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Custom Sliding Patio Screen Doors

If you or someone you love has ever, in a fit of rage, launched a pain-in-the-butt sliding screen door across your back yard, you know that getting a new, high-quality, custom-made sliding screen door is guaranteed to lower blood pressure and make your home a happier place for the entire family ;-).  And it just so happens that if you need a new patio sliding screen door, you’re in the right place!

Making high-quality replacement sliding screen doors is one of the most common jobs we do…. And because of that, we are darn good at it!

In order to ensure your new screen door slides as smoothly as possible and doesn’t fall off the tracks, we perform a free, in-home estimate and take measurements directly off of your sliding glass door. When you place your order, we custom make each screen door one at a time in order to ensure your new sliding screen door slides smoothly and doesn’t fall off the track.

In addition, our sliding patio screen doors don’t have ANY PLASTIC parts! Sure, we could skimp like everyone else, but we feel it’s worth paying a few bucks more for a great quality screen door that is built to last! No plastic handle, no plastic wheels, no plastic locking mechanism. Only 100% metal parts here!

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Lastly, we only use thick-walled extruded aluminum framing with a high-quality powder coat paint finish to ensure you get years of use out of your new sliding screen door…. Because nobody likes a weak, flimsy screen door!

To see how AtoZ’s custom sliding screen doors compare to what you’ll find elsewhere, read on!

Because builders are always looking to cut costs, most homes are built with the cheapest quality sliding screen door they can get away with! The typical tract home sliding screen door life expectancy is only 5-8 years before the plastic wheels fail, or the plastic handle breaks! 

Black Patio Screen Plastic Handle

Plastic Handles and Wheels are commonplace on cheap hardware store screen doors.

White Patio Screen Wheel on window

Plastic handles and wheels fall apart fast!

And this doesn’t include the folks whose sliding screen door WAS perfectly fine…until a pet, a child, or a drunk party guest destroyed it! Can you say “Job Security” for AtoZ?!

All kidding aside, making new sliding screen doors is one of the most common jobs we do…. And we’re VERY good at it! Custom Sizes or extra tall sliding patio screen doors are no problem, because every door we build is custom-made to fit your door perfectly!

Cat in leaning on window Screen
Child standing  in  window Screen pushing against it

Another sliding screen door bites the dust!

If you try to put an end to your sliding screen door sorrows by heading down to the local hardware store, you may be surprised to discover that you won’t find any patio screen doors that will work properly on your door! Oh sure, they have cheap Chinese-made “one-size-fits-all” (i.e., “one-size-fits-NONE”) screen doors with plastic wheels and handles and flimsy roll form framing, but they won’t work! Either they’ll be too tall to fit, or too short and will fall off every time you try to open it! And if you live in a home with one of those really tall sliding glass doors, forget it!

So what’s the solution? A new, custom-made sliding screen door by AtoZ Window Screens is the fastest, least expensive, easiest way to enjoy a bug-free-breeze once again!

Highest Quality

How do our sliding screen doors compare?

First, we use a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame unlike most cheap screen doors which are constructed using paper-thin roll form pot-metal!


Just so you understand, a “roll form” screen door frame is made by feeding a roll of thin gauge steel or aluminum sheet metal through a long machine in order to bend and crimp the flat piece of sheet metal into a boxed frame. In order to withstand being bent into this form, however, the sheet metal must be thin, soft, and malleable…qualities you DON’T want when you need a durable and tough sliding screen door!

Patio Screen Door Framing man's hand holding two frame pieces

Cheap Roll Form Framing VS Heavy Duty Extruded Framing

older woman standing in doorway of sliding glass doors

Quality Patio Screen Doors are AtoZ’s specialty!

Extrusion, on the other hand, is a far superior manufacturing process! With extrusion, an ingot of solid aluminum is heated to a molten hot semi-solid form, and then hydraulically pressed out of a die to form a thick-walled, one-piece welded screen frame with a much higher tensile strength and stiffness. If you can remember the Play-Doh fun factory, squeezing Play-Doh through variously shaped dies, then you’ll understand extrusion. All of AtoZ’s sliding screen doors are custom-made using extruded aluminum framing for durability and stiffness.

large metal machine with two rollers on top

Roll Form Framing is made of paper-thin, soft sheet metal which has been bent and crimped together.

close up of man's hand with play do fun factory

Using a process similar to the Play-Do Fun Factory, extruded framing is formed by extruding semi-molten aluminum. It creates a much thicker, stronger, and more durable frame more suited for a Tough sliding patio screen door.

In addition, many folks are delighted to discover that our sliding screen doors have NO PLASTIC PARTS! You read that right! The top and bottom wheels on our doors are smooth-rolling metal wheels that will provide years of silky sliding trouble-free service!  There’s nothing more frustrating than fighting with a sliding screen door that won’t slide properly because of broken plastic wheels!

In addition, the 4 corners holding the frame together are also heavy duty cast metal, not plastic! Because weak plastic corners will easily flex and break in short order, AtoZ refuses to use them.

And of course, you’ll likely say AtoZ’s got a “handle” on good quality when you notice that our sliding screen door handles and locking mechanisms are also…you guessed it, METAL! No plastic parts to get brittle in the sun’s harsh UV rays! No plastic lock parts to easily break!

Sliding Screen Door Metal Handles white in color

It’s all Metal! The Handle, the locking mechanism, and the latch to which the lock engages! No cheap plastic to disintegrate in the sun or fall apart in your hands!

Patio Screen Door Handles and Wheels

Cheap Plastic Handles, Corners and Wheels are common in most Sliding Screen Doors. Plastic deteriorates quickly in the direct sun and hot summer conditions!

Custom Sliding Screen Door Handles

AtoZ’s Custom Sliding Screen Doors use only high-quality metal handles, corners, and wheels! Sure, metal components cost a little more, but wouldn’t you rather only have to buy it ONCE?

Each Sliding Screen Door CUSTOM-MADE to fit perfectly!

Because sliding screen doors must be made to very specific tolerances in order to work properly, one of our professional screen technicians will take precise measurements directly from your sliding glass door. In order to guarantee a proper fit, we can’t take our measurements from the old screen door or customers’ measurements.

Man in black clothing taking measurements of windows

How can I get a price quote?

If you call our office with the approximate measurements (width and height), we can give you a fairly accurate price range of what a new sliding screen door will cost right over the phone! Once you decide to move forward, we’ll schedule a time to visit your home to get your order started as soon as possible!

So don’t put up with a tattered, hard-to-open-won’t-stay-on-the-tracks cheap screen door another second! Let AtoZ put an end to your sliding screen door sorrows by having us make a high-quality, custom-fit screen door for your home! With over 20,000 customers happily served, AtoZ will make getting a new screen door a “breeze!” Call us today!

two dogs one sticking his head through a window screen the other standing against it


The convenience of a retractable screen door is hard to beat. Ask us for more information on this popular screen product today.