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For most homeowners, their primary concern for their home is safety. That can be in direct conflict with their desire to open up their doors come summer to enjoy fresh breezes andtitan security screen door pleasant temperatures. But when it comes to outfitting your home with a door, you don’t have to choose between comfort and security; you can outfit your home with a security screen door from A to Z Window Screens.

What is a security screen door?

A security screen door is a screen door that’s manufactured to keep intruders out. At the same time, it has a mesh screen that’s designed to allow sunlight and fresh air to enter your home. Security screen doors are generally manufactured from stronger metals than traditional screen doors, the screen mesh is made from a slash and push resistant material and the door is installed a sturdier frame and with sturdier hinges than traditional screen doors. Many security screen doors feature extra features, like specialty locks, to add to their security and convenience.

What do security screen doors look like?

When many people think of security screen doors, they envision institutional-looking metal bars across a doorway. In fact, security screen doors come in all styles and finishes, and many are manufactured to enhance, rather than detract from, your home’s curb appeal. You can find security screen doors in simple, traditional designs, or you can install elegant or elaborate screen doors; fun modern security screen doors; or even have a custom screen door designed to your specific vision.

What should you look for in a security screen door?

Not all security screen doors are created equal, and you don’t want to compromise the safety of your home by choosing the wrong security screen door. When you are shopping for a security screen door for your home, there are some features you should be looking for to ensure that your new door will adequately protect your home. Look for a security screen door that’s made from aluminum, steel or a metal alloy. The corner should be mitered for added strength. Be sure to ask your security screen door installer about the types of mounts they will be using; a security screen door won’t do your home any good if the mounts aren’t strong enough to prevent the door from being kicked in. Security screen doors should be powder coated to prevent rust. Finally, look for a security screen door with a guarantee. Most reputable security screen door companies offer cash compensation if a robber gains entry through your security screen door.

If you are ready to outfit your home with a security screen door, call the experts at A to Z Window Screens. We offer a variety of security screen doors from southern California’s finest security screen door manufacturers. We can help you find a security screen door that enhances your home’s style while keeping your home safe.