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Do you want to add convenience, safety and security to your home, all while letting in more light and air? There’s a simplesliding security screen door addition to your home that can bring a lot of added benefits: A screen door. Here are 5 reasons you need a screen door on your home.

1. Enjoy the outside air.

The No. 1 reason to add a screen door to your home is to allow more light and air into your home. With screen doors on your entryways, you can open up your home on beautiful days to let in fresh air and more light, without letting in bugs or other pests.

2. Added safety for your children and pets.

Pets and children are known for their tendency to run toward an open door or rush a door when the doorbell rings. A screen door adds an added layer of safety for pets and small children. When you open your entry door to greet a visitor, you still have a screen door in place to act as an added barrier. You can even use upgrade to pet screening for your screen doors to prevent damage to your screens by upgrading to scratch- and weight-resistant pet screening.

3. Lower your home energy bills.

Screen doors can help you lower your home energy bills. In the summer, being able to air at your home and cool it down naturally saves you from running your air conditioning more than you need to. Solar screen doors add to that savings by shading your home from the sun’s glare. In the winter, screen doors add an added layer of insulation to your home’s entryways.

4. Add a layer of security to your home.

Screen doors can help keep your home safer. While a simple screen door adds an extra barrier to your home, you also can opt for a security screen door. These screen doors allow in light and air like a traditional screen door, but they are made from heavy duty metal and cut-proof screening. That means you can open your home to the fresh air without opening your home to criminals.

5. Protect your door from the elements.

Screen doors protect your door from sun and rain, which can help extend the life of your door. When you buy high quality screen doors, like custom screen doors from A to Z Window Screens, you will get powder-coated screen doors that won’t rust or fade from the elements. With screen doors, you can preserve the curb appeal of your home.

There are many advantages to adding screen doors to your home — These are only a few! Whether you are in need of swinging screen doors, security screen doors, sliding screen doors, retractable screen doors or screen doors for your French doors or other specialty doors, call A to Z Window Screens! We can fit your home with any type of screen door you need, so you can realize all of the benefits of screen doors.