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The sun can be incredibly damaging to your skin. There’s the risk of skin cancer, as well as sunburn and premature aging. Whilesun sunscreen should always be worn on sunny days, the American Cancer Society suggests that the best way to protect yourself from the sun  is to stay in the shade as much as possible and to cover yourself with clothing and hats when you are in the sun. If you are serious about protecting yourself from the dangerous rays of the sun, A to Z Window Screens can help, with solar screens!

About solar screens

Solar screens fit where ordinary screens do — in windows and doors and around patios — but they perform an additional function. Solar screens are made with darker, thicker vinyl-coated polyester mesh. This specialized mesh provides protection from the sun by blocking and diffusing UV rays. Depending on the thickness and color of the solar screens you choose, the screens block between 80 and 90 percent of UV rays.

Where to install solar screens

You can install solar screens anywhere you can install traditional screen products. Fitted to your doors and windows, solar screens can block UV light from entering your home. Without solar screens on your windows to deflect the sun’s rays, UV rays can damage your skin inside your home just as it would outside of your home! Outside, you also can use solar screening to enclose patios to provide shade so you don’t have to cover up to protect yourself from the sun while enjoying your outdoor living spaces, and the shade they provide can make your patio more comfortable by blocking the heat of the day.

Other benefits of solar screens

Solar screens don’t just protect your skin from damaging UV rays, they come with many additional benefits! Because they block UV rays and sunlight from entering your home, they can lower your home’s indoor temperature by as much as 15 degrees, saving you money on your summer cooling bills. Just like they protect your skin, solar screens protect your home’s flooring, furnishings, and décor from sun damage. With their thicker mesh, solar screens also can provide privacy to your home or your patio. Finally, solar screens can upgrade your home’s curb appeal! Solar screens come in a variety of colors and with decorative grid options that can improve the look of your home.

If you are serious about protecting yourself from the sun, you should be concerned about UV rays in your home and in your outdoor living spaces. Let A to Z Window Screens help protect you and your home from sun damage with solar screens. Call to schedule your consultation to learn more about how solar screens can benefit your home today!