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Getting into the “Swing” of Back to School

Call A to Z for a new Swinging Screen Door to get back in the swing of school!

Call A to Z for a new Swinging Screen Door to get back in the swing of school!

As you are well aware, August is traditionally the month that our kids and grand-kids are going back to school and getting into the swing of a different kind of lifestyle.

Getting the kids back to school can also be a hectic and busy time for most parents… believe me, with four school-age kids at home, my wife and I know all too well how crazy late August can be! Now I understand what my father was feeling as he yelled “And don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out” as we headed off to our first day of school each year!

To celebrate getting back into the “swing” of things now that the kids are heading back to school, A to Z is offering a 10% discount on all swinging screen doors in August.

Back to School Swinging Screen Doors Handle - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window Screens-w800-h600Swinging screen doors are the perfect solution for you folks who have kids that never seem to remember to shut the door behind themselves, or for those of you that just want a simple, robust way to get the breeze without the bugs!

Pet Door Swinging Screen Door Fullview with Large Pet Door - Sacramento CA - A to Z Window Screens-w800-h600

Your pet will thank you for including a pet door with your screen door!

We have many styles and colors to choose from, and our self-closing screen doors are of the highest quality, ensuring you many years of hassle free use.

So now that the kids are back in school, A to Z will help make it so getting a cross-breeze without the bugs in your home…. Well… a breeze (Sorry, I couldn’t resist)!
To learn more about our swinging screen door line, click here.

To schedule a free, in home price quote, please call our office at 916-408-2496.

But hurry! This sale ends Monday August 31st!
Door must be purchased by 8-31-14. Can’t be combined with any other offer.

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Swinging Screen Doors

Do you have children who are constantly running in and out of your home? Do they slam the door shut behind them? Has your screen door slammed shut so many times that it’s beginning to lose its shape and no longer fits correctly? Have no fear! You’ve come to the right place. There are different types of screen doors but swinging screen doors are the perfect choice for quality, strength and insect protection. If you’re in the market for a quality swinging screen door, the professionals at A to Z Window Screens are here to take care of you throughout the process. We have been selling and installing high quality custom screen doors for over a decade. With over 10,000 customers served, we know exactly what you want.


So you’re in the market for a swinging screen door? You’ll want to choose one that looks good both today and for many years to come. We offer anything from simple and traditional all the way to contemporary and modern and everything in between. This allows us to meet the needs and wants of a varied customer base. Your home says a lot about you, so why not make a statement!

Because every one of our swinging screen doors are built to order, we can guarantee a perfect fit every time. Companies who mass produce doors often believe that a one size fits all mentality is the way to go. Unfortunately for those companies who adhere to this line of thinking, their one size fits all products typically end up fitting very few (if any at all). Lucky for you, we’re not one of those companies. Instead, we’ll send one of our technicians to your home to get the exact measurements of your specific doorjamb so we can custom make one to fit your door’s opening as perfectly as possible.

Do you need a new swinging screen door? If not a whole door, do you need replacement screens for your swinging door? Either way, the professionals at A to Z Window Screens are here to help. As with our other products, swinging screen doors are available in a wide variety of both styles and colors. Whether your doorjamb is perfectly shaped or hard to fit, our technicians are trained to install any swinging door application that you may have. Special sizes are no problem either! For your convenience, we also carry a variety of moldings, windowsill adapters and door sweeps to address unusual variations in the installation of your door.

We love our customers and feel blessed that they have chosen to put their trust in us. We understand that you could’ve chosen to do business with another company but opted to put your faith in us. We do not take this lightly. We take pride in the fact that we’ve never has a complaint filed with the CA Contractors State License Board and plan to keep it that way. We’re confident that you’ll see for yourself that our swinging screen doors are top quality. We go to great lengths and take immense pride in making sure you’re fully satisfied with your entire purchasing experience.

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