

Stainless Steel Black Security Mesh Offers Excellent Visibility

Man in tshirt and black pants standing in front of glass double doors with white trim

White Powder-coat Paint Finish

French Doors & Custom Sizes

The Viewguard can also be installed on Double French Doors, and custom sizes are, of course, NO PROBLEM!

If you’ve got a really tall or wide doorway, AtoZ has got the perfect door for you!

Brown double french doors on front porch of home with black doormat

Pet Doors

For the four-legged members of your family, the Viewguard can also be ordered with a custom built pet door appropriately sized for your furry friend! The pet door is installed directly into the Viewguard’s stainless steel mesh allowing your pets to come and go at their leisure while you enjoy your leisure! If you wish to prevent your pets from using the pet door from time to time, each pet door comes with a barrier board which is easily inserted and removed as necessity dictates.

Two images each of a black door with pet door at the bottom one to the right is a close up

Pet doors are available!


As you can see, looks CAN be deceiving! While it looks like a simple and elegant screen door, the Viewguard’s actually a tough security door in disguise!

So if you’ve always wanted peace of mind by having a security door between you and a stranger on the doorstep, or if you simply need a tough screen door to put up with your kids and pets, but you didn’t want the jail bar ghetto look of a traditional steel security door, the Viewguard is the door for you!

Elderly Couple Standing next to brown front door-
View from outside a front door of home of dog standinfg up and leaning against the door

So bring on the kids and pets! Bring on the bugs and thugs! Rest easy knowing that you can enjoy that beautiful delta breeze and still look good doing it! Give AtoZ a call today and allow the Viewguard to give you the breeze you want while it’s simple elegance and understated strength takes your breath away!

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