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Maybe you live in an older home, even a historic one, and want to upgrade and update while undergoing a remodel. If you’re looking to sell, refinance, or just want to upgrade your day-to-day, there are some great tech options to consider this year. Bring your home into the new year with these tech upgrades from our experts.

1. Home Automationdiagram of smart home features

There are more and more brands jumping on the home automation wagon, and some are very affordable. A home automation system will become a hub for all the other tech upgrades you plan during your remodel. While you’re shopping for products, make sure you choose a brand that is compatible with the individual devices your family uses and loves. Some great home automation systems include the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Wink Hub 2, and Samsung SmartThings Hub. There are also home automation software programs for Apple products (Apple HomeKit) and more that you might not have even heard of here.

2. Security System

To go along with your home automation hub you can stay plugged into everything about your home. Install a smart security system yourself or sign on with a security company that will install and monitor your system as per contractual agreement. Some of the best home security companies for 2020 include Frontpoint, Vivent, SimpliSafe, ADT, and ProtectAmerica.

3. USB Outlets

When tearing out ANY outlets in the home, consider installing USB outlets to improve your experience with device charging. These outlets include a USB port, as well as a regular outlet and, are ideal for kitchens, offices, bathrooms, and bedsides.

4. Sound Systems

Your home entertainment system doesn’t have to be the unsightly speaker systems of yesterday. Moving into the new year, bring your sound system into the new era as well! Built-in speakers don’t detract from the aesthetics of your home. These speakers integrate into your home’s construction and can connect with your home automation hub. Your speaker system can connect with your smart TV, intercom, security, radio, and more.

5. Smart Thermostats

An upgrade for your heating and cooling system, the smart thermostat can connect with your home automation system allowing for easy control from your smartphone or other devices. Change and control your home temperature while you’re out of the house, manage the temperatures in different areas of the house, and even connect with some models of gas fireplaces.

6. Remote Control Window Screens

Whether your window screens are for security, sunlight, or bugs, you can upgrade them with remote control function. Open and close your screens from the bed! Open the patio screen from inside to let guests in or close them from the car when you forget. Ask a professional at A to Z Window Screens about our remote control screens today.

7. Smart Detectors for Fire Safety

Instead of changing your batteries this year, upgrade to a new smart detector that notifies you by phone when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected in your home and alert you when the battery is low. Many home security companies offer these as part of a security package, but you can also find a brand you like online and install them yourself. Unlike past models, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are combined in these new smart models.

8. Lighting Upgrades

With new smart bulbs, you don’t have to invest in a new chandelier. You can simply purchase smart bulbs that work with your smart hub and can be changed according to mood and function. LIFX and Phillips both offer great options for smart lighting for your new home.

9. Sprinkler System

If you regularly sprinkle a yard or garden, you can do so from your smartphone or smart hub when you choose smart sprinklers. These sprinklers can be changed automatically for change in season and weather and are purported to use up to 30 percent less water usage than regular sprinklers.

10. Garage Door Opener

If replacing your garage door is out of the budget, you can make it more desirable by installing a smart garage door opener. These devices work by wi-fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to open and close your garage door from your smartphone, get alerts when the door is left open, set limits on automatic opening, and even monitor the garage by video surveillance.

Installing tech upgrades for 2020 means your home can be smarter, safer, and more efficient. Your lights, doors, detectors, sprinklers, sound, and even your window screens can be automated and easy to use with the touch of a button. At A to Z Window Screens our remote control window screens will make your life easier and bring beauty to your home for the new year. If you’re upgrading your home this year, make sure you consult an A to Z expert about your windows, patios, porches, and more.

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