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Prep Your Window Screens For Spring

Spring has nearly arrived, and with it comes warmer temperatures and pleasant breezes. Before you know it, you will be opening your windows to air out your home and enjoy the weather. But before you do, you will need to make sure your window screens are ready for spring. Spring screen prep is easy, and can be done in three simple steps.

Clean your screens

Prep your window screens for spring - Sacramento CA - At o Z Window ScreensWinter rains and heavy winds can fill your window screens with gunk and grime. You will want to make sure your screens are free and clear to let in spring breezes and sunshine. Cleaning your window screens is a straightforward task. First, remove the screens from your windows. If they are only moderately dirty, you can simply spray your screens down with a hose. If the grime is a little more stubborn, gently wash the screens with soapy water and rinse with the hose. Just make sure you don’t push too hard; you could risk warping or stretching the screen. Let the screens dry in the sun; while they dry, you might want to wipe down your window frames and wash your windows. Finally, replace your screens!

Repair any damage

Cleaning your screens will allow you to perform an inventory of your screens. While cleaning, be on the lookout for any damage that might have occurred. Should you find any rips or holes, you will want to have your screens replaced before you’re ready to throw open your windows — You don’t want to give bugs a chance to enter your home or be forced to leave windows closed on spring’s first fine day! You might be tempted to go for DIY screen repair, but screen patches can be unsightly and replacing the screen within a frame can warp the frame. Consider professional screen replacement, which will fit a screen perfectly to your window and match any new screens to your existing window screens.

Consider upgrades

If you would like to get more from your window screens, spring is the best time for a spring upgrade! If you have pets or small children who put undue pressure on your screens, consider installing sturdier pet screens, which resist tears and stretching due to excess pressure. Meanwhile solar screens or privacy screens can lower your summertime home cooling costs and prevent nosy neighbors or passersby from looking in your windows. Retractable screens are perfect for doors that you would love to keep open to let in the breeze but that you wouldn’t want to obstruct with a full-time screen door. When you upgrade your screens in the spring, you can enjoy the benefits of your upgrade all summer long!

Call A to Z Window Screens!

Whether you need to have damaged screens replaced or you would like to upgrade your window screens to keep them safe from pet damage, lower your home cooling and heating costs, or let the breeze in through a retractable screen door, call 916-408-2496 to schedule a consultation! We can replace your damaged screens and upgrade your existing screens to help you prepare your home for spring!

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Window Screen Repair and Replacement

Spring traditionally means home maintenance and home repairs. As you work away outside, or open up your windows to let in the spring breeze, you might notice that some of your window screens have been damaged or developed holes over the last year. Or, perhaps they suffered damage from a pet or a child last fall and you didn’t take the time to address it. Even more shockingly, older window screens can come apart when you remove them from your window sills to perform your spring window washing.

If you’ve noticed any window screen damage — whether it’s a bent or broken frame, or ripped or warped mesh — call A to Z Window Screens! We can show you the A to Z screen replacement difference.

The A to Z difference

Many window companies, or do-it-yourself repair kits, involve patching damaged window screens. The problem there is that those repairs can be visible and unsightly. While some companies will reuse your old frames, that can cause poor fitting and warped screens, and it leave you with a structurally compromised frame that may find yourself replacing before you know it.

At A to Z Window Screens, we take a different approach. When you have a broken window screen, we replace it outright. We have a warehouse full of materials so you can find framing and mesh to match up with your other existing window screens so the aesthetic of your home isn’t ruined by your new screen.

A to Z screen options

The other benefit to dealing with A to Z Window Screens is that we offer you options for repairing or replacing your window screens. We can install heavy duty pet screens, which are built from super strong fibers to help deter scratches from pet’s claws or stretching or warping from the weight of a child or a pet against the screen’s mesh. We have solar or privacy screens in a variety of colors. These screens can help keep your home cooler during the summer months, saving you money on your cooling bills. They can enhance the look of your home and provide a sense of privacy by blocking people’s views into your home.

Call for a quote!

The good news about repairing or replacing broken window screens is that it tends to be an affordable home improvement project. And it’s a project that can save you money in cooling costs over time! When all of your window screens are in good repair, you can open your windows and allow the breeze through so you don’t have to rush to turn on the air conditioner. If you choose solar screens, you’ll keep your home from heating up as quickly during the summer and overtaxing your air conditioner.

If you live in Sacramento and have a broken window screen — or several broken window screens — call A to Z Window Screens for a free quote today! No job is to big or too small!

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