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The Clearview Retractable Screen Difference

Screen doors present homeowners with a dilemma. Screens can increase home efficiency. In addition, allow you to open up your doors to enjoy the breeze while keeping out bugs and other pests. However, they come with some disadvantages. Blocking your view, snapping closed dangerously hard, and getting in the way when you are carrying food outside are just a few.

At A to Z Window Screens, we can help you solve this dilemma with Clearview Retractable Screens! With Clearview Retractable screen doors, you can enjoy all of the benefits of screen doors without the drawbacks.

About Clearview Retractable Screens

Clearview Retractable Screens are unlike any other screen doors on the market. These screens roll up into a small hose on one side of your door frame. When you want to have a screen door in place, they roll smoothly across their track and over your doorway. That means with Clearview Retractable Screens, you have a screen door when you want to open up your home and enjoy the breeze. Plus, you can store away the door when you want an unobstructed opening. Whether it’s allowing you to carry things in and out of the house without a barrier or to allow you to have an unobstructed view through your door.

Another major difference with Clearview Retractable Screens: The doors are guaranteed not to snap into place. Clearview’s patented Safe Glide speed reducer means your screen slides safely and slowly. Now you don’t have to worry about having your heels caught by an opening or closing door. Also, you don’t have to worry about children pinching their fingers or about pets pinching paws or tails. Clearview Retractable Screens provide you with a safe alternative to traditional screen doors that can pose a hazard to you, your children, or your pets.

Customize Your Screen Door

Clearview Retractable Screens also differ from other screen doors and other retractable screens. How? You can customize them to your home! Clearview Retractable Screens come in a variety of colors, so you can be sure that your screen door fits with your home’s style. They can be outfitted to single door frames, French doors, or sliding doors. Clearview Retractable screen doors can also be made of traditional screen mesh. That’s not all. Other choices like solar mesh screening, that blocks up to 60 percent of the sun’s heat to make your home more efficient; or security screening, which is five times stronger than traditional fiberglass screening.

Call A to Z Window Screens to hear more about Clearview Retractable Screens!

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a screen door, without the pitfalls of traditional screen doors? Then throw away the hassle of always dealing with two doors, the dangerous snap of a traditional screen door, and the obstructed view! Call A to Z Window Screens to hear more about Clearview Retractable Screens, and how you can customize your Clearview Retractable screen door to fit your home and your needs.

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Get Security and Style with a Titan Screen Door

More than 2 million home burglaries occur in the United States each year. This results in $4.6 billion in property loss. In most cases, burglars enter your home right through your door. With Titan Security Screen Doors, you can add an extra layer of defense to your home, while upping its aesthetic appeal.

Titan security…

Titan Security Screen Doors give your home an added level of security. Their aluminum alloy frames are six times stronger than a typical steel screen door frame. Welded hinges and miters add to a Titan security screen door’s strength. A deadbolt secures a Titan Security screen door into place. With A to Z Window Screens, you have the option of making your Titan security screen door even stronger. Your Titan screen door can be outfitted with a traditional bug screen. In addition, we can add a perforated magnesium alloy security screen that cannot easily be cut or kicked in by a potential burglar.

…with style…

Titan Security Screen Doors aren’t your typical security screen doors. Some can detract from the look of your home, with ugly bars that can make you feel jailed in to your home. Titan’s unique manufacturing process laser cuts a sheet of strong alloy metal into one of 40 custom security door designs. The designs range from classic to contemporary and from Southwestern to Victorian. So, you are sure to find a style that fits your taste and your home. Your custom-made Titan security door can then be coated in one of 12 colors. The lock and handle hardware comes in four different finishes. Plus, you have your choice of a standard knob or a more decorative lever handle. You also can have your Titan Security Screen Door outfitted with a tempered glass panel. This can help insulate your home during the cold-weather months.

…that lasts.

Titan Security Screen Doors are so confident in their products that their security screen doors are backed by a lifetime warranty. Should your home fall victim to a break in, Titan will pay your insurance deductible, up to $1,000, and replace your door for free. The doors’ structures also have a lifetime guarantee, and the metal itself features a lifetime rust-free guarantee. Even the paint coating on your Titan Security Screen Door is guaranteed for a minimum of five years.

If you want to help secure your home against break-ins and invasions, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! We can walk you through all of your Titan Security Screen Door options. We will help you find the Titan Security Screen Door that fits your style, upgrades the look of your home, and helps to keep your home, family and valuables safe.

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Security screen doors shouldn’t make you feel like you’re in prison!

Security screen doors have long received a bad rap for adding an ugly, institutional or even low-class look to a home. At A to Z Window Screens, we’re working to turn around people’s views of security screen doors. We offer three lines of security screen doors that not only enhance your home’s safety but also enhance your home’s style.

Bar-free security screen doors

With a Viewguard security screen door, you can enjoy the see-through look of a traditional screen door with the added defense of a security screen doors. Viewguard screen doors are made with a special stainless steel mesh that is locked into an architectural-grade aluminum frame with mitered corners. Viewguard’s extra-strength mesh can’t be kicked in or cut. The stainless steel mesh allows you to install a security screen door that’s free from bars or other metal overlays so you can maintain your view and the traditional look of your home while still being able to open your doors to let in the breeze. Viewguard security screen doors also come with a lifetime guarantee against rust.

Stylish security screen doors

With Titan security screen doors, you can enjoy the defense of a traditional, barred security screen door while adding a sense of style to your home! Each Titan security screen door is made from a solid sheet of heavy-gauge, high-strength alloy metal. That sheet is laser cut into a stylish pattern to add a decorative element to each Titan security door. Titan doors come in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional, and a variety of colors, so you can find a Titan screen door that fits your taste and adds just the right amount of flair to your home.

Custom security screen doors

Do you prefer the look of a traditional wrought iron screen door? With Superior wrought iron security doors, you can have it! Superior’s wrought iron doors, made right here in southern California, feature traditional and decorative looks to maintain your home’s architecture while improving your home’s security. Superior offers a variety of wrought iron security door patterns, or you can work with us to design your own wrought iron security door!

If you have been wishing for the safety of a security screen door so that you can open your doors to let the breeze in without worrying about break-ins or robberies, but you have been putting of the purchase because you didn’t want to cover your doors in metal bars, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! Whether you prefer a modern look, a nearly invisible security door or a beautifully crafted traditional wrought iron door, we can show you a variety of options and help you find a screen door that secures your home and provides the look you want.

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What Amazing Screen Door?

The Amazing ClearView Retractable Disappearing Screen Door

Are you tired of regularly having to repair your swinging screen door or always having to open two doors when you enter your home? While the traditional swinging screen door can be full of annoyances as well as be unattractive in style, you still want a screen door so that you can leave your outer door open on nice days to let the fresh air inside and keep the pesky insects inside. ClearView came up with the perfect solution: the retractable disappearing screen door. A to Z Screens would like to tell you more about this amazing door that will improve your everyday life.

How does the ClearView Retractable Disappearing Screen Door Work?

Thanks to its patented “Safe-Glide” speed reducer, the ClearView is the only retractable screen door on the market that does not snap back. Housed compactly on the side of your doorjam to be out of the way when not in use, this screen door pulls out and slides across your door opening when you want to use it. When you are finished using the screen, it retracts and rolls back into its housing on the doorjam.

Are there upgrade options?

At A to Z Screens, our staff can show you six options you have when you buy a ClearView Retractable Disappearing Screen Door:

  1. upgraded screen fabric
  2. crown molding
  3. internal magnets
  4. custom paint
  5. die-cast metal handle
  6. ClearView locks.

Where can I install a ClearView Retractable Disappearing Screen Door?

If you have a front door you would like to show off, that is an excellent spot to install your ClearView retractable screen door. Actually, this door is so compact and easy to install that it can be installed on any exterior door you wish, even if the doors outswing or if you have double French doors. Other popular options are on your sliding glass patio door and the door leading into the home from the garage. The staff at A to Z Screens can help you with selecting which door or doors where you can install a ClearView.

Why should I choose the ClearView brand of retractable screen door?

We at A to Z Screens strongly recommend this brand, and we can provide you with good reasons:

  • does not snap back
  • contains 33% more aluminum to make a stronger door
  • the roller housing
  • the most available paint color choices and the highest-quality paint
  • non-fading, durable Nylon 6-6 components
  • the most attractive design
  • more flexibility in personalization
  • the best installation and service from A to Z Screens.

Are these doors easy to care for and maintain?

Yes, but A to Z Screens has a few tips for you to keep your ClearView retractable screen door in the best shape possible:

  • Place a small sticker on your screen to prevent people from walking into it.
  • Do not push on the screen or allow children and/or pets to scratch or push against the screen.
  • If the screen fabric has come out of the tracks on the top or the bottom of the screen, do not retract the screen as this could shred the edges. Be sure to check the fabric edges before retracting.
  • Never use excessive speed or force when opening or closing the screen; only use moderation when operating this door.
  • If you are not using your retractable screen door, be sure it is closed as extended exposure can lead to weakened springs and worn out fabric. Never leave your screen open if your door is closed.

If you are ready to get rid of your traditional swinging screen door, contact A to Z Screens today to talk to us about the amazing ClearView retractable disappearing screen door.