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Can AtoZ’s Retractable Screen Doors Be Installed On A Set Of Double French Doors?

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Customers often ask whether our Retractable Disappearing Screen Doors can be installed on their home’s double French doors.  To that question, we offer them a double thumbs up in the affirmative!! With the ability to retract off to the side and go unnoticed, installing Retractable Screen Doors on your home’s double French doors is a very popular choice!

Two Retractable Screen Doors are installed (one on each side of the door opening), and the screens are pulled to the center of the opening and meet together to form a bug tight seal with no permanent center post! The stationary side is temporarily locked into position with French door locking pins on top and bottom, and the active side is used to enter and exit your home exactly the same way as a single retractable screen door would operate.  When you’re done using your French screen doors, retract them both back into their housings and your doorway is wide open once again.

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