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Roll Down Sunscreens

In this day and age, who couldn’t use a little more privacy or enjoy paying lower amounts for keeping the house cool? Well, sun/solar screens and privacy screens can help get you there! Talk with our experts about these screen products and let’s see what works best for you.

outside of home with two roll down screen putted on patio
outside of home on a patio with screen pulled up and a fence and tress in the background

We Love Our Roll Down Sunscreens

After spending a significant sum of money on new patio cover, we still felt we weren’t fully able to enjoy it towards the end of the day as the sun’s glare and heat streamed in beneath the cover.

We had AtoZ install roll down screens on the backside of our patio cover, and they were exactly what we were looking for. Rolled down when we need them, and up out of the way when not in use, AND they’re a lot more durable, classy, and effective than trashy bamboo shades.

We recommend Roll Down Screens to anyone in our same situation!
~ Bruce and Debbie Anderson, Lincoln, CA

Two screens rolled down from patio and fence with tree in the background

Made My Life More Comfortable

We can’t believe how much cooler our covered patio is now that you installed our Roll Down Sunscreens! What once was an un-usable hot spot is now a nice place to sit and watch my kids as they swim in the pool. This was one of my biggest concerns; being able to see my kids, but I’m pleased to say, the visibility looking through the fabric is really really good! Much better than I expected!

Thanks for making my life a little more comfortable A to Z!
~ Kayla Michaels, Roseville, CA

Thanks for Your Expert Advice

Dear AtoZ,

We wanted to thank you for all your excellent work in installing our new roll down screens! They look so much nicer than the trashy plastic-type shades we used to have there, and I can see out!

Now we are able to leave our roll down screens down all day and keep our covered patio MUCH cooler!

I’m glad your salesperson suggested we consider roll downs for this area. At first I was a bit skeptical because we only get morning sun back there, but after he explained that reflected sunlight from our neighbors house as well as our pool were contributing significantly to the heat beneath our patio cover, we decided to give your roll downs a try……and boy howdy I never realized how much heat we actually were getting from reflected sunlight! My wife has been nice enough not to say “I told you so!”

Thanks for your expert advice!

~ Stan and Martha Watson, Rocklin, CA

Two screens pulled down on garage patio of home

Listened to My Concerns

We love AtoZ!

Last year we had you guys install sunscreens on the windows of our home and they REALLY made a HUGE difference! This year, we decided to do the roll down screens like you suggested last year (love how you guys drew a picture of our house and gave us prices on lots of things so we can pick and choose as we can afford).

close up of rolled up patio screen on a patio with a fence and tress in the background

I was really nervous about drilling into our aluminum patio cover, but your installer explained how it is done so the screws would stay tight and wouldn’t strip out over time… It’s nice to know you’ll listen to my concerns and that I’m being helped by experienced folks who won’t ruin my things!

Now that the work is finished, I’m even surprised how much more time we spend outside in our back yard! Having a totally shaded area to hang out in…OR to send the kids out to is NICE!

And the best part is that we can roll them up and store them out of the way when we’re done! Thanks for your good work, AtoZ!

~ Megan Casemere, Sacramento, CA

Top Notch

Dear A to Z,

Your service and professionalism was top-notch! Your follow-up email asking us if we were satisfied with your service was very appreciated and puts you guys up one more notch on my satisfaction level!
Well, you asked, so let me tell you about it.

We just re-finished our beautiful oak front door because the sun had ruined the finish in just a few short years. After taking so much time and effort to strip, sand, stain, seal, and then re-hang our front door, I didn’t want to repeat the experience all over again anytime soon! And since the sun sets in the front of our house, my doorknob would often get so hot that I couldn’t even touch it to open the door without a towel to protect my hand!

Looking for a solution, I found your website and decided to investigate the possibility of having a roll down screen installed hanging down from my eave in front of my door. Since all you guys do is Custom sizes, you had no problem getting me exactly the size I needed, and it looks beautiful!

Now, when the sun is setting, we simply roll down our sunscreen and it not only protects my front door’s finish, but it also keeps our entry way MUCH cooler!

I have had several of my neighbors enquire about my roll down screen, so keep up the great work… I’m sure at least a few of them will be giving you a call!

~ Roger Meeks, Lincoln, CA

black roll of screen material on table with man in great sweatshirt in from of it
man in sweatshirt and black baseball hat sitting at a table with a sewing machine and scissors on it

Made Good on Their Promises

We called another screen company and left several messages asking for an estimate with no response! NONE! When we called AtoZ, we got a real live person, which was really nice. They were prompt and on time with their estimate, and the screens were delivered on time, as promised…and they look beautiful. It’s so hard to find a service business that does what they say they’ll do, when they say they’ll do it, for the price they promised. Thanks for making good on your promises, AtoZ. We’ll recommend you.

~ Julie and Lance Matheson, Granite Bay, CA


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