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Titan Security Screen Door Colors

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Outer Frame and Laser Skin Colors

Once you’ve decided which laser skin style you want, it’s time to choose your colors! Selecting a color combination that ties into something on your home or in your yard is a great way to help your new Titan Security Door tie in seamlessly. The best looking installations are carefully orchestrated while paying close attention to the effective use of matching and contrasting colors tastefully on your home. When choosing colors, it’s best to schedule a free, no obligation in home sales consultation. AtoZ’s representative will have metal painted color samples to hold up against your doorway which will accurately depict the true colors of your new Titan door. Due to inaccuracies from different screen resolutions or printers, we strongly recommend against making color selections based off of a computer screen or printed brochures.

Perforated Security Mesh Colors (Privacy Screen)

Titan’s Security Screen Doors are available in 12 standard powder coat paint finishes which are warranted for 5 years! Your Titan Security Door’s outer frame and laser skin design will be one of the 12 colors you see above. Once you’ve selected the color for your Titan’s outer frame and laser skin, next you’ll need to choose a color for the aluminum security mesh. The aluminum security screen is available in one of the five colors below.

Fabric Sunscreen Colors

If you elect to have Sun/Pet Screens installed, select which color from one of the five colors below.

If you want your Laser Skin design to stand out and “pop”, choose a screen color that contrasts tastefully with your door’s laser skin. If you want your Laser Skin design to blend in and be less noticeable, choosing a laser skin color that closely matches your screen color is the best choice.


Titan security doors are available in so many beautiful designs and styles that there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you and your home. Talk to us about what you’re looking for and we’ll show you what we’ve got!