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Why do window screens warp?

Windows can last for decades, but window screens are a different story. Window screens usually fail long before the windows they were installed with. They can look sloppy, no longer fit the window frame and warp and let bugs in. There are a few things that can cause window screens to warp more quickly.

Here are some common culprits of window warping:

  • Wet weather. Water can weaken window frames and cause them to warp, rust, crack or otherwise breakdown. Some types of window screens, such as those with wooden or aluminum frames, are particularly susceptible to water-related warping.
  • Extreme weather. Similarly, extreme weather can damage and warp window frames. Strong winds can stress and bow windows. And of course, a direct hit from a falling tree branch or blowing debris can bend your window frame.
  • Pets. Pets are notoriously hard on window screens. An excited dog or cat can jump up against a screen, or on a comfortable, breezy day when the windows are open, they can lay their bodies up against a window screen, exerting pressure and causing warping.
  • Children. Like pets, children are tough on screens. They push on them and lean into them, causing bowing on the screen and potential warping to the frame.
  • Frequent removal. Many homeowners remove their window screens every winter and replace them in the spring. That extra handling, and the force of being removed from their tight fitting within the window frame, can cause a gentle bend in the screen frame.
  • Improper repair. Often, homeowners, or even some professional screen repairers, will try to reuse screen frames when screen mesh develops holes or tears. Unfortunately, the tension caused by rescreening an old frame causes the frame to bend out of shape, making it nearly impossible to get the redone screen flush into the window frame.

Whether it’s from weather, pets, children, frequent removal, improper repair or just age, if your window screens are warped, unsightly and no longer keeping the bugs out of your home, A to Z Window Screens can help! We build custom replacement screens that will renew the look of your windows and the function of your window screens. If your children or pets are to blame for your window screen warping, we can replace your screens with stronger pet screens that will stand up to the abuse! And if you want to get more from your window screens, we can replace your ugly warped screens with solar screens that help to reduce the sun’s glare into your home, lower your home’s energy bills and increase the privacy within your home.

The fact is that your window screens will warp and sag over time. But you don’t have to let warped screens downgrade the look of your home and render your windows unusable! Call 916-408-2496 to schedule a consultation today.

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We can repair your bug screens!

Damaged window screens — whether it’s a bent frame or rip in the webbing — ruin the function of your windows. When your screens are damaged, you can’t open your windows or doors to let a breeze in without also letting in bugs.

Replacement window screens can be impossible to find. Repairing window screens yourself can be time consuming and difficult. The screen experts at A to Z Window Screens can repair your screens so you can open up your windows and enjoy spring’s pleasant temperatures!

Benefits of professional screen repair

While many home repair stores offer kits to repair small holes or tears in bug screens, professional repairs can make a big difference. Professional repairs can maintain the look of your home, matching your repaired screen to your existing screens. In fact, our shop is filled with a variety of screen colors and materials to make sure your repaired screen fits in perfectly with the look of your other window screens. We can patch holes, repair damaged frames or replace faulty hardware.

With professional window screen repairs, no job is too big! If your screens are too damaged for patching, we can construct a brand new screen to fit your window and match the look of your other window screens. While some companies will reuse old frames, we know that old frames can warp or screens can sag if new screening is installed on old frames. That’s why we won’t cut corners. Our replacement screens are quality constructed to last.

If your screen damage is due to pets jumping on, scratching at or climbing your screens, you may want to consider replacing your damaged screen with pet screens. When you replace your damaged, regular bug screens with our PVC-coated pet screens, your new screens will be stronger and more likely to resist holes or rips from you pets.

The A to Z screen-repair process

If you’re considering having your bug screens repaired, an A to Z screen-repair expert will visit your home, examine your screens and provide you with a free screen-repair estimate. We’ll even price each window individually, so you can determine which screens to repair now and which to repair later, if you decide not to undertake a complete screen overhaul on your home at one time.

Once your repaired screens are ready, we’ll install them and dispose of any old window screens free of charge. Your screen technician will demonstrate how to safely remove and replace your screens, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them in the future.

If you live around Sacramento, CA and are ready to fix your bug screens so you can throw open your windows and enjoy the spring breeze, call A to Z Window screens and schedule an appointment to get your free screen replacement quote.