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When the pleasant spring breezes start to blow, open your doors and let them in with a new retractable screen door! Retractable screens can be fit to almost any door. They can increase your enjoyment of your home and help lower your energy bills for an affordable price.

How retractable screen doors work

At A to Z, we install ClearView Retractable Screen doors. With ClearView Retractable Screen doors, a vertical housing for the screen is attached to one side of your door jamb. To close the doors, the screen is pulled across the door opening on its track, and it affixes to the opposite side of the door. The action is smooth and graceful.

Benefits of retractable screen doors

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of retractable screen doors is that they allow you to open your doors to let in a cool breeze, while keeping out other bugs or pests and keeping pets in, just like a traditional screen door. However, retractable screen doors offer many benefits over traditional screen doors.

  • Retractable screen doors don’t detract from the look of your home. Retractable screen doors are virtually invisible when they’re opened. That means they’ll fit with the look and style of your home, no matter what.
  • Retractable doors fit any door style. Some doors, like French doors, are impossible to equip with traditional screen doors, while it may be hard to retrofit a screen door to an entry door or sliding doors. Retractable screen doors can be made for any style of door.
  • Retractable screen doors are safe. Traditional screen doors can have a quick, snap into place action that can be dangerous for little fingers or feet, or wagging tails. Retractable screen doors operate smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about children or pets being injured when the door closes.
  • Retractable doors are convenient. Retractable doors roll away when you’re not using them, which means you don’t have to constantly open two doors when carrying in your groceries or taking out the trash.
  • Retractable doors can help lower your energy bills. First, retractable doors help you cool your home without air conditioning by allowing you to let in a breeze. The doors also are available in energy-saving, solar screen options, which lower solar heat entering your home through the doorway by 60 percent!
  • Retractable screens provide options. ClearView Retractable doors come in a variety of colors to complement your home. In addition to traditional screens and solar screens, ClearView doors also come in a “super screen” that’s five times stronger than traditional mesh screen — It’s the perfect option for homes with children or pets!

Adding retractable screens to your home

If you’re interested in hearing more about how retractable screens can add to your home and live in the Sacramento area, call the experts at A to Z Windows Screens! We can walk you through our retractable door options to help you select the perfect screens for your doors. We’ll have you ready to enjoy spring’s pleasant temperatures with your new retractable screen doors!