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Perks of a Pet Screen

As lovely as it is to open up your windows and doors each summer to let the breeze float through your screens, summer can take a toll on your window and door screens. Anxious cats watching the birds and animals outside, eager dogs rushing to get outside and children or pets pushing against the screen mesh can rip, ruin and stretch your screens. You can save your windows and doors from future damage by replacing old, damaged screens with strong, durable pet screens!

Why choose pet screens?

The perks of pet screens are obvious: The durability and strength of a pet screen can save your screens from the daily wear and tear that comes when pets — or even children — come into contact with your screens. Pet screens are 7 times stronger than your average mesh window or door screen. That’s because pet screens are made from a specialized polyester yarn that is coated with durable PVC vinyl, rather than with the traditional fiberglass. That stronger mesh can stop pet claws from tearing through the screening and resist the weight of an eager pet or child who jumps on or leans against the screen.

Will I notice a difference between pet screens and traditional screens?

You will notice a slight difference between pet screens and tradition mesh screens. Because pet screens are woven from the thicker, stronger PVC-coated polyester, the openings within the mesh screen are smaller. Nonetheless, you still will be able to see clearly through your pet screen, and the openings in the mesh are still wide enough to let the breeze in. And just like traditional window screens, your pet screens will keep the bugs out of your home.

What are my pet screen options?

When it comes to outfitting your doors and windows with pet screens, A to Z Window Screens provides plenty of options! We custom build our screens so any door or window in your home can be fitted with a pet screen. And because A to Z Window Screens custom builds every window screen without cutting corners, you know that your pet screens will perfectly fit every window and will last for years to come.

How can I get my windows outfitted with pet screens?

If you’re ready to replace your ripped or bent window screens with durable pet screens that will withstand the wear and tear of your pets claws, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! One of our window screen experts will run you through all of your window screen options. Then, he or she will measure your windows or doors, take pictures and provide you with a quote for outfitting your windows and doors with durable pet screens.

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Get Out Onto the Patio With Custom Sliding Screen Doors!

Have your sliding screen doors been a source of frustration this summer? Most sliding screen doors installed by builders tend to be low grade, which means they fall apart fast. The plastic handles can snap off, and plastic rollers quickly degrade. Pets, kids and daily life can take their toll, as well. Screens can warp and tear, rending a screen door useless in letting the breeze in while keeping out bugs.

These deteriorating doors can serve as a major point of frustration for homeowners. No one wants to struggle with a rickety screen door or look at a warped, torn screen door. If your sliding screen door is failing, A to Z Window Screens can help! We can get you back out onto your patio this summer with custom sliding screen doors!

About Our Custom Sliding Screen Doors

The best way to restore your sliding door is with a professionally built and installed custom sliding door. While there are DIY patch kits and rescreening tools, these generally aren’t effective at revitalizing a screen door. Patch kits can leave screen doors looking uneven and ragged, while replacing the mesh on an old door frame can cause the frame to bend and warp, making it even more difficult to slide.  A custom sliding screen door from A to Z Window Screens will provide you with an attractive, durable and smoothly gliding screen door.

A to Z’s custom-built sliding doors can be constructed to fit any sized patio door. On top of that, our doors are constructed from heavy duty metal. There are no flimsy plastic parts! From heavy-duty extracted aluminum framing to metal corners and wheels, our custom sliding doors are built to last. You won’t have to deal with the frustration of flimsy wheels and snapped handles when you replace your failing sliding door with a custom sliding door from A to Z!

Sliding Screen Doors Options

When you choose a custom sliding door, you’ll also find several options that will ensure that your sliding screen door meets your needs. You can choose heavy-duty pet screen that will help protect against bowing and tearing. You can choose solar screening that will help to keep the sun’s heat and rays out of your home to lower your home-cooling bills. You could even forgo the traditional sliding screen door and choose a retractable screen door, which slides across your doorway opening when you want it and rolls discretely into a housing in your door jamb when you don’t!

If you’re ready to get rid of the frustration of your failing sliding screen door and get back out your patio, call A to Z Window Screens to set up a consultation today! We can show you all of your sliding screen door options and help you customize a sliding screen door that’s right for your home!

Pair Your Low-E Glass with Solar Screens

Low-emissivity or low-E windows have become increasingly common as homeowners look for ways to lower their energy bills. The increase in low-E window installations has brought an increasing problem: warped vinyl. More and more, there are reports of reflections from low-E windows melting the vinyl siding of neighboring homes or an adjoining portion of the home. In the hot California sun, this problem can be even more prevalent.

Low-E warps Siding

Applied to windows, a low-E coating is meant to reflect the sun’s hot rays, keeping homes cooler and reducing the burden on air conditioners. When the sun reflects off of a low-E-glazed surface, however, it can reflect that sunlight and focus it intensely on another object. In a tightly packed neighborhood, or on L- or U-shaped homes, that sunlight often focuses on vinyl siding. While the melting point of vinyl siding is between 160 and 165 degree Fahrenheit, the temperatures caused by the sun reflecting off low-E windows can be up to 219 degrees Fahrenheit. The occurrence of melted vinyl siding due to low-E windows worsens in the winter, when the sun is lower, and when windows curve slightly inward.

What to do About Warped Siding

When vinyl is warping due to the reflection of a low-E window — which is usually evident because the warping happens in a curved diagonal that follows the path of the sun across the window — it can cause a major quandary. Siding manufacturers generally won’t cover the cost of siding replacement under warranty. And if the window isn’t dealt with, the problem will occur again and again.

How Solar Screens Can Help

One of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to avoid warped siding to low-E glass is with solar screens. The only other options, replacing low-E windows with less energy efficient ones or continually replacing siding. Both options can cost thousands of dollars. Instead, you can cut the glare and prevent the warping with solar screens. Solar screens are designed to keep sunlight from hitting windows, thus keeping homes cooler without overtaxing air conditioners. When you put solar screens over a low-E window, prevent the sun from reflecting off of the low-E coating and melting vinyl siding or other nearby objects. Or, if you’ve been considering low-E windows to save on energy bills but your windows reflect lights onto your home or nearby homes, you could safely block the sun, cool your home and lower energy bills by foregoing low-E windows and installing solar screens.

If your low-E windows are melting vinyl, or if they have the potential to melt vinyl, call A to Z Window Screens to ask about solar screens today! We can help you solve the problem of melting vinyl quickly and without the expense of removing your low-E windows.

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Protect your home — and your money — from the heat!

Each summer, California homeowners look for ways to beat the heat, without breaking the bank. You can lower the temperature in your home, while lowering your home energy bills, is by installing solar screens this summer.

How do solar screens work?

Solar screens keep your home cooler by stopping the sun’s rays — and heat — from hitting your windows and entering your home. The screens are made of vinyl-coated polyester yarn that’s more tightly woven than your average window screen. The densely woven screen deflects the sun’s rays and shades your windows. The heat that is absorbed by the screen travels through the grid and dissipates before it can reach your home.

How well do solar screens protect your home from the heat?

Ultimately, solar screens can keep your home between 8 and 15 degrees cooler, making your home more comfortable for you, your family and your pets. In addition, solar screens protect your flooring and furniture from damaging UV rays, helping to prolong the lifespan of your décor! They also cut the glare on TV and computer screens. When it comes to protecting your home from the sun’s rays, solar screens hold a major benefit over interior blinds and drapes. Because blinds and drapes have to be closed to protect your home, the heat savings can vary widely, and you only protect your home when you completely shut out the light and the view. With solar screens, you still get light from the sun and preserve your views while you protecting your home from the heat.

How do solar screens save you money?

Solar screens save money by keeping your home cooler, which means you don’t have to overwork your air conditioner! They can reduce your air conditioner’s workload by as much as 30 percent. Solar screens also bring energy-saving benefits in the winter months; because they are thicker than the average window screen, they help to add an additional layer of insulation to your windows, helping to keep heat in and cold air out. With the energy savings, solar screens usually return their installation costs within two years.

And, because they save energy, you might be able to earn tax rebates for installing solar screens on your home. You don’t have to install solar screens on every window in your house to realize their energy-saving benefits: Solar screens are most effective when installed on the south- and west-facing windows in your home. Of course, a full home solar screen installation can give your home a uniform look.

How can you learn more about the benefits of solar screens for your home?

If you’re ready to protect your home and your money from the heat with solar screens, call A to Z Window Screens to schedule a consultation today! We can walk you through all of your solar screen options and advise you on the screen configuration that will provide you with the biggest benefit.

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Why do window screens warp?

Windows can last for decades, but window screens are a different story. Window screens usually fail long before the windows they were installed with. They can look sloppy, no longer fit the window frame and warp and let bugs in. There are a few things that can cause window screens to warp more quickly.

Here are some common culprits of window warping:

  • Wet weather. Water can weaken window frames and cause them to warp, rust, crack or otherwise breakdown. Some types of window screens, such as those with wooden or aluminum frames, are particularly susceptible to water-related warping.
  • Extreme weather. Similarly, extreme weather can damage and warp window frames. Strong winds can stress and bow windows. And of course, a direct hit from a falling tree branch or blowing debris can bend your window frame.
  • Pets. Pets are notoriously hard on window screens. An excited dog or cat can jump up against a screen, or on a comfortable, breezy day when the windows are open, they can lay their bodies up against a window screen, exerting pressure and causing warping.
  • Children. Like pets, children are tough on screens. They push on them and lean into them, causing bowing on the screen and potential warping to the frame.
  • Frequent removal. Many homeowners remove their window screens every winter and replace them in the spring. That extra handling, and the force of being removed from their tight fitting within the window frame, can cause a gentle bend in the screen frame.
  • Improper repair. Often, homeowners, or even some professional screen repairers, will try to reuse screen frames when screen mesh develops holes or tears. Unfortunately, the tension caused by rescreening an old frame causes the frame to bend out of shape, making it nearly impossible to get the redone screen flush into the window frame.

Whether it’s from weather, pets, children, frequent removal, improper repair or just age, if your window screens are warped, unsightly and no longer keeping the bugs out of your home, A to Z Window Screens can help! We build custom replacement screens that will renew the look of your windows and the function of your window screens. If your children or pets are to blame for your window screen warping, we can replace your screens with stronger pet screens that will stand up to the abuse! And if you want to get more from your window screens, we can replace your ugly warped screens with solar screens that help to reduce the sun’s glare into your home, lower your home’s energy bills and increase the privacy within your home.

The fact is that your window screens will warp and sag over time. But you don’t have to let warped screens downgrade the look of your home and render your windows unusable! Call 916-408-2496 to schedule a consultation today.

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What are retractable screens?

Screen doors can pose a dilemma: They’re fantastic when you want to use them, but they can be obtrusive and inconvenient. On one hand, it can be nice to have a screen door, allowing you to your home to let in a breeze. On the other hand, screen doors can block traffic into and out of your home. Also, they can hurt your curb appeal, and they can snap closed, endangering your family’s heels and hands, and your pets’ paws and tails. A to Z Window Screens has a solution: ClearView Retractable Screens.

About ClearView Retractable Screens

ClearView Retractable Screens solve the screen-door dilemma: The screens pull across your doorframe when you want to open up your home to let the air in, and they roll away into a discreet housing when you want your screen door out of the way. ClearView Retractable Screens can be fitted on to virtually any doorway, from single doorways to sliding doors to double doorways. And ClearView Retractable Screens go above and beyond similar products on the market with special features including:

  • Flexible mounting. ClearView Retractable Screens are meant to be mounted to your door frame just how you want them. They can be mounted directly to the door frame or in any recesses in the doorway. They can be mounted to the right of the doorway or the left.
  • Slow-Close speed reducer. ClearView Retractable Screens are designed to retract safely, without endangering fingers, paws or tails, or causing damage to the screen. ClearView Screens achieve a smooth close with the use of their patented hydraulic Slow-Close Speed Reducer.
  • Enclosed housing. The screen housings on ClearView Retractable Screens are fully enclosed, which keeps the screen clean when it’s not in use.
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Summer is Right Around the Corner; Install Solar Screens!

Temperatures are starting to heat up here in Sacramento, and it’s only going to get hotter. After all, summer is just around the corner! You can beat the heat in your home this summer and lower your energy bills installing solar screens now.

How do solar screens work?

Regular window screens allow the sunshine — and UV rays — to pour freely into your home. Solar screens use dark colors to reflect the sunlight and thicker mesh to create shade within your home. The bolder vinyl-coated polyester fibers of a solar shade absorb a good portion of the sun’s heat and disperse that heat through its large grid. A traditional window screen allows approximately 80 percent of the sun’s heat and rays to enter your home, but solar shades block about 80 percent of the sun’s heat. With a solar shade, your window screen bears the brunt of the sun’s rays and heat, rather than your windows!

What are the benefits of installing solar screens?

If your home becomes uncomfortably hot under the sun’s glare, solar screens can make your home considerably more comfortable. In fact, solar screens can lower the temperature of a home by up to 15 degrees! That also means that your air conditioner won’t have to work overtime to cool your home, which can lower your electric bill. Solar screens can make your home more livable. They offer shade to bright rooms and reduce the glare on your television, computer and other electronic devices. With less UV light coming in through your windows, you will see less fading and wear on your furniture, flooring and home décor. On top of that, solar screens can increase the privacy within your home. The screens restrict the view in through your windows, while still maintaining your view to the outside. Additionally, solar screen are stronger and more durable than traditional window screens. There will be no problems standing up to pets, children and other stressors.

How can I have solar screens installed on my windows?

If you are ready to enjoy more comfortable temperatures in your home this summer, lower your electric bills and enhance your home’s privacy, call A to Z Window Screens to set up a solar screen consultation today! When it comes to your new solar screens, you can choose from custom colors, decorative grid patterns, and screen thickness. Our solar screen experts will walk you through all of your solar screen options to help you choose the solar screens that will provide you with the greatest benefit while enhancing the exterior look of your home.

Don’t wait to discover how solar screens can benefit your home! With summer just around the corner, have your solar screens installed now so you can reap the benefits in Sacramento’s blistering summer heat. Call A to Z Window Screens today!

Discover Trademark Security Doors

If you want to increase your home’s security — but don’t want to detract from your home’s beauty — it’s time for you to discover Trademark Security Doors.

Increased Security

Trademark Security Doors feature a one-piece steel doorframe that’s fitted snuggly to your door frame. The doors are installed with recessed bolts, covered with metal caps. The bolts are difficult for intruders to access, but the metal caps give the door a clean look. Trademark doors’ heavy-duty, tamper-proof hinges mean the door has virtually no gaps, and it can be removed only when the door is fully opened. The door frame is fitted with a riveted stainless steel mesh screen keeps out intruders and bugs. The security screening allows you to see out of Trademark Security Door, but neighbors, strangers, and passersby can’t see into your home.

Enhanced Style

With Trademark Security Doors, you don’t have to compromise the look of your home to increase your home’s security. Trademark Security Doors come in 16 different styles so you can choose the best fit. Or, you can have a door specially designed to fit your specifications. The doors also can be painted one of 21 colors in a durable Cardinal power coat. For additional customization, you can have the steel frame of your door painted one color, and the screening painted in a complementary color.

Improved Insect Protection

Trademark Security Doors don’t just keep intruders out of your home, they also keep bugs out better than the average door. When A to Z installs a Trademark Security Door, we install weather stripping across the top and sides, and a tight rubber sweep along the bottom. That ensures that bugs can’t get to the top, bottom or edges of your door.

Options for Every Budget

Another benefit of Trademark Security Doors: Trademark offers three lines of doors in different budget levels. That means that you can choose a strong, beautiful security door that fits your budget as well as your style. All three lines of Trademark Security Doors offer the luxurious look of a custom door, along with the strength and security to keep your home safe from intruders.

Pet Doors

Trademark Security Doors doesn’t only offer main doors; they offer pet doors, too! The pet doors come in four sizes, and they can be installed directly into you security door.

If you are ready to increase your home’s security and style with a Trademark Security Door, call A to Z Window Screens today! We can show you all of your Trademark Security Door options and provide you with pricing information. We want to help you select the right Trademark Security Door for your home.

Stop mosquito madness!

We had a wet winter. While no one can argue that we badly needed the rain, all of that wet weather has one downside: mosquitoes. As we open up our doors and windows to let in the spring’s sunshine and warm breezes, it can be a challenge to keep those mosquitoes at bay.

Keep mosquitoes out with new screens.

Of course, the best way to keep mosquitoes out of your house is with sturdy window screens. If your window screens are in disrepair, you can feel trapped in your house. The best way to get your screens repaired is through a professional screen-replacement company. Screen repair kits from the home-improvement store can leave your screens looking piecemeal and unattractive. Fitting new screens to existing screen frames cause the frames to warp and bow. This means they won’t properly fit into windows and will leave gaps that can allow mosquitoes to find their way into your home.

You also can enjoy more of spring’s pleasant temperatures by opening up your doors! If your doors are without screens, or have screens that are in disrepair, you have a host of screen door options. You always can go with a traditional screen door. However,  there are also retractable screen doors that slide open when you want to have a screen in place. Afterwards, they roll into a discreet frame when you don’t need the screen. Retractable screen doors come with the added advantage of a gentle closure; they don’t snap closed, posing a hazard to children’s fingers and heels or pet’s tails, like traditional screen doors.

Keep mosquitoes out of your backyard.

It’s virtually impossible to keep all mosquitoes away from your house and out of your backyard. Having said that, there are some steps you can take to keep mosquitoes from pestering you outside and finding their way inside. First and foremost, eliminate any standing water in your yard. Make sure that water isn’t pooling in gutters, on children’s toys or in any containers that you might have sitting around the yard. Stagnant water provides mosquitoes with breeding grounds and can dramatically up the mosquito population in your yard.

Taking care of vegetation in your yard also can help. Clean up any yard waste, such as grass clippings, leaf piles or stacks of twigs or vegetation. These can provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Trim back any overgrown vegetation, and try to keep shade-producing vegetation away from you house. They also provide mosquitoes with shelter during the heat of the day. In addition, you also can plant herbs and flowers that mosquitoes find repellent. You can plant the citronella that’s a common ingredient in mosquito-repellent candles. Mosquitoes also stay away from lavender, mint, basil, catnip and marigolds.

Call A to Z to help protect your home from mosquitoes!

If you’re ready to keep mosquitoes out of your home this spring, and you know your screens aren’t up to the challenge, call A to Z Window Screens! We can replace your damaged window screens and outfit your doors with sliding, retractable or security screens.

Celebrating 500 reviews!

At A to Z, we are proud of what we do, whether it is caring for or customers’ chimneys or updating homes and making them more functional with new window screens, doors, fireplaces or heating stoves. Our pride is amplified by our customers’ positive reviews; we’re celebrating the fact that we have just surpassed our 500th online review!

Our customers have taken to Google, Yelp, Facebook and Yahoo! to let us know we’re doing things right. That doesn’t even include the hundreds of reviews on home improvement sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor. That makes A to Z one of the most highly rated chimney and screen companies in Sacramento.

Here are some of the wonderful things our customers are saying about us:

“Awesome service, I recently purchased a home that has a chimney, I wanted it inspected before I started using it and the service was great. I was told that my chimney was never used (35 year old house) and they took that cleaning off the price. During his inspection, I was informed that my dryer vent was really clogged and was a fire hazard. The tech provided photos of the clog and I was able to have that vent cleaned. I would recommend A to Z to everyone.” — Richard Q. (Yelp)

“We’ve used A to Z twice now, they are the best! 3 years ago they installed new screens for every window (house looks so much nicer now!), and cleaned our chimney and dryer/vent. We hired them again to clean our dryer vent and again did not disappoint. On time service, friendly people (David was awesome!), informative, excellent customer service. Highly recommend A to Z! And they are local!” — P T (Yelp)

“Josh from A to Z installed my solar shade screens this afternoon. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and installation as well as Josh’s professional, friendly service and great communication. I utilized A to Z’s services in my previous home for chimney sweeping as well as manufacturing and installing solar shade screens throughout. I was extremely pleased so they were my go-to company to call for my new home.” — Kat Hopson (Facebook)

“I just had my electric fireplace and dryer vent serviced by Josh at A to Z. EXCELLENT customer service and he even got my fireplace back up and running while making it look brand new. My dryer is also drying clothes faster it seems!! I highly recommend this company for anyone in the area!!!” — Rachael Bowman (Facebook)

“We absolutely love our new solar screens installed by A to Z window screens! After contacting 3 different companies and getting estimates on our home we made the choice to go with A to Z and couldn’t be happier!” — Amy Burvant (Google)


These reviews let us know that our customer-centered hard work is appreciated, and it helps our local business to thrive. We’re grateful to our customers for coming back to us time and time again. Also, we are thankful for letting their friends, family, neighbors and even total strangers know why A to Z is the best company for window screen and chimney services in the greater Sacramento area!