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Whether you’ve owned your home for generations or you just purchased it within the last year, when your windows show signs of needing to be replaced, it’s best to get it done. Worn out window systems can cost you money in heating and cooling costs year-round can be a pain to open and close and can be unsightly in general. It can be difficult to know when to replace your windows. Do you wait until half of them need to be replaced? All of them? Do you replace them one at a time? Who knows the best course of action?

If you reside in the Greater Sacramento area and have concerns about your windows, it may be easier than you think to make the decision to replace them.

Common Signs of Window Wear-Outman in red polo replacing window pane

1. Windows no longer open and close easily. This can happen when the runner becomes gummed up with dust, dirt, and debris. If cleaning the frame doesn’t fix the problem, your frame may be swelling due to moisture and damage. This problem is especially common in wood windows.

2. Double pane windows aren’t working like they used to. If your double-pane windows are cold to the touch in winter or hot to the touch in summer, they aren’t working properly. The seal of one or both windows has been compromised and isn’t insulating the window any longer. Another sign that it’s time to replace your double pane windows is if there is fog between the double pane windows.

3. You feel drafts on windy days. If you window lets in a breeze, this may be costing you money month after month and year after year. You can feel drafts the most on days of high wind and storm systems. You can attempt to cover the window in plastic to stop the drafts during winter, but this is a temporary fix and the window needs to be replaced.

4. A steady rise in utility costs. Single pane windows and older wooden frames often leak your heated and conditioned air and allow heat and cold inside the house. Air leaks and heat transfer can cost you as much during one summer as replacing the window! Replace your leaky windows and save money year after year.

5. You are bothered by outside noise. If your windows offer little protection from noises outside, the seal is likely worn. If noise is getting in, so is heat and air.

Replace or Repair?

When it comes to worn out windows, does it save to repair or replace them? The Urban Housewife makes a good point when answering this question. If you simply want to change the look of your windows, it doesn’t make sense financially to replace them. However, if the windows are COSTING you, it’s time to replace them.

If you’re not sure whether or not your home needs new windows, we can help you decide! Call A to Z Window Screens at 916-472-0578 and an expert can talk to you about your windows. You can also make an appointment online for your convenience.