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Are your pets destroying your window and door screens?

Pets can be hard on your home, and that can be especially evident when it comes to your window and door screens. Cats climb and scratch. Eager dogs jump up onto or run forward into screen doors. And all pets seem to enjoy leaning their body weight up against a screen. All of that force from you pets can lead to holes, tears, bowing or complete destruction of your screens.

If your screens and screen doors have been damaged by your pets and are unusable and unsightly, A to Z Window Screens can help! Let us replace your damaged screen door with pet screens! Replacing your damaged screens with pet screens will improve the look of your home and help prevent pets from damaging screens in the future.

How are pet screens different?

So how are pet screens different from traditional screens that are easily torn to bits by your pets? While most window screens are constructed from a relatively lightweight fiberglass mesh, pet screens are constructed for strength. The mesh on a pet screen is woven from PVC-coated polyester yarn that can stand up to your pet’s claws and weight. In fact, the mesh on a pet screen is seven times stronger and more durable than the mesh on a traditional fiberglass window screen!

Will pet screens change the look and function of your screens?

You don’t need to worry that heavier duty pet screens will change the look and function of your screens. Newly installed pet screens usually blend seamlessly with your remaining screens. A to Z Window Screens offers pet screens in both gray and black mesh, and most people find that installing black pet screens makes the pet screens indistinguishable from their home’s existing screens. When it comes to visibility through a pet screen the individual fibers of the screen mesh are thicker, but they are placed farther apart. That means you can still see clearly through your screens, and air will continue to flow easily. The screens may be slightly more visible and air flow may be lessened a bit, but most people find the difference negligible. At the same time, the mesh is still fine enough to keep bugs out of your home.

Where can pet screens be installed?

Pet screens can be installed on nearly any window or screen door in your home. We know screen doors, especially, are susceptible to abuse from your pets, but we also know that your pets will scratch and climb at nearly any screen. If your pet has a favorite window to sit at and watch the animal activity in the yard or neighbors passing by, it is wise to protect that window screen with a pet screen!

If you want to restore the look of your pet-damaged window screens, call A to Z Window Screens today! Let us replace your damaged screens with pet screens, so you can be confident that your new window screens won’t be destroyed by your pet again.

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New Pet? Get a pet screen for your patio!

If you recently have welcomed a new pet into your home, you likely will have found that your new pet comes with unwelcome wear and tear on your home. Screens are especially susceptible to pet damage, whether from an overenthusiastic dog trying to get outside or a cat scratching away while he watches the birds and squirrels outside. Pet-damaged screens render your windows or screen doors unusable, and pose a hazard to your pet. A pet could escape through a ripped screen, or could cut themselves on the sharp strands of the ripped screen. Pet-resistant screens from A to Z Window Screens can ward off damage, preventing your new pet from potentially escaping or becoming injured by a ripped screen.

How do pet-resistant screens work?

Pet-resistant screens are woven from polyester yard coated in PVC, making them stronger than traditional fiberglass screens.The screens are seven times stronger than traditional window and door screens. Pet-resistant screens resist scratches, and they hold in place where a traditional screen would give way — when your overly excited large dog jumps on the screen, for example. If your pet already has damaged your screen, replacing it with a pet-resistant screen provides a great option. With a pet-resistant screen, you can be assured that you won’t have to continually replace a screen, and you can be confident that your new pet won’t push through the screen and potentially escape your home. The screens, available in black or gray, can be installed in virtually any window or screen door.

How are pet-resistant screens different?

While pet-resistant screens are much stronger than traditional screens, you likely won’t notice a significant difference in the screen’s functionality. The strands of a pet screen are thicker, but the strands are placed farther apart to maintain visibility and airflow. They may be slightly more noticeable than a traditional screen, but they still will allow you to enjoy the breeze through your window or screen door and the outside view. The screens still will keep large bugs out of your house, but smaller bugs, such as gnats, may make their way inside.

How durable are pet-resistant screens?

The strength of pet-resistant screens gives them a longer lifespan than traditional fiberglass screens. The PVC coating makes pet-resistant screens more resistant to the damaging effects of sun and inclement weather. Pet-resistant screens also stand up to the wear and tear that children can put on screen doors. The screens will stay in place when pushed on by small children.

Protect your home and your pet from damaged screens. Call A to Z Window Screens today to set up a consultation and find out what it would take to replace your pet-damaged screen with pet-resistant screening, or to install the screens to prevent potential damage from your new pet.

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