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Your home is likely equipped with window screens that allow you to open your windows, without inviting neighborhood mosquitos in. While many newer homes feature a glass “storm door” or decorative door on the outside of the front door, there are also older homes that still have a screen door. Today you can have a screen door and it isn’t the loud-clanging, metal-framed door that you imagine. Now you can equip your home with ClearView Retractable Screen Doors. They are affordable, invisible, practical, and right there in your area.

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If you reside in the Greater Sacramento area and own or rent a home with an outer door (they all have them) you can benefit from a retractable screen door. While other screen doors are bulky, they also open outward, taking up space and not working well with the existing doors. Clearview Retractable Screen Doors do not swing out or in, but slide open and closed, disappearing completely from view! This is the only retractable screen door that does not snap back but slides safely into a housing compartment attached to the frame.

Patented Technology, Quality Design

The Clearview Retractable Screen Door does not snap back because of a patented speed reducer called “Safe-Glide”. Our products do not snap back, causing possible damage to the screen door or other property or injury to the user. In fact, our products last longer than the average screen doors that use cheap parts. Our doors use a heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame—a thick-walled, one-piece welded screen frame with higher tensile strength and stiffness. All of our sliding screen doors are custom-made using this process for durability and stiffness. Additionally, we do not use plastic because plastic parts break. Our rollers are smooth-rolling metal wheels that will work years after plastic handles and rollers on other products break. The four corners of the frame are heavy-duty cast metal and even the handles are made of metal. Our customers know better than anyone else that doors are abused by time and sunlight year after year, but our sliding screen doors will stand the test of time.

Start with A to Z for Custom-Screened Doors

If you’re looking to upgrade for a sale, longing to cut down on heating and cooling and enjoy fresh air through your patio doorway, or needing to replace that ugly screen that your dog stuck his head through, we can help. In fact, you can ask an A to Z Window Screens professional about pet-resistant bug screens today. Fall is coming, and with it, fresh cool air. You don’t have to trap yourself and your pets in a house with stale air any longer. We can keep the bugs out, and all you have to do is call.

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