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Tips for protecting your home while you are on vacation

Summertime is vacation time. To relax and enjoy your vacation, you need to know that your home is safe and secure while you are away. At A to Z Window Screens, we care about the safety of your home so much, and that’s why we are here to share some tips for protecting your home while you are on vacation.

Make sure your home is well maintained

front view of a lovely homeWhen you leave for vacation, you don’t want your home to take on an abandoned look. Make sure your lawn is mowed and garden beds are weeded before you leave. If you plan to be gone for an extended period of time, arrange to have someone else mow the lawn, tend your garden and water your plants. Make sure garbage bins aren’t left out by the road. You want to make sure that your home looks well cared for and well maintained while you are gone.

Put your lights on timers

Another step you can take to prevent your home from seeming abandoned when you are gone is to have your lights turn on and off while you are away. You can use the old trick of rigging some of your lamps to timers, or if you have a “smart” home, you can use an app and a smartphone to turn your lights on at random times while you are away. Having your lights turn on and off while you are away will prevent your home from looking “empty” while you’re enjoying your vacation.

Don’t leave your home unguarded

There are plenty of ways to guard your home while you are away. There are traditional alarm companies — if you already have one or plan to install one when you are away, be sure to alert the company. You can also install inexpensive outdoor security cameras. To keep an eye on your home yourself, you can install motion-activated cameras around your home that send an alert to your smartphone when one of the cameras is engaged.

Install privacy screens

Your windows allow anyone to take a peek into your home, especially when you are away. You can block your windows from nosy neighbors or potential intruders with privacy screens from A to Z Window Screens. Security screens have thicker, darker mesh than traditional window screens. They still maintain the view, but they make it difficult for anyone outside to see what’s happening inside your home. When you’re on vacation, privacy screens can make it more difficult to tell that you are away.

Secure your doors with security screen doors

You can even add an extra layer of protection to your entry doors with security screen doors from A to Z Window Screens. Security screen doors have heavy-duty metal frames that are installed in your home so they can’t be kicked or pried open. The mesh is made from metal alloys that can’t be slashed with a knife or razor. Some security screens feature added metal detailing that adds to the security and the beauty of the doors.

If you are ready to go out of town, take the steps necessary to keep your home at maximum security so you can relax and enjoy your vacation. Let A to Z Window Screens help! We will outfit your home with privacy screens or security screen doors to keep intruders out. Call to schedule a consultation today!

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Privacy screens help lower utility bills!

If you have been considering privacy screens because they lower visibility into your home, you might not know about one of the other major benefits of privacy screens: They help lower your utility bills!

Windows can be a major source of heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, which takes a toll on your cooling and heating bills. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy asserts that windows account for 25 percent of heating and cooling costs in older homes. And even in new homes with more energy efficient windows, windows still allow for heat exchange year round. Privacy screens help to cut that heat exchange by creating an extra layer of protection over your windows.

About privacy screens

Privacy screens cover your windows on the outside of your home, which is the recommended placement for mesh screens when it comes to reducing home energy costs. The screens’ mesh is made from a tightly woven polyester yarn that has been coated in PVC. Because of their thick yarns and dense weave, privacy screens reduce visibility into your home while maintaining your view.

Keeping your home cooler in the summer

The dense fibers and weave on privacy screens also reduce the sun’s UV rays and heat from entering your home. Privacy screens block 80 to 90 percent of the sun’s heat, and on a hot summer day, that can mean lowering the temperature in your home by as much as 15 degrees! The screens both absorb the sun’s heat and dissipate it away from your home and provide shade for your windows and your home. And unlike window blinds or sun-blocking drapes, they do this while still allowing light into your home and while still allowing you to look out.

Keeping your home warmer in winter

Privacy screens help with your energy bills in winter, too! While the amount of heat deflected on cold winter days is negligible when it comes to heating your home, privacy screens can add an insulating layer to your windows. Many homeowners feel tempted to take privacy screens down during cold-weather months, but the screens can actually prevent your home’s heat from escaping out your windows. They also add an extra layer of protection for your windows against bitterly cold temperatures.

Choosing your privacy screens

At A to Z Window Screens, privacy screens come in a variety of colors and designs! A to Z Window Screens offers privacy screens in a variety of colors to complement your home, and we offer decorate screen grids to enhance your home’s aesthetic. Because A to Z Window Screens custom makes every privacy screen, our privacy screens can be made to fit any window, including arched and circular windows!

If you are considering installing privacy screens to increase your home’s security while lowering your home energy bills, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule an in-home consultation today!

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Stay secure this spring with a new security screen door from A to Z

Soon, we’ll be enjoying spring’s warmer breezes and pleasant temperatures. But do you find yourself reluctant to open your front door to let in the spring breeze because of security concerns? With a security screen door from A to Z, you can open your home to spring’s refreshing breezes while keeping your home safe and secure.

Here are some things you probably don’t know about security screen doors:

Security screen doors are incredibly strong.

The frames on security screen doors are constructed from aluminum alloys that are up to six times stronger than steel. The screens are securely clamped to the frames, and the frames are affixed to your door jamb with incredibly strong bolts. The doors are strong enough to resist a criminal trying to kick or break down the door.

Security screen doors won’t block your view.

In most cases, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a security screen door and a traditional screen door. While some security doors feature decorative elements over part of the screen, you still will have a clear view out of a portion of your door, and you’ll be able to see anyone who approaches. Other security screen doors have no decorative element: The security comes from the use of an incredibly strong stainless steel mesh screening that can’t be sliced with a razor or kicked in.

Security screen doors can be decorative.

When you think of a security screen, you might thing of jail-like bars that add an unattractive, institutional quality to your home. With A to Z’s security screen doors, that couldn’t be further from the truth! We provide decorative screen doors that fit with your home’s style, or security screen doors that look exactly like traditional screen doors.

Security screen doors give you options.

A to Z Window Screens offers so many options in security screen doors, you’re sure to find one that fits with your taste. We offer screen doors in three different brands. Each brand offers different styles, colors and finishes. You can find classic designs, modern designs, or go with a traditional-looking screen door. We even offer custom-made screen doors so you can choose your own design!

Security screen doors come with guarantees.

The brands of security screen doors we carry are so confident in their products, they come with guarantees! If your security screen door doesn’t keep criminals from entering through your doorway, the companies will cover damage and property loss, up to a certain dollar amount.

If you’re ready to enjoy the fresh spring air while keeping your home safe and secure and live around Sacramento, call A to Z Window Screens today! We can show you your many security screen door options and help you select a model that fits your taste and your home’s security needs.

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Daylight Savings = 10% off Window Screen Savings!

Don’t forget that today (Sunday March 8) is Daylight Savings….the day we move our clocks forward one hour in order to make better use of the natural daylight by setting your clock forward one hour during the summer months, and back one hour again in the fall. Here are a few fun facts about Daylight Savings you may not have known:

• Spring daylight saving time in the northern hemisphere is between March and April and ends between September and November as the countries return to Standard Time.

• US inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin first proposed the concept of DST in 1784, but modern Daylight Saving Time first saw the light of day, in 1895 when an entomologist from New Zealand, George Vernon Hudson, presented a proposal for a two-hour daylight saving shift. Germany was the first country to implement DST on April 30, 1916 when the clocks were set forward at 11 pm (23:00).

• Today clocks are almost always set one hour back or ahead, but throughout history there have been several variations, like half adjustment (30 minutes) or double adjustment (two hours), and adjustments of 20 and 40 minutes have also been used. A two-hour adjustment was used in several countries during the 1940s and elsewhere at times.

• As a result of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, many parts of the United States observe Daylight Saving Time (DST) on the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November. The Act does not alter the rights of the states and territories that choose not to observe daylight saving time. Arizona is one of the states in the United States that are exempt from Daylight Saving Time.

• Last fun fact: Did you know that daylight savings time could mean savings on window screens for you? To celebrate daylight savings, we decided that we’d make you an offer you couldn’t refuse: 10% off any window insect screen or sliding patio screen door (KD Doors) purchase of 100 sqft or more at once before March 31st, 2015. Can’t be combined with any other offer. Excludes sun screens, screen doors, and security doors. Good for only new orders and you must mention this ad at time of purchase. Prior or existing orders not eligible.

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Is getting a nice cross breeze worth the risk?

When I married my lovely young bride many years ago, there was no question that we would be raising our family in Sacramento rather than Fresno where I grew up. This was the case not only because her family was from here, but because of the beautiful delta breeze that makes the high daytime temperatures much more tolerable.

What do we have to offer you?

Now that I’ve been in the screen business for over sixteen years, I have the pleasure of helping our customers be able to open the doors and windows in order to allow Mother Nature to do her job to cool their home with that famous delta breeze, which helps to save a good bit of money over the other alternative—adjusting the thermostat. Our window screens and screen doors allow folks to get the breeze without the bugs. However, is it safe to leave your doors and windows open?

That is a question we often get from our customers, and while we can’t answer that question for them, we do have the SOLUTION we believe certainly addresses their concern: security doors and security window screens. Allow the good things in while keeping the not-so-good things at bay!

Believe it or not…

Many of our customers are surprised because they had no idea that we are one of the biggest security door retailers in Northern CA, and have one of the biggest selections of security doors available! If you haven’t already done so, visit our website and explore what’s possible these days with modern technology! Long gone are the days of the ghetto jail bars and rusting steel most people think of when they consider installing one on their home!

All of our security doors are custom made to order, so the function, fit, and finish are perfect. No gaps and strong locks means no uninvited guests, whether they be bugs OR thugs!

Besides your home’s front and back doors as well as side garage doors, did you know that we can install security doors on your sliding glass door and security window screens on your windows, too? I know: it’s mind-blowing!

Relax…we’ve got it under control

Having your home open to Mother Nature but secured against shady characters can allow you to enjoy some much-needed peace of mind. You’ll be able to leave your doors and windows open and go about your business without worrying; resting easier at night will be on your agenda, too!

If you’ve always wanted to get the benefits of that beautiful delta breeze, but were hesitant to leave your home exposed, your search is finally over. The pros at A to Z Window Screens are here for you!

We are located in Lincoln, CA and provide services throughout the greater Sacramento area (as far north as Rocklin, as far south as Elk Grove, as far west as West Sacramento, as far east as Folsom, and all places in between). Call our office today in order to schedule your free, no obligation, in home consultation. We’ll show you pictures, colors, styles, and samples to show you that security from A to Z can be CLASSY!

We can be reached at 916-408-2496.


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Privacy Screens FAQ

Need new window screens? If you live in Sacramento or Northern California and are looking for a sunscreen dealer, you  have come to the right place. We carry and install the full gamut of screen products—one of the biggest selections in our big state.  Among our offerings, we get perhaps the most questions about our sun screens, solar screens, and privacy screens, which provide some pretty astonishing benefits to homeowners. Which brings us to the FAQ portion of this blog post …

What are the benefits of a privacy screen?

A privacy screen fulfills all the roles of an ordinary window screen—keeping bugs and airborne debris out of your home and allowing fresh air in—in addition to a number of other advantages. The most talked about advantage? Privacy screens may keep your home up to 15 degrees cooler, which as you can imagine will significantly reduce your energy bills year-round. These screens may also help protect your flooring and furniture from sun-related fading, and reduce glare on TV and computer screens. Also of particular importance—they provide lots of privacy, as people inside can see out, but people outside cannot see in. These screens are also more durable than traditional screens, making them great for homes with pets and kids.

What’s the difference in a privacy screen and a solar screen?

They are one and the same; the names are interchangeable. Usually people who buy them for sun/light reasons call them solar screens, while people who buy them for privacy reasons call them privacy screens.

Why should I install privacy screens?

In addition to the benefits listed above, which are numerous, sun screens may actually add value to your home when it comes time to sell. In fact, certain sun screens are designed to be particularly ornamental. Our grid screens will match the grids of your existing windows within a quarter of an inch and actually enhance the look of your windows.

Where should privacy screens go?

Most all windows are good candidates for privacy screens, though homes that are particularly bright and sunny may cry out for them more than others. They also are a nice fit with green-friendly or frugal homeowners looking to save money on air-conditioning costs.

How long will sun screens last?

Most screens have an average lifespan of 15-20 years.

To inquire about having solar screens installed in your home, call A to Z Window Screens, which services the greater Sacramento area, at 916-408-2496.

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We are Window and Door Problem Solvers!

The simplest explanation of what we do at A to Z Window Screens is right in our name: We install and repair all kinds of window and door screens. But beyond that, we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers — our clients call us with a problem in need of a solution, and we offer screen products and services that do the job.

Your Problems and Our Solutions

Replacement Bug Screens are just a piece of what we do — A to Z Window Screens can offer solutions for all kinds of simple and not-so-simple screen problems:

Problem: My Pets Keep Destroying Our Bug Screens

This is one we see and hear a lot. It’s a tale as old as time: You open the window to get a little air, and your cat decides to use the screen as a climbing wall, tearing it to tatters in the process. Or you open up the screen door, only for your dog to get excited about a scampering squirrel, shredding the screen in an effort to get at the woodland pal. Our dogs and cats provide a lot of love and companionship, but they’re definitely not the best friends your screens have ever had. You can replace those screens with traditional screens time and again, but that doesn’t solve the core problem: Those screens aren’t strong enough to withstand your pets’ enthusiasm.

Our solution: Installing tough and durable Pet Screens. These are made out of a PVC vinyl-coated polyester yarn that’s thicker and seven times stronger than traditional screens, so it can withstand lots of attention from your pet. But you’ll still get the airflow and visibility you want and expect!

Problem: My AC is on Full Blast 24/7, but My Home is Still Warm!

If your air conditioning is on constant overdrive and you have the energy bills to prove it, there’s a lot you can look at, from insulation to drafty windows and doors or the HVAC itself. But sometimes your problem is just worsened by the summer sun beaming through your windows and baking the house (and fading your furniture and carpets in the process).

Our solution: Sun or Solar Screens. Once installed, these can drop the temperature in your home by as much as 15 degrees by shading, reflecting and absorbing the sun’s rays. An unprotected window allows around 80 percent of the heat that hits the glass to move through; with a solar screen, it’s more like 20 percent — and you’ll see that difference in both the comfort level in your home and your comfort level upon opening your energy bill each month.

Problem: I’d like to put a Screen Door in, but I’m not Confident about their Security

We understand: Even if you really like the idea of leaving a deck or patio door open for a nice evening breeze, screen doors can seem flimsy, and that makes a lot of us feel less than confident and less than secure. That’s why A to Z Window Screens carries and installs a variety of super tough security screen doors that provide strength and confidence without sacrificing beauty. (Strong security doors in and of themselves can act as a deterrent to thieves, just by adding a layer of difficulty and hassle.)

The products we carry look nothing like the steel bars of yesterday — looking at our security doors, you’d think they were installed just for the elegant aesthetic, even if they’re also providing protection and valuable peace of mind.

Those are just a few of the many problems we can help you solve at A to Z Window Screens. Have some thoughts about ways we can improve the windows and doors in your home? Give us a call — we’d love to help!

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Stay Cool with the Help of Roll Down Sun Screens!

Even the most ardent sun worshipper isn’t immune to an occasional sun frustration. And for most of us — particularly in the dead of summer — that frustration is a little more than occasional. It might come from your air conditioner’s inability to keep up with the rising temperatures (and the feeling you get when you open the next energy bill). It might be trying to watch a movie or play video games while a piercing glare obscures the screen. Or it might be from attempting to make use of an outdoor living area you’ve put a lot of work into, but feeling too sweaty and sticky to enjoy it for more than five minutes.

When folks come to us fed up with the sun’s shenanigans, we introduce them to roll down sun screens — a solution that’s effective, long-term, beautiful and convenient.

How Roll Down Sun Screens Help You

A roll down sun screen looks pretty simple: We use durable and beautiful Phifer Suntex or Textaline fabrics and install the screens where needed; you use either a beaded nylon chain or remote control to lower or raise the screen as you want or need. Not much to it, right? But you might be surprised at how many benefits these seemingly simple sun screens bring:

  • When used to keep sun out of the interior of your home, they can help cool it as much as 15 degrees, helping you save on cooling costs
  • By blocking harsh rays from hitting your furniture and carpet, they can stop ugly fading
  • Adds privacy — you can see out perfectly, but passersby can’t see in
  • Makes outdoor spaces much cooler and much more livable by blocking the sun as it moves past your patio cover

Those are just a few of the ways adding a sunscreen can benefit your day-to-day life — and keep you from wasting money.

Roll Down Sun Screen FAQ

Where Can I Install Sun Screens?

Your options are broad — A to Z Screens can install roll down sun screens to your patio cover to shade your outdoor area, or on the exterior or interior of any windows in your home, in any area, any size. We custom make all of our roll down screens for a perfect fit, whether you have a tiny picture window or a large patio space.

Will My Sun Screens Get Destroyed By Harsh Weather?

The materials we use are strong and durable, made to withstand harsh weather — including harsh sun — for years to come, without deteriorating.

Are Sun Screens Hard To Operate?

Not at all — smaller screens aren’t any more difficult to raise or lower than traditional blinds, and larger sun screens (over 8 feet wide) have a built-in counter-spring assist clutch that makes operation a breeze. If you have arthritis or other trouble with your hands, we can also add a spring-assist clutch to smaller screens, or install remote control roll down screens that won’t tax you in the slightest.

Will Sun Screens Take Away From The Aesthetic Of My Home?

We think sun screens actually enhance a home’s look. You can choose between different colors and different densities to match or complement your home, and when you’re not using your screens, they roll cleanly and conveniently up and out of the way. Let us show you some pictures of past installations — we think you’ll be impressed with how great these screens look.

If you’d like to learn more about roll down sun screens — or would like to schedule an appointment — we’d love to help. Just give A to Z Screens a call!

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The Sun Can Save You Money

Were you aware that there are screens available that can decrease your electricity bill? That’s right, let us introduce to a new option in home window screens…the solar screen. This type of screen does more than save you money on energy, it also means you are living in an environmentally friendlier space. It is estimated that solar or sun screens can cut your electric bill by fifteen percent!

There are other functionalities of solar screen:

  • They keep bugs out
  • Because they filter the sun’s rays so effectively, there will be no fade to your draperies or furniture
  • Filters sunlight so that you get a better look at your TV and computer screen
  • Solar screens are tougher than regular screens…which can make a huge difference if you have pets or children
  • These screens also help keep your home private — allowing you to see out, but not allowing people on the outside to see in

If you aren’t crazy about the look of sun screens, be aware that we also install grid covers to enhance the exterior look of your home. We have many different colors and styles. This is a simple way to give your home that extra “wow” from the street.

We are always happy to discuss this option with you further. Call or contact us today and let us get started before the hot days ahead.

Importance of Screens for Your Windows


We are all looking for ways to save money on our air conditioning bills when the weather gets warmer, and a simple, inexpensive way to consistently cut costs on your electric bill and keep your house cool when the temperature starts creeping up into the triple digits is to install sunscreens, also known as solar screens or privacy screens, on your windows. In some cases, you will not only save money on your utility bill with sunscreens, but some electrical companies offer rebates to their customers who install solar screens on the windows of their homes. If you’re looking for an effective, economical, and energy-efficient way to keep your house cool and are interested in sunscreens, contact A to Z Window Screens today. We are one of the largest sunscreen dealers in California, and our expert associates are ready to help you select the perfect solar screens, and our certified installers are ready to install these screens so you can enjoy the many benefits of cooling your home with window sunscreens.

Resembling standard window screens, solar screens work so much better to keep your home cooler because they prevent direct sunlight from entering windows, cut all sun glares, and block the sunlight without restricting your view or the airway, according to the Weather Channel in its article “Cooling Your Home Naturally” in its Troubleshooting & Energy Efficiency section on its website. Sunscreens are included in the exterior shading options, such as awnings, shutters, and louvers. Exterior window shading is noted as being much more efficient than interior shading, like using blinds, draperies, and curtains. This is because with exterior shading, the screen acts as a protective layer over the glass that does not allow the sun to heat up the window enough to bring heat into your home. The screen also works to disperse heat and keep a constant air flow going, due to natural convection. And, don’t think the interior of your home will be gloomy and dark with no sun at all. While direct sunlight is blocked from your home to keep bright glares out, softer rays of sunshine are allowed inside.

Available in a large variety of colors from which to choose, we at A to Z Window Screens do want you to know that color choice does matter when it comes to sun, solar, or privacy screens. We have four rules of thumb you should follow when making your selection on the color of your sunscreens:

  1. When it comes to stopping heat, the darker the color of the sunscreen, the better. We suggest black or brown screens.
  2. Your outward visibility is better with darker colors like black or brown screens.
  3. If privacy is a concern, especially during the day, lighter colored screens such as stucco, beige, or gray are better for daytime privacy.
  4. If you want more of an amount of sunlight in your home, go with the lighter colors like stucco, beige, or gray.

If you would like more information on this money and energy-saving option of keeping your home cooler, contact A to Z Window Screens today by phone, e-mail, or by scheduling an appointment. Our years of expertise in selling and installing sunscreens as well as our large inventory make us your perfect partner in this home improvement endeavor.

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